AEW Dynamite Results (3/04) – Broomfield, CO

AEW Dynamite Results (3/04) - Broomfield, CO

We are live from 1stBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado, as the new AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, makes his way to the ring.

As Moxley enters the ring, his music fades and the fan-chants of his name pick up and spread throughout the 1STBANK Center. As Moxley energizes from the noise and love from the fans, they switch to a “You Deserve It!” chant. We see a close-up of the big gash on Moxley’s head, which the announcers talk about getting stitched shut after his battle with Jericho at AEW Revolution.

Moxley begins his promo saying the three letters AEW represent the best in the pro wrestling, which he says with emphasis. He talks about how the title was never Jericho’s and goes on to talk about how “we want pro wrestling back.” He says with that in mind, he will defend the belt with his life, crawling through any hell and climbing any mountain to keep it.

He says he’s not going to hide, he welcomes any challengers. He also says he’s no dummy and that he’s aware that things between he and The Inner Circle are not over yet.

As soon as Moxley says that, the music of the former “Le Champion” of AEW, Chris Jericho, along with the rest of his Inner Circle crew, makes their way out to the top of the entrance stage. The Inner Circle hangs back while Jericho, holding a mic, takes a couple steps forward and waits for the fans to finish singing the lyrics to his song.

Jericho goes on to say he doesn’t and never needed the title to be “Le Champion.” The fans start chanting “Yes you do!” He mocks them for not being able to organize and chant the same thing at once. As Jericho goes on to insult Moxley some more, he is interrupted by a chant of “You suck ass,” which they said unanimously without issue this time around.

From there, Jericho gets into specifics from their battle at AEW Revolution. He brings up the spot at the end of the match where Moxley took his eye patch off and revealed he could see out of both eyes. Jericho said he didn’t prepare for a fight against a man who had vision in two eyes. He calls Moxley and all of the AEW fans liars.

After a “Bullsh*t” chant from the Denver crowd wraps up, Jericho puts the AEW roster on notice that The Inner Circle is out for blood. He mentions that things begin tonight with Moxley himself, as he brings up the advertised tag-team main event match pitting Jericho and Sammy Guevara against Jon Moxley and Darby Allin.

Jericho says he will take a leave of absence for 30 days, or even 60 days, if Moxley walks out on his own later tonight. Jericho reminds everybody that he’s always got a fan and finishes by telling Moxley he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

Moxley says that he is going to do exactly what he did at “Revolution” and this time he’s going to send Jericho packing for 60 days.

Moxley says he’s so sick of hearing Jericho talk and he’s going to do exactly what he did at “Revolution”. He says he never claimed to be that smart. He says tonight he’s gonna send Jericho walking for 60 days and make him look like a dumb son of a b*tch.

– After the opening promo segment, the announcers run down a list of matches scheduled for tonight’s show, concluding by setting up the first bout of the evening.

SCU & Colt Cabana vs. The Dark Order

The bell sounds to start the match as the announcers wrap up some plugs for the AEW Unrestricted podcast and some upcoming live events and TV shoots. Stu Grayson and Colt Cabana kick things off for their respective teams in the ring.

As Cabana establishes the early offensive advantage over Grayson, the rest of The Dark Order swarms him like a group of hornets and now the heel foursome are in the offensive driver’s seat. This lasts until Daniels hits a cheap shot from behind on the ring apron. This leads to three leapfrog leg-drops from the ring apron into the ring.

The baby face foursome settle into the lead now as SCU utilizes quick tags to keep fresh guys on the beaten down Dark Order member. Finally, Silver gets some offense in and The Dark Order with some triple-team offense behind the referee’s back, including Daniels being thrown into the ring post, turns the offensive tide back in their favor.

The announcers speculate and question whether or not The Dark Order really have an “Exalted One” or if it is “Exalted One(s)” and who he, she or they might be. They take us a to another commercial break as The Dark Order continue to dominate the action with Daniels isolated in the ring.

We return from commercial to see Daniels is still stuck in the ring unable to make it to his corner to tag in one of his three teammates, as The Dark Order foursome continue to keep him alone in the ring as they deliver more punishment. Finally, however, Daniels makes the tag.

Kazarian takes the hot tag and comes into the ring hitting and taking out any-and-everything that moves, as multiple Dark Order members try and slow down his momentum. Kazarian turns his back after a cool middle-rope leg-drop spot on two stacked Dark Order bodies, which leads to The Dark Order teaming up and attacking him from behind.

The other SCU members and Cabana hit the ring to even up the numbers game. The referee just stands back and watches as all eight guys battle in different sections of the ring. SCU hits a cool double-team move on the last Dark Order member in the ring before diving out to the floor for some suicide splashes.

Kazarian with a near fall but moments later The Dark Order start ganging up on him. He manages to tag in Colt Cabana, who starts taking things over until eventually the numbers game and sneaky tactics from The Dark Order slows down his momentum.

SCU hits the rings for some cool dives to clear the ring. Colt Cabana hits his awesome Chicago Skyline and follows up with his Superman-finisher for the 1-2-3.

Winners: SCU & Colt Cabana

After The Match, one of the members of The Dark Order jumps on the mic and says this is not how things were supposed to go. He says the Exalted One is going to be upset when he finds out and that heads are gonna roll.

Big Swole vs. Leva Bates

Britt Baker joins commentary and gives Schiavone a Starbucks coffee, then gives the camera a big smile.

Swole snatches Bates’ book away from her and throws it away. Bates slaps Swole and then hits her with a Backstabber. Swole comes right back with a Back Suplex and then a Knee Strike. Swole charges at Bates but gets backdropped to the apron. Swole lands on her feet and hits a Leaping Enziguri followed by a Slingshot Cutter and then Dirty Dancing for the pin.

Winner: Big Swole

The announcers thank Baker for joining them as Swole celebrates in the ring. From there, J.R. takes us to a video recap showing highlights of the Cody vs. MJF match from this past Saturday night’s AEW Revolution PPV.

– Cody’s music hits and out he comes. He begins his promo talking about what it feels like to come up short against MJF at AEW Revolution.

Cody then goes on to talk about what it’s like to go from wanting to be a pro wrestler his whole life. He continues talking about the journey of a wrestler and then what he went through to get the match with MJF, including getting whipped.

He says he can only live with himself if one thing happens. If MJF comes out right now and says to him face-to-face, eye-to-eye that he beat him fair-and-square at AEW Revolution.

Some music immediately hits, but it isn’t MJF’s. It’s a WWE Hall of Fame legends AEW theme, as out walks Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Roberts gets a legends reaction from the AEW Broomfield audience and then when his music fades, he talks about being sick of listening to Cody bitch and complain. He says he needs to accept that he simply got his ass kicked.

Jake says he isn’t here to praise Cody, he’s here to slay him. He says the only reason he is here is because he is a client. He says the dark side is coming to AEW. He says it’s been 20 years for him to get clean and get right and by god he earned it. He says he isn’t going to be a nice boy and play right.

He goes on to talk about playing mind games over the years, explaining the psychology behind the reason he carried a snake in a sack to the ring with him. He gets back to Cody and tells him he can bring his one-trick pony Arn Anderson with him. Jake keeps bringing up old Ceaser. He says he’s not in AEW to take the whole pie — just Cody’s share.

Jake said a wise man once told him to never turn his back on someone you respect, or someone you’re afraid of. He then turns around and throws the mic over his head, literally turning his back and walking away from Cody.

– The Best Friends make their way out to the ring as they are up next, with one of the Best Friends taking on “The Bastard” PAC in one-on-one action. We head to commercial break.

Chuck Taylor vs. “The Bastard” PAC

The Best Friends make their way out to the ring as they are up next, with one of the Best Friends taking on “The Bastard” PAC in one-on-one action. We head to commercial break.

PAC rolls underneath Taylor and then sends him to the floor. PAC sets up for a dive but a distraction from Trent takes him to the floor. Taylor comes back in and hits a Sliding Dropkick to PAC on the floor. Back in the ring, Taylor hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall.

Taylor hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker and then goes to the top. Taylor dives off and over a charging PAC but then eats a Running Elbow from PAC sending him to the floor. PAC follows Taylor out and tosses him into the railing.

Back from a break PAC has Taylor in an Armlock. Taylor counters with an Armdrag and then a clothesline. Taylor charges at PAC but PAC moves and connects with a forearm. PAC goes for a springboard move and as Taylor goes for a dropkick in midair PAC stops in mid-air.

PAC hits the ropes but eats a dropkick from Taylor anyone knocking PAC to the floor. Taylor hit a Slingshot Plancha and then rolls him back into the ring after hugging Trent. Taylor hits a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall.

Taylor charges at PAC but PAC moves out of the way and then hits a Slingshot Cutter. PAC charges at Taylor but Taylor catches him in The Awful Waffle! 1…2…NO PAC kicks out! Taylor goes to the top and attempts a Moonsault but PAC moves and locks in the Brutalizer! Taylor taps!

Winner: PAC

After the match, PAC teases that he is going to continue to attack Taylor but Trent gets in his face. OC then gets in PAC’s face, but Lucha Brothers run out and destroy both of them with kicks! PAC says that they are “Death Triangle” and that AEW did this to themselves and no one in the company is safe. Pentagon and Fenix absolutely murder OC with a Fear Factor/Ghetto Stomp!

– Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard say that they will be picking a wrestler to be his partner. He says that they are going out to search for the perfect partner for Spears and will be taking submissions from Indie wrestlers all over the world.

QT Marshall vs. “The Big Hurt” Jake Hager

Hager takes Marshall down immediately with a Waistlock Takeover and then just stands on his back before tossing him into the corner. Marshall slaps Hager and then connects with a dropkick but as he goes for a Springboard Body Block he eat a Shoulder Block from Hager.

Hager hits a Powerslam and then slams him into the corner before hitting a Running Powerslam. Hager shoves Marshall into the ropes and connects with a Running Knee followed by an attempt at the Hager Bomb. Marshall gets his feet up and then connects with a series of uppercuts.

Marshall hits a Handspring Enziguri and then sidesteps a charging Hager in the corner. Marshall goes to the top and connects with a modified Swanton Bomb for a nearfall. Marshall goes for a Swinging DDT but Hager blocks it and destroys him with a Hansen Lariat. Hager locks in the Standing Arm Triangle for the submission win.

Winner: Jake Hager

Rhodes attacks Hager after the match but PNP attack him from behind. Cody hits the ring and cleans house! Ortiz hits Cody in the back with a chair to cut him off. Nick Jackson hits the ring and deliver several Superkicks but eats a Suplex from Hager. Adam Page walks out with a beer and attacks The Inner Circle! Page hits the Buckshot Lariat on Hager! He flips off Matt before leaving.

– The announcers talk to us in an on-camera shot to inform us that Ortiz vs. Cody is set for next week’s show in Salt Lake City, as well as the in-ring debut of Death Triangle — the new trio with PAC and The Lucha Bros. They also promise to deliver the rules for the special Blood & Guts match. Finally, Schiavone plugs a 6-man tag with MJF and The Butcher & The Blade vs. Jurassic Express.

– We shoot to a pre-taped backstage promo segment featuring MJF. He claims Cody’s legacy is over and he’s still got plenty of ink left for his own legacy. He claims his legacy will be the greatest champion in the history of pro wrestling. He tells Moxley he heard him right. He ends the segment by revealing an under-shirt that reads, “I pinned Cody.” He jokes about it being distracting, kind of like a neck tattoo, referencing Cody’s new “American Nightmare” neck tattoo.

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs. Jon Moxley & Darby Allin

We return from the break and it’s main event time. Chris Jericho’s music hits and out walks the leader of The Inner Circle with one of the members of the group and his tag-team partner for tonight, “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara.

Jon Moxle makes his trademark walk through the fans in the crowd. As he continues his way to the ring, three masked “fans” attack him and drag him to the hallway in the arena. They take their masks off, revealing themselves to be Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz, the other three members of Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle faction.

Jericho is shown with a big smile on his face as we join the fans, Jericho, Guevara and Allin in the ring in watching the trio beat down Moxley as fans start to filter to that area of the arena. Moxley fights back a bit but the numbers game is too much. They beat him down again and empty a trash can on him.

The bell sounds and it looks like it will instead be a two-on-one handicap main event tonight, as doctors tend to Moxley in the hallway of the 1STBANK Center while The Inner Circle thugs finally walk away and join Jericho and Guevara at ringside, where we see Jericho and Guevara clearly in control of Allin.

Jericho taunts and mocks Allin as he arrogantly beats him up some more. The fans try and chant and help bring life into Allin. Hager sneaks in some cheap shots from the floor as Jericho distracts the ref. Jericho hangs Allin upside down in the corner of the ring in the tree of woe. He charges from the opposite end of the ring looking for a dropkick to Allin’s hanging dome, but Allin does a sit-up just in time.

Allin now gets in an offensive run, as he knocks down the former AEW World Champion and gets in a few moves before Jericho cuts his run really short and moments later locks him in the Walls of Jericho finisher. Allin finally makes it to the ropes to force the hold to be broken. Jericho knocks Allin out to the floor where like vultures, Hager and the team of Ortiz and Santana swarm, ganging up on Allin as we head to a mid-match commercial.

We return from the break and we see Jericho still in control of the action. He beats up Allin some more as he gloats to the fans all-the-while. Guevara now tags in and does much of the same. Now the fans are chanting something so bad that at almost 10pm it’s being edited, while an hour earlier a prolonged “Bullsh*t” chant made the cut just fine.

Jericho tags back in and delivers some slaps to Allin’s face. This enrages Allin, who finally fires up and shows signs of life, clotheslining Jericho over the top and diving onto him on the floor.

Before Allin can get much more offense in, however, Jericho takes over once the action returns to the ring. He is being cocky immediately again, raking the eyes of Allin with his boot and moving slowly as he approaches him. Jericho hits a Lionsault on the double-knees of Allin, who put his legs up just in time.

Out of nowhere, Allin hits a wicked Canadian Destroyer for a near fall. He hits his even more wicked Coffin Drop off the top rope, which elicits the obligatory “Holy sh*t” chant from any red-blooded wrestling fan on planet earth that witnesses it. Back in the ring, he hits it again on Guevara for a close near fall that the Broomfield audience counted along with, hoping for the finish.

Jericho hits the Judas Effect on Allin as he goes to dive onto him on the floor after flying through the ropes. Replays show Allin get blasted by Jericho as soon as he went through the ropes. Back in the ring, Guevara gets the pin and win for his team.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

Moxley hits the ring with a chair and thorws it at Hager! He clotheslines Jericho to the floor and then destroys Guevara with a Paradigm Shift! Hager comes back with a Lariat to the back and PNP drag Moxley up the ramp where Hager then chokes him again.

Hager Powerbombs Moxley off the stage and through a table! They all stand over Moxley and flip him off as we go to credits.


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