WWE 205 Results – December 4, 2020

WWE 205 Results - December 4, 2020
WWE 205 Results – December 4, 2020

WWE 205 Results – December 4, 2020 – We are at the Capitol Wrestling Centre and your announcers are Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness.

Samir Singh and Sunil Singh versus Matt Martel and Chase Parker

Martel and Parker attack The Singhs and Martel with forearms to Samir while Parker works over Sunil with punches.  Martel sends Samir into the ringside barrier.  Parker with a back elbow to Sunil.  Martel tags in and and punches Sunil.  Parker tags in and they work on the arms and hit a double fist drop.  Parker gets a near fall.  Sunil is able to tag in Samir and Parker with a shoulder to Samir to send him to the floor.  Samri attacks Parker from behind and punches Parker.  Sunil tags in and kicks Parker.  Samir tags in and he kicks Parker.  Sunil tags in and he kicks Parker.  Samir tags back in and he puts Parker in a reverse chin lock.  Sunil tags in and he kicks Parker.

Parker with chops but Sunil with a kick and snap mare.   Sunil with a reverse chin lock.  Parker escapes but Sunil with a spinning heel kick for a near fall.  Samir tags in and he hits Sunil with a back elbow when Parker moves.  Samir with a sleeper to Parker to stop him from making the tag.  Parker backs Sarmir into the turnbuckles and tags Martel in.  Martel with chops and he sends Samri into the turnbuckles.  Martel with a drop kick and Parker tags in.  Parker with a forearm and Parker with an elbow drop off Martel’s back.  Parker with a front face lock and Martel tags in and they hit the French Connection for the three count.

Winners:  Matt Martel and Chase Parker

We take a look at Curt Stallion being attacked on Wednesday by Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza.

We go to commercial.

Ariya Daivari versus Curt Stallion

Daivari with a wrist lock and he works on the arm.  Stallion with a wrist lock of his own.  Daivari with a knee drop.  Daivari with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Daivari with punches in the corner.  Stallion with chops.  Daivari goes to the floor and Stallion follows and he head butts Daivari.  Stallion sends Daivari into the announce table and the fencing at ringside.  Stallion sends Daivari back into the ring.  Daivari with a sunset flip and Stallion rolls through and hits a double stomp.  Stallion goes for a suicide dive but Daivari sees him coming and moves, forcing Stallion to hit the fencing and plexiglass.  The referee checks on Stallion.

Stallion is able to get back into the ring at nine and a half thanks to a miracle power up.  Daivari with a neck breaker in the ropes and he gets a near fall.  Daivari with a rear chin lock and punches.  Stallion with punches but Daivari with punches.  Daivari sends Stallion into the turnbuckles sternum first and Daivaer with a full nelson into a reverse DDT for a near fall.  Daivari wtih punches and an Irish whip but Stallion with a boot and punches.  Daivari with a kick and a neck breaker.  Daivari with a camel clutch.

Daivari and Stallion exchange punches and then it turns into chops.  Daivari with a kick and chop.  Stallion and Daivari both go for cross bodies and both men go down.  Stallion with forearms followed by kicks and another forearm.  Stallion with a boot in the corner and a running knee.  Stallion with a hesitation drop kick.  Stallion stomps on the feet and hits a DDT for a near fall.  Stallion with another near fall.  Stallion goes up top and Daivari hits the ropes and Stallion is crotched.  Daivari with a uranage for a near fall.

Stallion goes for an O’Connor roll but Daivari holds on to the ropes.  Daivari with a kick and Stallion with an Air Raid Crash shoulder breaker followed by a frog splash for a near fall.  Daivari sends Stallion to the apron.  Stallion tries to suplex Daivari to the floor but Daivari with a cutter on the top rope and a drop kick to knock Stallion off the apron.  Daivari goes up top and misses a frog splash when Stallion moves.  Stallion with a running European uppercut for the three count.

Winner:  Curt Stallion

We go to credits.

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