Thursday, May 28, 2020

SmackDown Hacker Releases New Cryptic Promo

SmackDown Hacker Releases New Cryptic Promo
As seen below, the mystery SmackDown Hacker releases new cryptic promo earlier today.

The shadowy figure is now including RAW Superstars in his cryptic control room promos. The mystery hacker starts off his message with a warning to the people, to the good and the evil. His latest message goes something like this: "This is a warning to the people. To the good, to the evil. I was silent. But I was not blind (wrong?). My eyes know your lies."

The GPS coordinates for the Twitter location have also changed to 45°33?08?N 91°13?39?W, which comes out to Imalone Road in Imalone, Wisconsin.

The mystery man has also changed his Twitter bio once again. It now reads, "True justice happens with eyes wide open."

Fan speculation on social media is that a different voice was used for this latest video.

Stay tuned for updates on the hooded mystery man. You can see his latest tweet below.