Monday, May 25, 2020

Backstage Update on Kurt Angle and Drew Gulak WWE Status

Backstage Update on Kurt Angle and Drew Gulak WWE Status
As we noted earlier this month, Drew Gulak parted ways with WWE.

The situation with Drew Gulak is that his contract expired with WWE and the two sides could not come to any sort of agreement, though there is still a chance that things could be ironed out as negotiations reportedly continue.

According to the Observer Newsletter, Gulak hired agent Barry Bloom to represent him, asked for a raise and was turned down by WWE. It’s unclear if the hiring of Bloom had anything to do with it as the Observer notes that unless you’re a star, WWE doesn’t really like it when talent hires an agent to represent them.

The situation with Kurt Angle is similar to what is going on with Drake Maverick.

Angle has officially been released from his contract, however, is currently on a 90-day non-compete clause that began when the day he was let go.

Since everyone on the non-compete are getting paid for the three months, WWE is free to use them if they so wish. As a result, similar to Maverick, WWE is going to be using Angle this Wednesday on NXT and they could use him in any capacity until mid-July.