NWA Hard Times Results – January 24, 2020

NWA Hard Times Results - January 24, 2020

The Hard Times video package plays highlighting the second season of Powerrr, including the events at the end of NWA’s last pay per view, Into The Fire.

Since then…world champion Nick Aldis has formed his Strictly Business faction, consisting of the Wildcards and his insurance policy, Kamille.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to the GPB Studios for tonight’s Hard Times pay per view. They commend the loud NWA fans, with Bennett calling the card one of the most stacked he’s ever seen. They tell us that a first round Television Title tournament will open the show.

Trevor Murdoch is out first, followed by the Question Mark. Commentary tells us that these tournament bouts will still have a six-minute time limit. If the stars surpass the time-limit, the judges will determine who is the winner. One of those judges is company owner Billy Corgan.

Trevor Murdoch versus Question Mark Television Title Tournament round one

Murdoch opens with an arm-drag and dropkick in succession. He charges…Mark gets a boot up and climbs the middle rope…missile dropkick connects. Murdoch rolls to the outside to recover…Mark is in quick pursuit. They brawl…Murdoch goes for a lariat but hits the ring post. Back in the ring…Mark targets Murdoch’s shoulder with stiff karate strikes. Murdoch bounced off the ropes…back body drop from the Mark. Jumping chop by Mark. He keeps the pressure on with a belly-to-belly suplex. Cover…Murdoch kicks out. He builds momentum with a boot of his own. Murdoch to the top…bulldog lands flush. Mark pops right back up to Murdoch’s surprise. He goes for another top rope bulldog…he got it. Cover…it’s over!

Trevor Murdoch wins by pinfall and advances in the tournament

Commentary reminds us that this was the Question Mark’s first pinfall loss since debuting. They update the tournament brackets.

Up next…Zicky Dice and Dan Maff. The winner will face Trevor Murdoch in the semifinals. Dice is out first, Maff second. Dave Marquez, who is introducing the competitors, says that Maff is representing Ring of Honor.

Zicky Dice versus Trevor Murdoch Television Title Tournament round one

Fans are heavily behind Maff. They go to tie-up…Dice ducks it and plays to the crowd. Maff makes him pay with a hard shoulder bump. Corner splash from Maff. He lays into Dice with a flurry of strikes. Series of hard Irish whips and chops. Dice reverses one and lands a few shots. Maff asks Dice to hit him harder…huge stomp and elbow drop. Dice sets up for a piledriver…Maff back drops him but Dice retakes control with a middle-rope axe-handle and flying lariat for a nearfall. Dice goes for the rude awakening…Maff has it scouted…exploder suplex. Dice to the middle-rope…Maff surprises him with a mid-air spear. Dice falls to the corner…cannonball. Dice in the center…Maff crushes him with a senton. That’ll do it.

Dan Maff wins by pinfall and advances in the tournament

We’re rolling right along here. A debuting Matt Cross is out next for his first round bout against Ricky Starks. He is also announced as representing Ring of Honor. Starks is out next.

Matt Cross versus Ricky Starks Television Title Tournament round one

Tie-up. Starks applies a headlock. He gets bounced off…shoulder bump. Pace picks up…Cross shows off his athleticism with a standing backflip. Dropkick sends Starks to ringside. Cross goes for a rope assisted dropkick…he nails Starks in the face. Cross hangs from the ring post showing off incredible core strength and drops an elbow on Starks’ chest. Back in the ring…Cross to the top…he cartwheels off. Headscissor attempt…Starks counters into a facebuster. He traps Cross in the corner but Cross fights out with fists and forearms. Starks nearly wins the match with a neckbreaker and basement dropkick. He sets up Cross for his finisher…Cross elbows his way out…running lariat connects. Handspring back elbow, followed by a springboard crossbody…Starks sneaks a shoulder out. Victory roll from Cross…he keeps his momentum going and connects with a standing double-stomp. Rope-assisted cutter by Cross. He climbs…shooting star but Starks moves…double-underhook driver by Starks. Cross can’t kick out this time.

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall and advances in the tournament

Commentary tells us that Starks would have faced the winner of Tim Storm and Ken Anderson, but Dave Marquez has an update. Tim Storm goes to the interview desk (in-gear) as the crowd chants Mama Storm. For some reason Ken Anderson can’t compete, and Storm is unhappy about advancing with a bye, but he’ll take it. He rallies the fans by calling the NWA a family, and they are all apart of it. Storm reveals that Anderson is supposedly not in the building. “I’ve got one goal Dave…and that’s making Mama Storm proud and becoming the new TV champion.” Marquez wishes him luck. Joe Galli tells us that Anderson has not been medically cleared to compete.

Stu Bennett addresses the crowd and says he has breaking news. He thanks GPB Studios for being such gracious hosts. Fans begin a “GPB” chant. Bennett says that their next pay per view, which takes place in April of 2020, will be in a bigger venue. He removes a cloth revealing the Crockett Cup.

Tag team title matchup is next. Wildcards (Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer) are out first, along with Kamille and Mae Valentine, although Valentine gets sent to the back. Eli Drake and James Storm are out second, followed finally by the champions, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

The Wildcards versus Eli Drake/James Storm versus Rock ‘N’ Roll Express for the NWA Tag Team championship

Drake, Morton, and Latimer begin. Latimer sucker punches Morton…Drake sneaks behind him hits a flurry of rights, followed by a jumping neckbreaker. Drake and Morton temporarily team up…double elbow drop. Drake and Morton then tie-up. Drake runs through Latimer but Morton takes Drake down with an arm-drag. Isaacs tags in…Drake and Morton team up again and bring in Storm and Gibson. Storm with an elbow and legdrop. Gibson goes for a pin…Latimer comes in to break it up but Gibson moves and Latimer hits Isaacs! Wildcards regroup…Latimer smashes Gibson off the ring post. While the referee’s back is turned Kamille jabs her heel into Gibson’s face. Back in the ring…Latimer runs through Storm with an elbow. Isaacs back in. Big right hands to Storm…Storm is barely effected. He lands a few shots of his own but Isaacs catches him in a snap-slam before tagging in Latimer. Latimer goes for a powerbomb…Storm blocks it. Latimer pummels him with clubbing right hands. Storm tags in Drake but the referee doesn’t see it and forces Drake to leave the ring. Double-team by the Wildcards. Gibson finally makes it back into the ring but walks right into a lariat from Isaacs. Storm hits a codebreaker and finally tags in Drake. Russian leg-sweep and powerslam from Drake. He calls for his signature elbow…he gets it. Cover…Latimer kicks out. Isaacs distracts Drake long enough for Latimer to hit a pop-up powerbomb. Meanwhile Gibson brings in Morton….Canadian destroyer from Morton onto Isaacs! Gibson and Kamille get into another spat…Drake catches Morton in the air-raid siren. Storm blocks anyone from breaking up the pin…new champs!

Eli Drake/James Storm win by pinfall and are the new NWA Tag Team champions

Post match Storm and Drake go to the interview desk with Marquez. Drake tells the fans to rewind their brains to the first episode of Powerrr, where he predicted that one day he would be holding gold. Storm is next. “Blood is thicker, but me and this man prefer beer and liquor.” Drake jokes about a few potential tag team names, including “Bottoms Up and Drinking Buddies” but no matter what…they can be called champs.

Video package showing women’s champion Allysin Kay’s struggles with Melina. Kay defeated Marti Belle in a no-DQ match, earning her an opportunity (you read that right) to defend against Thunder Rosa at today’s event. Rosa is out first to a big ovation. The champ is second. Here we go.

Allysin Kay versus Thunder Rosa for the NWA Women’s championship

Brawl to start. Kay picks the leg and initiates a ground-and-pound. She traps Rosa in the corner and stomps her down. Northern lights suplex for an early pinfall attempt…only two. Rosa pushes Kay in the face…Kay responds with a flurry of strikes. Kay slows the action with a snapmare and sleeper. Rosa creates separation but the champ drops her with a neckbreaker. Rosa slides to the apron…Kay brings her back in with a suplex. Rosa finally begins to mount some offense. Running dropkick gives her control for the first time. Rosa sets the pace with methodical attacks. Snap-suplex…Kay kicks out and slides to the outside to recover. Rosa comes out of nowhere with a jumping baseball slide. Rosa targets the arm, whipping Kay off the ring post. Back in the ring…Rosa uses the ropes to cause more damage to the arm. Crossface is locked in…Kay in trouble…somehow she breaks free. Guillotine from Kay…now Rosa is in trouble but fortunately she’s right near the ropes and Kay has to release the hold. Rosa grabs Kay’s arm and rings it over the middle-rope. Kay goes for a submission but Rosa counters into a heel hook. Rosa transitions into a modified armbar. Rosa makes matters worse by joint-manipulating Kay’s fingers to the crowd’s dismay. Kay with leg kicks…Rosa returns strikes, then brings Kay down with a disarmer.

Kay ducks a lariat and hits a snap-German suplex. Rosa kicks out on the pin attempt. Rosa jumps over on an Irish-Whip and lands a German of her own. She climbs to the top for her double-stomp…Kay slides outside again. Rosa goes to the apron and goes for a senton…Kay catches her! Apron powerbomb! Kay throws Rosa back inside. Cover…Rosa still alive. Fans are split in chanting. Kay goes for the gory bomb…Rosa turns it into a sunset flip pin…only two. Shining wizard from Rosa. She climbs…Kay catches her again! She sets up for the piledriver…code red counter from Rosa! CLOSE TWO! Rosa off the ropes…octopus submission is in! Kay powers out…she sets Rosa up…tombstone! SOMEHOW ROSA KICKS OUT. Kay sets up for a superplex…Rosa pushes her off…stiff missile dropkick connects. Rosa goes for a maneuver…Kay puts her on the top ropes and rocks Rosa with an elbow. Kay lands her finisher but can’t hook the leg on the pin because of her arm…Rosa escapes the pin. Back and forth striking…Rosa jumps into a guillotine choke…Kay slams her in the turnbuckles. She climbs for a superplex…Rosa fights Kay off and turns it into a sunset powerbomb. Kay refuses to stay down. Kay charges Rosa…Rosa moves and she strikes the corner with the bad arm. Rosa traps Kay in another arm submission in the center. Kay tries to fight out…Rosa turns it into a Michinoku driver. It’s over. New champ!

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall to become the new NWA Women’s champion

Commentary announced that Rosa is the first Mexican-born champion in NWA history. GPB studios crowd give her a huge ovation. Afterwards Marti Belle and Melina come out to congratulate Rosa. They all hug.

Footage of Nick Aldis invading Ring of Honor is played. This has all led to the champ’s interpromotional rivalry with the Villain Marty Scurll, and his upcoming matchup against Marty Scurll.

Back to the arena…Marty Scurll is here! Fans are going nuts!

Galli welcomes him to the interview desk. Scurll begins: “I’m here for the same reason I came at Into the Fire. I want my shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold. Nick…you keep walking away from me. You keep ducking me. You keep telling everyone that you’ve already beaten me. So what are you worried about? I’m not going to stop until you give me what I want…a shot at the NWA world heavyweight championship.” Scurll then says that for some reason tonight’s matchup with Flip Gordon is not a title match, then berates Aldis for not thinking about the business. “All these people spent their hard earned money to be here tonight, as well as many watching at home on PPV. These people deserve to see a title defense.” Aldis comes out, and after the chants of “coward” die down…he speaks. “I am flabbergasted at the audacity of what you just said. You come out here…you walk into the house that Nick Aldis built…and you start throwing your weight around like you’ve got the same stroke here as you do in Ring of Honor.” Aldis says that ROH was a hot ticket when he was headlining, and now the NWA is because of him. “I will put the world’s championship on the line tonight against Flip Gordon under one condition.” Aldis says that if Flip wins he is champ, but if he wins all of their future ROH business is on his terms. Also, Scurll has to leave the building. Security escorts Scurll out.

Next up… a seminfinals match in the TV title tournament. Dan Maff is out first, followed by Trevor Murdoch.

Dan Maff versus Trevor Murdoch Television Title Tournament semifinals

Huge back and forth strikes to open. Maff nearly chops Murdoch’s head off but Murdoch wins the exchange and rocks Maff. Irish-Whip and charge but Maff spears Murdoch! Maff with stomps. He drapes Murdoch over the ring apron and whips his neck over. Murdoch travels to the corner…Maff traps him with body shots. Corner back splash. Murdoch is out of it. Maff drops an axe-handle across Murdoch’s ribs. Only three-minutes left. Murdoch tries to mount some offense but Maff is overwhelming him. Maff misses another splash…Murdoch climbs…top rope bulldog. Murdoch with the upset!!

Trevor Murdoch wins by pinfall and advances to the finals

Fans chant one more match to Murdoch. We go to our next semifinal. Commentary reminds us that Tim Storm is completely fresh since he had a first round bye. Storm is out first. Ricky Starks is second.

Tim Storm versus Ricky Starks Television Title Tournament semifinal

Tie-up. Storm powers Starks to the corner…referee asks for a break…he does and both men reset. Starks grabs a headlock. Storm bounces him off and they bump shoulders. Storm doesn’t budge. Second time Storm runs through Starks. Hip-toss from Storm but Starks lands on his feet. Overhand chop by Storm. Starks fires back one of his own. Storm retakes control with a huge spinebuster. Snapmare and running boot for a nearfall. Elbow by Storm. Starks comes off the ropes…dropkick. He climbs to the middle-rope and misses a stomp. Storm takes advantage and connects with his signature backbreaker. Starks off the ropes…Perfect Storm! Storm’s own momentum takes him off the pin. Starks shows great strength with a neutralizer. Storm kicks out. Back and forth action…Starks crucifixes Storm…he got em!

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall and advances to the finals

Afterwards Storm shakes Starks hand. They hug.

Flashback to last week’s Powerrr when the Question Mark and Aron Stevens were putting on a karate demonstration. The segment ended with Starks, who was disguised as an assistant, smashed a board over Stevens back.

Stevens makes his way out for his National championship title defense. The Question Mark accompanies him to the ring. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner is out next. Commentary tells us that because Steiner assisted Strictly Business, world champion Nick Aldis helped get him this title opportunity.

Aron Stevens versus Scott Steiner for the NWA National championship

Stevens shadowboxes with his karate training. Steiner does NOT look impressed. Tie-up. Stevens grabs a wristlock. Steiner easily powers out and rings Stevens arm twice. Stevens crawls to the ropes screaming that Steiner is an animal. Second tie-up. Steiner traps Stevens in the corner and lays into him with chops. Hip-toss sends Stevens to ringside. He plays to the crowd. Stevens psychs himself up again..third tie-up. Steiner applies a standing headlock. He gets bounced off the ropes…running shoulder bump and elbow. Stevens has no choice but to go to the outside to recover. Steiner brings Stevens back in with the ropes. Clubbing forearm, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex from Steiner. This time Steiner chases Stevens on the outside. He smashes Stevens head off the ring post, then takes him over to the steel steps to cause more damage over there. Back in the ring Stevens lands his first strike but Steiner sends him flying with another belly-to-belly. He nearly wins the match with a third suplex. Stevens catches Steiner in a school-boy and throws his feet on the ropes…Steiner kicks out. Stevens to the middle-rope…Steiner turns it into a flatliner. Steiner recliner is in! Question Mark jumps in to cause the DQ.

Scott Steiner wins by disqualification

Steiner lariats the Question Mark and puts him in the recliner. Stevens does not help, instead opting to leave the arena. Steiner, angrily, sends the referee flying. He poses for the crowd, who give him a warm ovation.

Flip Gordon is out next for his showdown with Nick Aldis. This is now a title match. Aldis is out second. No one else from Strictly Business is with him.

Flip Gordon versus Nick Aldis for the NWA World championship

Aldis tries to trap Gordon in the corner but Gordon lures him in and lands the opening strikes of the match. Aldis lands a few powerful elbows…Gordon uses his quickness to out-position Aldis again. Dropkick sends the champ to ringside. Gordon teases a high-risk maneuver…instead he follows Aldis out and goes to suplex Aldis on the commentary table! Aldis blocks it…action moves back to the ring. Waistlock slam from Aldis. He goes for a wristlock…Gordon surprisingly escapes and applies a hammerlock. Nice sequence of chain-wrestling. Aldis tries to back suplex Gordon off of him…Gordon keeps the Aldis grounded with his headlock. Aldis goes for a back suplex again…this time Gordon lands on his feet and lands an enziguri. He goes for a springboard 360…Aldis blocks it and slides to the outside to regroup. Gordon goes for a suicide dive…the referee gets in his way. Gordon instead does a tope con hilo…it connects. Back in the ring…Gordon goes for an armbar….it’s locked in! Gordon outworking Aldis in every way. Aldis deadlifts Gordon and powerbombs him.

Aldis..now in control…sends Gordon flying with an overhead belly-to-belly. Fallaway slam from Aldis. He hangs Gordon over the top turnbuckle and climbs…an elevated fallaway slam. Headlock. Gordon tries to build up momentum but the champ catches a crossbody and turns it into a vertical suplex. Aldis rocks Gordon with a right hand. That wakes Gordon up. He sends one back…Aldis clubs Gordon to the mat. Fans trying to rally Gordon back into it. Aldis quiets them with a chop block, then puts Gordon in the figure-four leglock. Gordon turns the hold over! Aldis is forced to let go. Gordon nails a boot to slow Aldis down. Kip-up and roundhouse from Gordon. Pace picks up…Gordon uses the ropes to hit a spear. Instead of a cover Gordon unloads punches. Snapmare and PK. Gordon to the middle-rope…moonsault lands. Two count. Gordon tries to go to the top again but this time Aldis crotch drops him. Aldis meets him up there…he sets up for a top rope German…Gordon lands on his feet. Gordon charges…Aldis surprises him with a tombstone. To the top…elbow drop. Gordon turns the cover into a crucifix…two count. Gordon hits an overhead kick…he goes for a headscissor and transitions into a crossface. Aldis fights…he gets to the ropes and Gordon breaks the hold. More back and forth striking…Aldis goes for the cloverleaf…Gordon escapes. He nearly wins with a springboard stunner! Gordon goes for a monkey-flip…Aldis stacks him for a pin…it’s over.

Nick Aldis wins by pinfall and retains the NWA world championship

Fans chant “Thank you Flip.” He looks disappointed. Bennett calls Aldis the best NWA champion ever, as whenever you think he’s down…he pulls out a victory.

Main event time. Trevor Murdoch is out first for the TV tournament finals. Ricky Starks is next. Marquez does the introductions. This match will have no time-limit. Here we go.

Trevor Murdoch versus Ricky Starks for the NWA Television championship

Tie-up. Murdoch goes for an early German…Starks lands on his feet but Murdoch bulldozes through him. Huge clubbing blows from Murdoch. Irish-whip…Starks bounces over him and hits a jumping shoulder block. Basement lariat from Starks. Murdoch goes to the ropes to allow himself separation and time to recover. Murdoch calls for a knuckle-lock. Starks obliges. Murdoch wins the power game easily…Starks bridges up to keep his shoulder from touching the mat. Murdoch knees Starks in the gut and uses a Russian leg-sweep to take Starks down. Fight moves to the outside. Starks goes for a flying shoulder tackle but Murdoch cuts him off mid-air. Starks connects with a few commanding strikes…Murdoch responds by whipping him right into the steep steps. Murdoch goes into the ring as the ref counts…he’s up to 9…Starks JUST gets back inside. Murdoch immediately meets him with stomps. Starks builds up steam…Murdoch dumps him over the ropes and he smacks the studio floor hard. Back in the ring…Murdoch with a high-angle back suplex for a nearfall. Murdoch nearly decapitates Starks with a stiff lariat. Cover…Starks still alive. Modified clutch from Murdoch applied. He puts Starks on the top rope for a superplex…Starks slaps Murdoch in the face…he slides underneath for a powerbomb…he carries Murdoch to the center…sit-out powerbomb! Only two! Loud NWA chants. Starks off the ropes…HUGE SPEAR. He goes for his finisher…Starks lands it. And new!!!!

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall to become the NWA Television champion

Starks celebrates. Crowd showers him with cheers as we go to credits!


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