Sunday, March 8, 2020

Injury Updates On Brian Cage, Rich Swann, And Rob Van Dam

Injury Updates On Brian Cage, Rich Swann, And Rob Van Dam
Rich Swann is not expected back in the ring until September after breaking his tibia back in January at Impact Bash at the Brewery 2, according to PWInsider.

Rob Van Dam noted he'd miss this weekend's Impact TV tapings due to a broken rib injury he sustained during a match in Qatar after taking a Samoan Drop. You can see video of the injury below.

"It felt much worse than it looked," Van Damn wrote on Twitter. "It's a very physical job, so you never know. The fall to the floor was a surprise, but this one broke my rib on impact. Two weeks later today and I'm much better, by the way."

Finally, Brian Cage appeared at yesterday's Face 2 Face Wrestling's Bruggadown event in Barbados. As noted, Cage tore his bicep and underwent surgery in late January.

Cage cut a promo initially saying he couldn't wrestle and wasn't sure when he'd be returning to the ring. He was then told he had to fight and beat up an individual using his good arm and kicks while also breaking the top ring rope in the process.