Bound For Glory Results – October 24, 2020

Bound For Glory Results - October 24, 2020

Jon Burton, Madison Rayne, and D’Lo Brown are tonight’s Bound For Glory Pre-Show panelists.

The group hype the PPV and talk about Rich Swann trying to overcome his injury to beat Impact World Champion Eric Young.

– Video package shown of the rivalry between Swann and Young.

– Earlier today, Eric Young arrives to the building.

– Bret Hart sends a video to give congrats to Ken Shamrock for his induction. Bret called him a pioneer for his MMA to pro wrestling transition. Hart called Shamrock a throwback to some of the older legends of wrestling. Hart brings up getting a call from Shamrock after the Montreal Screwjob and how much he appreciated the support. He continued that Ken was a pro in and outside of the ring, noting that no one else is more deserving of being in the Hall of Fame.

– Rich Swann shows up to the venue for his big match.

– Panel talks about Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kylie Rae. Rayne says she hasn’t been so excited for a match like this in a long time. Brown agrees, and both believe Deonna is leaving as champion.

– Hype video for Rae and Purrazzo is shown. Rae feels like Purrazzo is underestimating her. She doesn’t know why thing to so personal, but she is just coming for that title. Purrazzo believes Rae lacks focus, intensity, and can’t separate her emotions from her decisions.

– Backstage, Purrazzo (with Kimber Lee) is asked if she’s ready for tonight’s match. She laughs at the question and says of course she is and that she fully plans on pulling her arm out of her shoulder.

– WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley sends a video in for Ken Shamrock. Foley says he was always flattered to work for him. Thought it was amazing how hard Shamrock worked, when he could have come into WWE and not have done that.

– Bas Rutton, Ariel Helwani, and Chael Sonnen all send congrats to Ken Shamrock.

– Matt Striker and Don Callis calling the action for the first match.

The Rascalz vs. The Deaners

Jake drops Wentz quickly, tags in Cody, but Wentz fights them off. Dez tagged in and the two use their agility at first, but Jake launches Wentz into Dez. The two are out to the floor, Jake looks for a suicide dive and eats a kick. Cody dumped out to the floor, Wentz with a splash out to the floor. Jake up to the top rope, Dez stops him and tries for a superplex, but doesn’t have much luck until Wentz gets involved. Cody joins in and double powerbombs both opponents.

Jake hits a flying headbutt, cover, and Dez breaks it up. Cody takes a flurry of strikes from The Rascalz. Jake then eats a superkick then a ripcord knee. Jake avoid a double team moved. TQG (modified assisted side slam) on Dez, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: The Deaners via Pinfall

– Hype video for tonight’s tag title match: Motor City Machine Guns defending against The Good Brother, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, and The North.

– The Good Brothers say they are all about the business tonight. Karl Anderson says there’s one set of tag titles that have eluded them, but they are winning them tonight. Gallows says they already know they are the best tag team in the world, but they left that trophy in the sand in a country far away.

– Matt Striker introduces The Rock who will induct Ken Shamrock. Rock, via video, spoke about Ken Shamerock. Rock has said when he thinks back on big moments in his career, especially early on, is Ken Shamrock. Rock says he was cutting his teeth as a heel and in order for him to be the best bad guy he could be, he needed the best good guy (and badass) who could up his street credit — that was Shamrock. Rock noted Shamrock could have said no to working with a newer wrestler, but he didn’t (when others did). Rock said he had tremendous matches with Shamrock around the world. Talks about Ken going from MMA to pro wrestling. Talks about Ken being a big part of the Attitude Era. Calls him his brother, an awesome dude when he really needed it, and to enjoy his induction into the Impact Hall of Fame.

Back to Striker, who introduces Ken Shamrock and welcomes him to the hall of fame. Shamrock says it hits his heart to see the videos sent in to him tonight. Shamrock says it was a long journey and there was a lot of people who helped him along the way. Shamrock talked about getting started with fighting, he thanks Vince McMahon about getting a shot in WWE, which helped mold the wrestler he is today. He said Bret Hart helped him with his character and told him just to be himself and “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.” Shamrock spoke about The Rock and how they sharpened their skills ets together. He thanked Rock for his induction speech. He also gave thanks to his family, and his wife’s patience with how much he was away. Shamrock says without the fans, athletes couldn’t do what they do, so big thanks to them.

– Hype video for EC3 vs. Moose.

Bound For Glory:

— Josh Mathews joins commentary with Don Callis.

Impact X-Division Championship – Rohit Raju vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Willie Mack vs. Chris Bey vs. TJP vs. Trey Miguel.

Raju powdered to the floor right away as everyone else battled.

TJP and Bey had some nice exchanges. Trey got involved in the fray and dropkicked Bey from behind. He nailed a swinging kick. Raju tried to jump him but immediately ran off when Trey got the advantage. Mack returned to the ring and battled back and forth with Trey. Grace hit the ring and peppered him with forearms. She nailed a leaping shoulder tackle for a two count. Mack lifted and slammed her with authority.

TJP tied up Mack and Trey in submissions, then grabbed Bey in a front chancery. Grace tried to get involved but he cinched in a side headlock. Grace slipped out and locked on a sleeper. Raju attacked everyone and began stomping away at them. Raju nailed several pumpkicks on TJP but backed off as Grace approached. He took her down and stomped away at her legs. He nailed a big elbow off the ropes. Miguel tried to get involved but was tossed back to the outside.

Mack pulled Grace outside and nailed a big elevated forearm on Raju. Trey and Bey got involved but he took them down as well. Raju found himself trapped in the ring being pinballed around the ring by his challengers. Mack nailed a Samoan Drop and a standing moonsault but everyone dove in to broke up the pinfall. Everyone battled to the floor, where Mack nailed a tope con hilo. Miguel nailed a kick through the ropes on TJP. TJP placed Miguel on his shoulders. Bey dropkicked him, sending Miguel flipping off onto everyone on the floor. Bey then hit a dive to everyone.

TJP went for a dive but Raju hit the right with a big running knee for a close two count.  Grace cut off Miguel on the top and attempted a Muscle Buster but he avoided it.  Everyone joined the fight in the corner.  Grace was tied to the tree of woe.  It turned into a big Tower of Doom with Grace assisting from the ropes.  Raju nailed a double stomp on Grace while she was trapped in the corner.  

Raju nailed several kicks but Mack nailed a stunner.  Bey caught Mack with a cutter out of the corner.  Trey and Bey battled back and forth.  TJP ducked a Trey clothesline and cinched in an Octopus.  Grace breaks it up but is caught in a kneebar by TJP.  Miguel tried to break it up and succeeded but instead was the next submission victim.  Grace nailed a senton on TJP for a two count.  Grace nailed Miguel with the Grace Driver but Rohit broke it up at the two count.  Grace went to the top but was knocked off to the floor atop the others.  TJP hit a big frog splash on Miguel but was nailed by Rohit who picked the bones and scored the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion, Rohit Raju!

— The announcers pushed the idea that perhaps Raju had beaten all his rivals in one night and no longer had any challengers.

— Backstage, there was a party for John E. Bravo’s bachelor party.  Fallah Bahh told him the check bounced and they lost the 19th century gothic castle. Rosemary said she didn’t care and they would get married in the ring.

— They aired a promo with Heath and Rhino backstage.  They stopped the promo, counted them down again and started up again.  Whoops.  Heath riled him up and said he wanted the Manbeast tonight.  Rhino got all excited and headed to the ring.  Heath took a deep breath and prepared for his own entrance.

20 Competitor Call Your Shot Gauntlet Battle Royal

Rhino is the first competitor and if he or Heath don’t win, Heath doesn’t get a contract and he and Rhino are both gone.

The second competitor is the returning Shawn Daivari.

They battled in the ring, to the floor and back again.  

Number three is Larry D of XXXL.  Daivari and D fought to try and toss Rhino over the top.

Number four is Crazzy Steve. 

Number five is Acey Romero, Larry D’s partner.  

Number six is Tenille Dashwood, with Kaleb with a K.  She didn’t really care about entering and took her time taking photos.  Josh called them selfies.  They arent selfies if someone else is taking them, Josh!

Number seven is Jessika Havok.  She ended up taking out Kalev and battled with Acey, hitting him with a head scissors takeover.  She tossed Kaleb to the floor.  

Number eight is Brian Myers.  Dashwood finally entered the ring.  

Number nine is Swoggle.  Myers was excited to see him but was nailed by Daivari.  Myers and Swoggle teamed to eliminate him but Myers then turned on Swoggle and tossed him out.

Number ten is Tommy Dreamer, painted up like he was Road Warrior Animal.  He attacked Myers and put him on his shoulders and Swoggle nailed the Doomsday Device.

Number eleven is Alisha Edwards.  Dreamer grabbed a Singapore Cane but Myers held behind Dashwood.  Myers nailed Dreamer and eliminated him.  Edwards nailed him with the cane, so Myers tossed her as well.  Dashwood wanted to pose with him, so they did and then he dumped her, too.

Number 12 is Kiera Hogan with Tasha Steelz.  She attacked Havok and stomped away at her.

Number 13 is Taya with John E. Bravo and Rosemary.  She was the spotlight early, nailing a Meteora on Romero in the corner.

Number 14 is Fallah Bahh.  Bahh was still trying to hide the cash he stole from Hernandez.  Havok tossed Kiera onto Steelz who fell backwards and smashed her head on a trash can.  Ouch.

Number 15 is James Storm.   He took the fight to everyone in the ring.   He took out Larry D and nailed the back cracker on Bahh.

Number 16 was Adam Thornestowe of Reno Scum.  

Number 17 was Luster the Legend.  Reno Scum double-teamed Bahh and then Rhino.  

Number 18 was Heath.  He cleaned house.  

Number 19 was Sami Callihan.

Number 20 was Hernandez.

Everyone battled.  Hernandez ripped Bahh’s shirt off and the money was exposed.  Bahh was knocked to the floor and grabbed the money, going to the back.  Hernandez pursued him.  Rhino tossed out Adam from Reno Scum.

He then clotheslined Luster over the top to the floor.

It came down to Callihan, Storm, Rhino and Heath.  Heath was selling that his leg or knee was hurt, making him easy prey for Storm.  Storm and Callihan tried to double-team Rhino but Storm was tossed.  Callihan tossed Heath and said he didn’t care about his kids.

It’s Rhino vs. Sami Callihan

They battled back and forth with punches.  Callihan cut him off and nailed a piledriver but Rhino kicked up at the last second.   Callihan grabbed a chair, which made zero sense if he wanted to win.  He argued with the referee, allowing Rhino to score a Gore and the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

So, Rhino gets to call for Heath to get a contract.

— Gia Miller interviewed The North backstage.  Josh Alexander said that champions rise to the occasion and they proved for a year they were champions.  On the biggest stage in the company, they are going to show all the hot free agents who came in that they are taking what is rightfully theirs.  Ethan Page said they are going to hurt people tonight.  He is obsessed with the number 94, the days the Motor City Machine Guns have held the gold and they haven’t.  Tonight, they climb back on their throne as the best team in the world and the champions.  Damn good promo from Ethan Page especially.

— They aired a video feature on EC3 vs. Moose.

EC3 vs.  Moose

This is from an undisclosed location aka a pre-taped segment.

We went there and EC3 was beating some hapless soul down as his minions pounded on the mat.  Moose walked in wearing the TNA title.  He was surrounded by the minions and pushed his way through to enter the the ring.  EC3 revealed himself, stepping out of a dark corner and entered the ring.

They faced off and began slugging it out with music playing underneath.  EC3 nailed an exploder.  Moose kicked him low.  He began drilling EC3 with punches and sent him into the buckles.  EC3 pulled himself up in the corner but was knocked back down again.  EC3 was bleeding from the forehead with the blood all over Moose’s white pants.  

Moose said he wanted to know why he’s been tormenting Moose and demanded an answer.  EC3 didn’t answer so Moose swung a chair.  Moose ducked and attempted, going for his eyes.  Moose tossed him off and EC3 dared him to come on and fight.  Moose kicked him out of the ring.   Moose followed and was sent into the apron.  EC3 told him he was feeling purpose, meaning and enlightenment.  He sent Moose crashing into a guard rail that was leaned against the wall.    He sent Moose into the ring post.    Now Moose was bleeding.

EC3 said Moose was becoming who he was supposed to be and beat him down.  He said that people tried to take from him emotionally, spiritually and physically. They take everything.  He picked up the TNA title and said it didn’t belong to him.  He belongs to the analls of history.  It belongs to those who earned it and defended it and held the title up as the company was dying.  He said if Moose wants to be a champion, he can earn one and be the person he says he wants to be, a wrestling God, an animal, a champion.  He went to hit his finisher on Moose onto the belt but was elevated and slammed down. 

Moose grabbed the belt and drilled EC3 with the belt.  He asked him if that’s what he wanted, for Moose to become a monster.  He said EC3 wanted to control his narrative. He began beating him with right hands.  He left EC3 laying on the mat.  He told EC3 to answer him if this is what he wanted.  EC3 screamed YES.    His minions began chanting for Moose.  EC3 told him to control his narrative.  Moose said, “Thank you” and rammed EC3 across the head with the title belt.  He looked down at EC3 and walked out, bloody and pissed off.

— They aired footage of The Rock’s induction of Ken Shamrock.  I am sure WWE is thrilled about that one.

Ken Shamrock with Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

They circled each other.  Shamrock nailed several shots in the corner and hit a big right hand.  He took Edwards to the mat and rode him, grabbing a front facelock.  He nailed several knees and snatched Edwards’ arm.  Edwards reversed the guard and got on top, nailing right hands.  Shamrock grabbed the legs and took him down but they ended up in the ropes.

Shamrock caught him in the corner and pounded away.  Eddie dared him to punch him and Shamrock nailed another big right.  Edwards went to the floor.  Shamrock followed and nailed a series of rights, leaving him laying against the guard rail.  

Edwards fired back and worked over Shamrock.  He nailed a Tiger Driver for a two count but Shamrock kicked out and grabbed an armbreaker.  Edwards fought his way out and nailed an enziguiri for a two count.   He nailed a big elbow to the face.  They continued battling.  Shamrock was slammed down but he snatched Edwards in a sleeper.  Edwards nailed him with some headbutts to break free.

Edwards set up for the Boston Knee Party and drilled Shamrock, then turned him over into a single-leg Boston Crab.  Sami Callihan jumped on the apron and pressed a button.  The lights went off.  When they went back on, Callihan was in the ring with a baseball bat, but Edwards revealed he had Kenny the Singapore Cane and nailed Calihan.

This allowed Shamrock to nail and over the head belly to belly suplex and lock on the anklelock for the submission.

Your winner, Ken Shamrock!

Impact Tag Team Championship – Motor City Machine Guns vs. Good Brothers vs. The North vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton.

The North attacked the Guns as they came out.  Josh Alexander nailed a Jay-Driller on the stage and left him laying.  They had a ton of officials and “Doctor Ross Forman” hit the scene.  What, Dr. Ariel was busy tonight?  Shelley was taken out.  Sabin entered the bout solo.  He hit the ring and attacked The North but they double-teamed him. 

Austin and Fulton tagged in and now they were beating down Sabin.  Josh Alexander tagged himself back in, continuing the beating on Sabin.  The beating on Chris theme continued with Sabin barely kicking up.  Sabin hits a miracle DDT and tagged out to Karl Anderson.  He worked over Ace Austin but was drilled with a kick as he charged towards Anderson.  Austin was caught with a spinebuster.  Gallows tagged in and worked him over.  Fulton and Gallows continued their war from this past Tuesday on Impact on AXS, slugging it out.

The North tagged in and worked over Gallows.  Sabin tagged himself in and nailed a bodypress into the ring on both members of the North, then nailed a double DDT.  Anderson tagged himself in.  Sabin nailed Gallows off the apron and hit a missile dropkick on Anderson.  Sabin went for another bodypress but Anderson rolled through and scored another two count.

Sabin continued to lay out everyone with big moves and had everyone down with Austin dazed alone in the ring.  He nailed a kick on Austin and went for a Michinoku Driver but Page broke it up.

Sabin tossed Page back to the floor but the North quickly recovered and double-teamed him, with Sabin barely surviving their pinfall attempts.  Gallows and Anderson tagged in.  Gallows was drilled by Austin with some nice footwork, sending him to the floor.  Fulton and Austin swarmed over Anderson, beating him down in the corner.  Fulton lifted Austin on his shoulders but The North worked Fulton over with kicks and he dropped to his knees.  They wiped out Austin.  Good Brothers hit the ring and went for the Magic Killer on Alexander but was sent to the floor.  Page nailed Anderson with the tag belt as he was sent into the ropes.  Alexander scored the pin on the unconscious Anderson.

Your winners and new Impact Tag Team Champions, The North!

— Backstage, Rosemary, Taya and John E. Bravo were “meeting someone.”  Havok showed up.  Rosemary said she’d see Bravo at the altar.  She and Havok left.  Taya asked Bravo how much he’s told Rosemary.  He yelled at her to stop.  Taya wanted him top be his own man and now he is and when he marries Rosemary, he’ll wear the pants in the relationship and stormed off.

— Madison Rayne joined the commentator’s table.  She blew off Josh and fawned over Don Callis.

Impact Knockouts Championship Deonna Purrazzo with Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae.

Kylie did not come out.  They foreshadowed this earlier when they said no one had seen Rae.

Deonna took the mic and said she wishes she was surprised but she’s not surprised.  She said she will defend her title tonight and that’s what she will do.  Any man or woman who is alive in the locker room, she’ll face right now.

Su Yung’s music played and the Undead Bride returned.

 Deonna and Lee were not thrilled.  I am guessing anyone who ordered specifically for the match isn’t thrilled either but given the storyline of late, this sort of makes sense as a replacement but still lame.

Yung tossed Deonna around the ring.     They battled to the apron, Yung in control all the way.  She nailed a sideslam on the apron outside and went under the ring.  Yung emerged with a chair but Kimber Lee distracted her.  Yung pursued her around the ring.    Yung returned and they exchanged strikes and near-falls.  Yung took her down and scored a two count.

Purrazzo took control and stomped away at her.  She worked over Yung for some time, nailing kicks to the face and locked her up in a straitjacket submission like a pretzel around the ropes.  Yung mounted a comeback but was stomped down.   Purrazzo nailed a German suplex three times.  Yung came back with a DDT for a two count.   She worked over Purrazzo and dragged her around the ring.

 Yung nailed a dive to the floor, taking Purrazzo out.  She tossed the champ back into the ring.

Purrazzo tried to beg off.  Yung nailed her with a Pedigree for a two count.  Yung pulled on her glove and went for the Mandible Claw.  Purrazzo ducked and went for a move.  The referee was almost wiped out but avoided it.  Deonna went for a pump kick but got the referee by accident.  Yung took out Purrazzo but there was no referee.  Lee hit the ring and nailed Yung with a chair.  Deonna went off the ropes but was placed in the Mandible Claw.  Lee hit the ring but was hit with the mist.  

Purrazzo locked on an armbar but she got the Mandible Claw placed in her face and had to break.  Purrazzo nailed a big pump kick to the face.  She went for another German suplex but was caught with a stunner.  Yung nailed the Switch and scored the pin.

Your winner and new Knockouts Champion, Su Yung!

— The company officially announced the return of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship  for Hard to Kill on 1/16/21.  That’s the next PPV.

Impact Champion Eric Young vs. Rich Swann

Young went right after the leg but Swann escaped.  Swann nailed a nice rana and a dropkick.    He teased a dive but Young walked off so Swann bounced off the ropes and rebounded backwards in the ring.  Swann followed him to the floor and blasted him into the ring post.  Swann chopped him and smashed him into the apron.  Swann sent him back to the ring but Young rolled right back to the floor, where he was nailed with a dropkick through the ropes.  

Back in the ring, Young tried to take down Swann’s leg.  Swann fought him off and nailed a flip off the apron to the floor.  Swann nailed him with a right hand.  Swann backdropped him into the ropes from the floor and Swann landed on his head and shoulder.  He began grabbing at the neck.  Young, seeing a weakness, went right after it.  Swann was almost counted out but beat the count.

Young elevated and draped him on the ropes, crotching him, then began working him over with shots to the back and neck.  He elevated and slammed Swann off the top, slamming him to the mat.  Young covered him for several two counts.  Young continued to work him over, sending him hard into the buckles.  Young continued to beat him down, but Swann kept kicking out at the last second.  Young nailed a neckbreaker for another two count.  Swann was stomped in the corner as Young screamed at him to stay down.

Young continued to measure and beat down on Swann.    He kept berating Swann to go away, beating him but Swann kept returning to his feet.  Swann’s facial expressions were awesome here.  Swann fired back and whipped him across the ring.  Young went up and over and ran for the opposite corner but Swann caught him and superplexed him off for a two count.  Swann came up bleeding heavy from the mouth so they must have clunked heads or he hit his face on the mat.

Swann went nuts on Young and caught him on the top with a kick, then hit a rana into the ring.  Swann ascended to the floor and nailed a big frog splash for a close two count.  Young regained control and locked on a crossface.

Swann made it to the ropes.  They battled back and forth with punches and strikes.  Young  slammed Swann and scored a two count.  Young charged but was nailed with a back elbow.

Young went for the ankle and locked on a submission.  Swann rolled through to the ropes.  He nailed a forward roll for a two count.  Swann nailed a running splash for another two count.  Swann went to the top but was caught and tied to the tree of woe.  Young savaged him in the corner.  Swann escaped and nailed a handspring cutter for a two count.  He nailed a big splash and scored the pin.

Your winner and new Impact Wrestling Champion, Rich Swann!

Swann stared at the belt, then hugged the referee.  The entire babyface locker room hit the ring and celebrated with him.  The Rascalz held Swann aloft as he cried and held up the belt.

We go to credits.

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