Sunday, May 3, 2020

SmackDown Hacker Sends Out Another Message

SmackDown Hacker Sends Out Another Message
The WWE SmackDown mystery hacker stayed busy this weekend by tweeting out a new message earlier today.

The usual "The Truth Will Be Heard" opening was seen in the message, followed by someone logging into an account on their phone.

Location coordinates "28.5623° N, 81.2907° W" are then shown, which lead to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The individual then ends the message by saying, "Let the games begin."

The hacker had already put out a "final warning" so it's possible we could see a reveal on the Money in the Bank go-home episode of SmackDown, or maybe at the PPV itself.

There continues to be speculation on Mustafa Ali being the man behind the new storyline, but it's been reported that there was talk of having two people work the gimmick - Ali and a re-packaged Shorty G (Chad Gable). There's no concrete word on who WWE has planned for the reveal.