Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - June 9, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - June 9, 2020
We opened with a shot of Scott D'Amore and Don Callis talking. Josh Mathews tells us the rumors are management are discussing the future of the Impact title.

Michael Elgin vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Sami Callihan

Shamrock ran out and attacked Elgin. They brawled in the ring with Shamrock drilling Elgin in the corner with right hands. The lights went out and returned. Callihan relaxed in the corner. The bell rang with Elgin powerslamming Shamrock, who rolled to the outside. Elgin realized Callihan was waiting behind him. Callihan charged and kicked him. Elgin returned with one of his own but was kicked through the ropes. Callihan dove off the apron but was called and slammed onto the apron outside. Shamrock hit a big dive over the ropes onto them both on the floor. That's pretty crazy.

Shamrock tossed Elgin back into the ring and advanced on Elgin but was kicked and nailed with a dropkick. Elgin began working over Shamrock's back. Callihan went to return but Elgin grabbed him. Callihan dropped down and snapped his arm on the ropes. He and Shamrock faced off but Elgin nailed both with a big double clothesline. He sent Shamrock into the ringpost and then massacred Callihan with a big uranage. He drilled Sami with a clothesline in the corner, then nailed a Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Madison Rayne said everyone should be prepared to be shocked by who shows up at Slammiversary.

Elgin worked over Callihan and drilled him into the buckles. Callihan took a beating and kept firing back but Elgin maintained control. Shamrock returned to drill Elgin with a shoulderblock. Callihan and Shamrock teamed to work over Elgin, who rolled to the floor. Sami and Ken faced off. Callihan gave him the finger. Ken drilled him with a series of right hands. Callihan cut him off with a kick to the legs and a big forearm but Elgin broke up the pinfall attempt.

Callihan and Elgin traded forearms. Callihan nailed him and drilled Elgin with a pump kick. Elgin nailed a big German suplex, followed by a clothesline but Shamrock broke up the pinfall. He went for an anklelock submission but Elgin kicked him off. Elgin nailed a pair of DDTs but Shamrock popped right up. Elgin went for an enziguiri but Shamrock caught it and snapped him down into an ankle lock. Elgin made it to the ropes to force the break. Shamrock pulled him away with Elgin ripping the turnbuckle off in the process. Elgin went to tap but Sami grabbed his arm and wouldn't allow the tap out. Why wouldn't Elgin just say he quit? Shamrock let Elgin go and locked it on Callihan.

Callihan rolled through and sent Shamrock into the corner, almost hitting the exposed buckle. Elgin drilled Callihan with a spinning backfist and sent him into Shamrock in the corner. Elgin nailed a sit-down powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winner, Michael Elgin!

The finish made sense as they want Elgin to remain a threat to the top names in the company and there's no reason to beat him until he's in a big title match. It also leaves issues between Shamrock and Callihan since Callihan inadvertently caused the loss.

After the match, Callihan and Shamrock faced off but Callihan made the arena go dark and he disappeared. Madison Rayne noted that if they could get on the same page, they would be unstoppable.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne reviewed the events of last week and wondered who attacked Trey last week.

Backstage, Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion said that waiting the last six weeks to defend her title made her uneasy and drove her a little bit crazy. She's ready to return to normalcy and for her, normal is driving Taya's head through the mat. When that happens, things will be back to normal. Promo was OK.

Backstage, Wentz and Dez were talking about last week. Trey showed up and said it's a weird time. He said that he wants to know who jumped him backstage. Wentz said it had to be Ace Austin or Reno Scum. The North showed up and said they were going to take out The Rascalz next week. Wentz wondered if they jumped Trey. The North said they were in Canada and pushed the idea that Wentz attacked Trey. He said only one Rascal could win the Impact title first. The North said they need to stop worrying about who would have been the number one contender for the World title and instead worry about being the number one contender for the Impact Tag Titles. The North walked off but Ethan Page doubled back to say, "Hey Trey, watch your back" while pointing at Wentz. Great tease to build the mystery. So much was made about it being Wentz possibly that I am guessing it was Dez.

Susie vs. Tasha Steelz.

The storyline is that Susie doesn't know she is Su Yung.

Some really nice intensity from Steelz early. She drilled Susie early and nailed her with a discus clothesline. Susie rolled her up for a two count but was caught with a clothesline. Susie came back with a Thesz Press for a two count and charged but was caught and sent into the buckles. Steelz charged but was sent up and over. Steelz went to the top and dove off but was nailed with a palm strike in mid-air for a two count.

Kiera Hogan distracted Susie, allowing Steelz to nail a cutter and score the pinfall.

Your winner, Tasha Steelz!

Short but fine for the story they are telling, which is Su Yung needs to be unleashed to stop the heels.

Gia Miller was supposed to interview Ace Austin but he wasn't there. He finally showed up and demanded she walk up to him. He was asked about the announcement regarding the Impact World title tonight. He won the tournament and since the champion isn't showing up to work, he's going to be named the new champion. Moose showed up, brandishing the TNA World title. He said that at Slammiversary, Austin will be challenging for his title not the belt Tessa is "holding hostage in Mexico." He said he's going to get the most expensive robe he can get so it's a big special night. Austin said, "You really think I'm going to challenge you? It's a nice belt," and walked off. Hernandez showed up and challenged Moose for next week.

A fancy car pulled up. They teased that was Deonna Purrazzo.

They aired the Slammiversary PPV promo.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan were celebrating and talking trash backstage when they came across Neveah and Havok. They made it clear they were willing to fight right now. Hogan and Steelz backed off while acting like they would have fought but they are off the clock.

The Impact+ segment this week was Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis menacing Earl Hebner with Bennett challenging him to a fight and then beating him. That's to tease their potential return at Slammiversary.

Backstage, Taya was looking for John E. Bravo.

X-Division Champion Willie Mack & Cousin Jake vs. Johnny Swinger & Chris Bey

Swinger and Mack started out. Swinger worked over Mack with right hands in the corner. Bey and Swinger worked over Mack, tagging in and out. They worked over Mack for a long time. Cousin Jake was tagged in but was quickly cut off and Swinger and Bey maintained their control.

Jake was sent into the buckles but was exploded out with a clothesline on Bey. Mack tagged back in and drilled everyone with right hands. He picked up and nailed Swinger with a Samoan Drop, avoided a Bey standing moonsault and nailed one of his own on each of them. Mack scored a two count. Jake clotheslined Bey over the top to the floor.

Swinger went for a neckbreaker but it was blocked and Mack nailed a stunner for the pin.

Your winners, Willie Mack & Cousin Jake!

Bey and Swinger attacked them but Cody Deaner made the save and cleaned house. The Deaners wanted to hug but instead socially distanced. That was pretty funny.

Rosemary was finally going to get John E. Bravo to eat the apple and join her but Taya showed up and almost ate it. Rosemary wants Bravo for herself. Bravo wants to serve Taya. Taya is oblivious there was an issue.

Scott D'Amore, in the ring, noted all the issues with the Impact Wrestling Championship in recent weeks. He noted that he has to think about the fans and the integrity of the title itself. He noted Tessa was not in the building, leading to Ace Austin coming to the ring. Austin said he wanted to make the announcement himself and said Scott was out here to declare Austin the new champion. Michael Elgin came out and said he never received his title shot. If Austin is going to stake his claim to the title, he has to deal with Elgin. He challenged Austin to fight him, warning that everyone who fights him can't handle him. He said not one person in the building can handle Michael Elgin. Eddie Edwards, making his first appearance since the quarantine, came to the ring. He said he hates to ruin a good time but Elgin's short-term memory is going. He said he's not afraid of Elgin and has beaten Elgin. He has broken Elgin. If they want to be handed a World Championship that they haven't rightfully earned, that's not what Impact Wrestling is about. You have to fight for a title. Austin said that D'Amore was out here to make a big announcement, declaring Austin the new champion. He insulted D'Amore. He said that Edwards was right, you fight for a title in the ring in this company. D'Amore announced Impact Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin vs. Trey at Slammiversary. Trey attacked Austin and everyone fought in the ring. They all brawled as Impact went to commercial.

Gia Miller looked for Deonna Purrazzo but she wasn't in her locker room.

Crazzy Steve vs. Jacob Crist

Crist attacked Steve from behind before the bell. He sent Steve into the ropes but was caught with a clothesline, kick and a legsweep for a two count. Steve snapmared Crist and twisted his ears. Ouch.

Crist was placed on the top but kicked Crist and continued to use his wiley ways to keep Crist off balance. He nailed a neckbreaker on the ropes. Crist began attacking Steve's arm. He locked on a cross armbreaker. Steve escaped. Ryan distracted him, allowing Crist to nail a series of kicks. He covered Steve and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jacob Crist!

As a way to showcase Crist's new character, this was fine but it was weird that after not being on TV forever, Rob Van Dam is a backdrop for that. He should have had a more meaningful return in my mind.

They aired the Slammiversary PPV promo again.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne gave a big push for the PPV. They have really built a nice on-camera rapport the last few months. Given they are married, that's a good thing! They teased some of the former WWE stars who were released could be popping up, without explicitly saying it.

Jordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo and Rosemary)

Since there's been no sign of Deonna, there must be an angle coming here.

Grace went right after Taya, who escaped the ring. Undaunted, Grace nailed a dive, taking out Taya, Bravo and Rosemary as they went right to commercial...

When they returned, Grace was nailing a series of shoulderblocks in the corner on Taya. Taya tried to escape but Grace stomped on her back. Grace nailed a big suplex and covered her for a two count. Grace continued working over Taya in the corner but Taya turned it around and nailed a series of forearms and chops.

Taya was caught and drilled across the back. Taya continued to try to escape but Grace maintained control. Taya finally went to the floor, where Bravo and Rosemary checked on her. Grace slid out of the ring and nailed Taya, then sent her back in. Taya recovered and nailed a big knee to the face as Grace was returning to the ring.

Taya ascended to the top but was caught by Grace. They battled and Taya was knocked off the ropes to the floor. Rosemary and Bravo failed to catch her and Taya took a hard bump to the floor. Ouch!

They returned from commercial as Grace nailed a sideslam. Taya went to the floor, where Bravo checked on her well being. Grace approached but was nailed with an elbow and sent into the ringpost. Grace was sent into the ring and covered for a two count. Taya choked her against the ropes.

Taya nailed a running double knee strike in the corner for a two count. Taya cinched in a side chinlock on the mat. Grace fought her way out, nailing a series of elbows but was nailed by Taya, stunning her. Grace was slammed facefirst into the turnbuckles.

Taya placed her on the top and tried to set up for a superplex. Grace escaped and nailed a sunset flip into a powerbomb for a two count. Grace slammed Taya several times but Taya refused to back down and fired back with forearms.

Taya was sent shoulder-first into the ringpost. Grace nailed a big hip attack in the corner and set up, nailing a Vader Bomb off the ropes for a close two count.

Taya fired away with a series of elbows but Grace tried to ride her back for a sleeper. Taya drove her backwards into the buckles and argued with the referee. She speared Grace for a two count.

Taya tried to set up Grace for a leg submission but Grace avoided. Taya nailed her with a knee strike and went for the Road to Valhalla. Grace fought her way out of it and nailed a series of lariats. She cinched a sleeper on Taya. Taya tried to go for the ropes. They showed Bravo and Rosemary were off talking, enamoured with themselves and had no idea Taya needed their help.

Grace pulled Taya back to the center of the ring and scissored her body in the sleeper. Taya tapped.

Your winner and still Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace!

Deonna Purrazzo came out and walked to the ring. They faced off and Purrazzo snatched her in an armbar and snapped it. She stood over Grace as they went off the air.