Eric Bischoff Blasts Retribution Angle Again

Eric Bischoff Blasts Retribution Angle Again

On his 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff once again stated his dislike for the RETRIBUTION invasion angle. Bischoff took a shot at T-Bar and the storyline, although he didn’t place the blame on the talent.

“By the way, what the f*** is a T-Bar?” Bischoff jokingly said about the RETRIBUTION member. “I feel for you. You’re new in the business, you’re greener than goose sh**, you’ve really not accomplished anything yet, and I believe you will. I’m not blaming you for the RETRIBUTION angle, I’m not blaming the writing team, but this is a f***ed up story.”

Bischoff, who oversaw one of the greatest invasion angles in pro wrestling history with the nWo in the late 90s, noted that the RETRIBUTION angle was botched in relatively short order.

“Could you possibly screw up an invasion storyline any more in such a short period of time?” Bischoff asked. “You can’t blame the talent; they’re doing the best they can. This is an opportunity for you, T-Bar, or T-Bone, or whoever you are. I get it. It’s not your fault and I’m not criticizing you, but, come on.

“I support WWE. I have so much respect for the people there. But you gotta call it what it is – it’s the sh**s or it’s not.”

Bischoff also continued and gave his opinion on how the RETRIBUTION invasion should have begun. He also said WWE needed to have a legitimate reason as to why this group came together even if they didn’t have the ending planned out yet.

“If this thing gets some traction and ends up being something everybody is excited about, I will be the first to apologize for my premature judgement of the storyline,” Bischoff said. “But I ain’t worried about it.”

T-Bar responded to Bischoff’s comments about the storyline calling them “an inspiration” for saying the storyline sucked. His comments can be seen in the tweet below.

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