Friday, April 24, 2020

Backstage Update on Drake Maverick's Status With WWE

Backstage Update on Drake Maverick's Status With WWE
Drake Maverick was recently announced as one of the talent who was released from his contract

His status has been thrown into question with continued participation in WWE's ongoing interim NXT Cruiserweight title tournament.

Maverick also posted an emotional video online upon learning of his release and WWE has referenced his dismissal on TV, leading to speculation that either he has been hired back or the company is going to run a storyline where he eventually gets his job back.

According to multiple sources, as of this week, Maverick has not been hired back and the plan remains to continue to use him for the next little while as he remains on a 90-day non compete clause and is still getting paid during this time. Ultimately though, it's still possible that the company could reverse their decision in releasing him - especially if they are going to play up this storyline - but that simply hasn't happened as of yet.