Bayley Says She Will Not Sign Contract To Face Sasha Banks At WWE Hell In A Cell

Bayley Says She Will Not Sign Contract To Face Sasha Banks At WWE Hell In A Cell

Bayley,recently spoke with Walandi Tsanti about her history with Sasha Banks as well as their potential match at Hell In A Cell if Bayley decides to sign the contract. Bayley discussed how well the two know each other and how that knowledge could impact their match.

“Well, yeah we know each other so well,” Bayley said. “After every match, even the tag matches we’ve had together, we come back and pick apart we didn’t like and what we did wrong. I know how her mind works. After all her Hell In A Cell matches, I was there talking to her afterwards, being there for her and helping lick her wounds afterwards. She always said what she did wrong and why she lost. So, I know all of her strengths and all of her weakness and the way that she thinks. That’s what makes it different from anybody else is that we probably know each other a little bit too well and that probably messes things up a bit for each of us, but I’m smarter so she’s screwed either way.”

It was about a year ago when Bayley changed her attitude and persona and she mentioned that was due to years of build up. She went on to say that she realized if she was going to advance any further that she would have to change.

“A lot of these questions will be answered on my WWE Chronicle on the WWE Network this Saturday,” Bayley said. “So tomorrow everyone will have the answers, but it was really just a build up over the years. I was at that point where I knew whatever I was doing at that point wasn’t going to get me any further, so I needed to make a change.”

Bayley went on to recall her highly regarded match with Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn and said there was a different feel to that match because it was NXT’s first show outside of Florida and the fans were so engaged in the action.

“That was – it was such a weird thing because it seemed like everything in the universe just kind of came to that moment,” Bayley recalled. “It worked out perfectly for us, personally. But NXT as a whole, that was the first time getting outside of Full Sail in Orlando for a TakeOver or pay-per-view and it just felt different. Especially being in Brooklyn. Those fans were so passionate and ready for us to break out. NXT was just a little rumbling. We were kind of getting out there and kind of getting noticed.”

“It wasn’t until that TakeOver where people just screamed for us,” Bayley added. “That’s like how we were born. I think it was just the magic in the building and the circumstances in the match. 5 years ago today and we are still talking about it. Even after everything I’ve done and the year that I’ve had, we are still talking about TakeOver Brooklyn, so I feel very fortunate that we were able to have that match and that moment for not just us, but for wrestling fans. It’s one of those things people always look back on. I get messages all the time from wrestling schools saying they are playing that match to teach psychology and selling or whatever. It’s really cool we were able to do that and be able to have something for future generations to enjoy and look back on.”

Given the history between herself and Sasha Banks, Bayley was asked if she intends to sign the contract on SmackDown to face Banks at Hell In A Cell this Sunday. She went on to say that the only way she will sign that contract is if Vince McMahon agrees to pay her double.

“I’m not signing that contract,” Bayley said. “Maybe I don’t want to go to SmackDown. I’m very busy with my interviews because as a champion, I have to fulfill my duties. I don’t even think Sasha could handle all of this, so we’ll see. If I were to sign that contract, Vince McMahon will have to pay me double what I’m getting paid right now. So, hypothetically, if I were to step inside Hell In A Cell it wouldn’t anything that Sasha’s not used to – she’d just lose again. I’m the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history and the first ever women’s grand slam champion and that’s not by accident. What’s another match on my list to walk out in victory?”

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