MLW Fusion Results (1/25)

MLW Fusion Results (1/25

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of Fusion.

Kirsch pumps the crowd up with an intro speech but gets interrupted by Contra Unit, led by the MLW heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu. Footage of Contra’s attack on Davey Boy Smith Jr. at a hockey event in Canada is shown. Josef Samael addresses the crowd. “Dallas Texas… land of false idols. Isn’t this the place where Camalot fell. Well tonight… wrestling’s Camalot will fall. On November 9th… Contra Unit started the latest chapter with a fireball, and tonight we’re going to finalize it when the black flag of Contra reigns high over the bodies of MLW.”

Davey Boy Smith Jr. appears and challenges Contra to a fight. A fan attacks Gotch from behind… it’s Brian Pillman Jr. Huge brawl ensues. The Hart Foundation clears the ring and stands tall ending the segment.

Fusion song intro.

Bocchini hypes tonight’s main event… a no rope barbed wire matchup between Jimmy Havoc and Mance Warner. Also tonight… Low Ki battles Chandler Hopkins.

We begin with triple-threat tag team action. First out is Injustice (Myron Reed, Kotto Brazil, Jordan Oliver). A clip from earlier in the day is played showing Konnan giving an interview. Injustice interrupts telling Konnan saying that no one cares about AAA, and that he’s old news. They trade insults, including Konnan saying that his boy Drago will take Reed’s Middleweight title. That match is made for next week. Next out is Taurus and Low Rider. Final team is Drago and Puma King. Oliver and Brazil will be competing for Injustice.

Injustice versus Taurus/Low Rider versus Drago/Puma King

Action is quick from the start. Taurus gets dumped to the outside. Double-superkick from Injustice. Low Rider hits a pop-up dropkick, then takes out Injustice with a tope con hilo. Taurus unloads offense on Drago and Puma King. Spear from Taurus. Injustice breaks up the pin. German suplex from Brazil… assisted sit-out powerbomb onto Low Rider for a nearfall. Oliver with a snapmare and dropkick in succession. Puma King charges Injustice… they kick him in the gut. Puma King hangs on the ropes and sends Brazil into Drago… enziguri. Lungblower/dropkick combination. Crowd giving all six men a round of applause for the fast paced sequences. Taurus nails a headbutt… Drago takes him down with a very athletic headscissor. Reed tries pulling Drago out but the lucha star takes him out with a plancha. Back in the ring… elevated tornado DDT by Drago onto Taurus for a nearfal. Oliver and Brazil back in… Puma King rocks Brazil with a superkick. Oliver to the apron… jump through stunner. Brazil to the top… frog splash connects. Low Rider comes out of nowhere with a springboard codebreaker… Taurus picks up Oliver… powerbomb/lungblower. Taurus hits Brazil with a driver on the apron. Drago and Puma King show off their tandem offense. Drago applies his trapping cradle pin. It’s over.

Drago/Puma King win by pinfall

Vignette plays highlighting the intense rivalry between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc. Each man has scored a decisive victory over the other, with tonight’s showdown appearing to be the finale. Warner says he loves to fight, he loves to bleed, and that tonight in Dallas, they’re gonna wrap the whole building up in barbed wire.

Advertisement for the upcoming MLW events in Philadelphia, Chicago, and a return to Dallas.

A look back at Davey Boy Smith Jr. winning the 2019 Opera Cup tournament. Smith is shown carrying the Cup around backstage shortly after winning it. He says it’s over 100 years old, and that he’s grateful to have won it. “I did it for the fans, I did it for Major League Wretling, I did it for the love of professional wrestling, and mark my words… this is just one of the many accomplishments I plan on achieving.” He calls out Jacob Fatu, Tom Lawlor, and whoever else plans on getting in his way.

Cut to a promo from Josef Samael. He calls the Hart Foundation clever for their attack, then says that Smith fears Simon Gotch. “Simon Gotch is an assassin… and he’s going to rip you down. So how about it… Davey Boy Smith versus Simon Gotch… no holds-barred, no ropes, winner declared by knockout or submission. Hail Contra.”

Chandler Hopkins is out for our next bout of the evening. He’ll be facing former champion, Low Ki.

Low Ki versus Chandler Hopkins

Ki forces Hopkins to the ropes. Referee separates them and they reset. Tie-up. Ki grabs a wristlock. Hopkins with an athletic escape… he applies a headlock. Hopkings off the ropes… he bumps Ki to the mat. Another tie-up. Action moves to the corner… Ki locks in an armbar over the ropes. He causes damage but eventually has to release the hold to avoid being DQ’d. Both guys feeling each other out… Hopkins with a hammerlock… Irish Whip… Ki elevates himself on the ropes and nails Hopkins with a mule kick. Big chop echoes through the arena. Another big chop from Ki. Hopkins tries a frankensteiner but Ki shoves him off for a nearfall. Hopkins starts building momentum… headscissor and rolling flatliner. Cover… Ki kicks out. Firemans carry from Hopkins… Yushi-Giroshi. Hopkins climbs… shooting star press misses… Ki takes advantage and connects with a shotgun dropkick. He traps Hopkins in a modified sleeper choke… Hopkins passes out. It’s over.

Low Ki wins via referee stoppage

Afterwards Low Ki checks on Hopkins and shows him some respect.

Promo from Davey Boy Smith Jr. He accepts Contra Unit’s challenge, and tells Simon Gotch that he’ll see him in the ring for their no holds barred match. “Simon… you’re only two choices for this match will be to pass out or tap out.”

Elsewhere, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is hanging out with Dominic Garrini. They tell Alicia Atout that Garrini has entered the Team Filthy dojo. Lawlor lists off Garrini’s accolades. Garrini jumps in and says that Team Filthy is here to collect limbs and checks. Lawlor reveals that Team Filthy is now sponsored by Condom Depot. Atout jokingly says “congratulations?”

Preview for the debuting Erick Stevens, followed by a look at MLW Fightland from Philadelphia. Bocchini takes us through the card for that show, which includes Killer Kross facing Tom Lawlor.

A look back at the Von Erichs winning the MLW tag team titles over Dynasty back at the MLW Saturday Night Superfight pay per view.

Interview with MJF. Grogan stands behind him. MJF talks about his opponent next week, Marshall Von Erich, then says he’s the only man on the MLW roster that has two major promotion contracts. MJF then goes after Mance Warner, calling him an inbred and a hick. “Mance I hope you’re watching my match next week so you can see how a real professional wrestler conducts himself.”

Bocchini tells us that the last time there was a no rope barbed wire match in MLW was Terry Funk and Steve Corino back in 2003. Jimmy Havoc and Priscella Kelly are interview. Kelly says that they are not scared of Warner because they live and breathe violence. Havoc says he likes the pain, and that there’s nothing he likes more than causing pain to somebody else.

As the ring is being set up, the Von Erichs demonstrate how powerful their Iron Claw grip can be. They crush a few fruits in their hand, then tells MJF that’s what is going to happen to his head.

Main event time. Jimmy Havoc and Priscella Kelly are out first. Havoc carries a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. Ole Mancer is out next with a steel chair. Here we go.

Mance Warner versus Jimmy Havoc No Rope Barbed Wire Match

Warner charges at Havoc with the chair… he misses his swing and it collides with the barbed wire rope. Havoc forces Warner into the wire… discus forearm rocks Warner but Ole Mancer whips Havoc into the wire hard. Warner pushes Havoc’s head into the wire. He picks up the chair and smashes it off Havoc’s back. Havoc fires back with a jumping DDT, then snap suplexes Warner into the wire! An uncomfortable hush comes over the crowd as Havoc pulls the wire onto Warner’s head. Kelly hands Havoc the staple gun. Havoc staples Warner in the face before whipping him into the wire again. He rips Warner’s shirt off and staples it to his back. He rips it off! Havoc uses a wire-cutter to remove some barbed wire. He wraps it around Warner’s head in a camel clutch. Warner is pouring blood. Havoc picks up his baseball bat and smashes Warner over the back.

More weapons get brought into the ring like a table door and more chairs. Warner grinds the bat off Havoc’s groin but Havoc slows him down by stapling him in the inner thigh. Warner sets up two chairs and spinebusters Havoc off the side of them. Only a two count. Warner sets up the table door in the corner… Havoc surprises Warner by picking him up… DVD through the door for a nearfall. Kelly gives Havoc some powder… Warner knocks it into Havoc’s face… lariat with barbed wire wrapped around his arm. He sets Havoc up… piledriver on a chair. That’ll do it.

Mance Warner wins by pinfall

A bloody and battered Warner stands stall.

That’s the show friends.


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