Saturday, April 4, 2020

WWE Heavily Edits John Cena Shoot Promo (Original Video)

WWE Heavily Edits John Cena Shoot Promo (Original Video)
John Cena did a worked shoot promo for social media channels before this week's Smackdown, however the one you might have seen was not the original.

During the promo, Cena referenced certain wrestlers who just want things handed to them. It was similar to what he said about Bray Wyatt a few weeks ago but this time he referenced Husky Harris, which was Bray’s character when he debuted in WWE just over 10 years ago.

He said Bray is just Husky Harris in a mask and Bray just tries to make people panic because panic turns to fear and fear equals our collapse. He closed out the promo by talking about a “certain group” of WWE Superstars who say they deserve things.

Someone in WWE apparently did not like the promo because it has been deleted from all of their social media channels and it has been replaced by an alternate promo.

Here is the original promo and scroll down to see the one that is currently online on their social media channels.