AEW Dynamite Results (11/6) – Charlotte, NC

AEW Dynamite Results (11/6) - Charlotte, NC

The show opened with the announce crew of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur welcoming the audience to Charlotte.

PAC vs. Trent (with Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor)

For the first match, PAC made his entrance, followed by Trent for the first match of the night. He was joined by Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy.

PAC quickly takes down Trent, crowd with a “PAC you suck!” chant. PAC goes right out to ringside and gets in Cassidy’s face for a moment. Back in the ring, they go back and forth until Trent lands a back elbow, kick to the back, and sends PAC to the apron. PAC tries for a slingshot DDT, which gets countered into a german suplex with a bridge, two.

Both end up on the floor, PAC launches Trent into the barricade. PAC then does it once again, really hard this time. Trent then thrown throat first over the barricade and then throws him down hard on the metal ramp. PAC gets in the ring and tells the ref to start up his count. PAC sees Trent drawing close to the ring and lands a big leap over the top rope, clearing out his opponent.

PAC goes up to the top, missile dropkick, cover, only a one-count. PAC whips Trent into the corner, goes right into a northern lights suplex for two. PAC drops Trent again, crashing to the floor. PAC looks to fly, but Cassidy gets in the ring to stop that. Taylor is distracting the referee. Cassidy with tweak kicks to PAC’s legs. Crowd going nuts for them. He looks for a superkick and eats a big kick to the face. PAC kicks him out of the ring, Trent in the ring, lariat, half-and-half suplex, PAC rolls to the floor. Trent with a front flip over the top rope, taking out PAC.

Trent working over PAC’s back, throws him into the barricade, but Trent goes right for a spear. Back in the ring, running knee to the back of PAC’s head, cover, two. Lariat flips PAC over, swinging DDT and PAC sells the heck out of that, cover, two-count. Trent looking annoyed. “Let’s go Trent!” chant rings out. Brainbuster on Trent out on the floor. PAC heads to the top, tries for the black arrow, lands it, cover, 1-2-referee messes up the count, whoops. PAC may have wanted to go to a submission, but just looked weird. PAC then locks in The Brutalizer and Trent ends up passing out from the hold.

Winner: PAC via Referee’s Stoppage

After the match, PAC gets on the mic and tells the crowd to shut their mouths. He says he heard what Adam Page said, but it won’t make any difference on Saturday at Full Gear. PAC says he’s going to make an example of Page, again.

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Cody heads out to the ring and joins Tony Schiavone for his announcement.

Tony Schiavone welcomes Cody Rhodes out to the ring. Schiavone points out that Charlotte is where Cody was literally born and then turns his attention to the announcement that Cody was going to make a few weeks ago when The Inner Circle interrupted him.

Rhodes says that the arrival of The Inner Circle has been blunt and strategic. “They have taken a scalpel to The Elite,” Cody said. Cody says that’s fine because The Elite have been looking for the type of competition that can hang with them.

Rhodes says he’s about to make an important announcement in regards to his career but then he starts rattling off some legendary names in wrestling – like his father – and he says that those names have all been controversial because they were not only legendary wrestlers but were executives, as well.

“When I hear the same criticism attached to my name for being in a title match and also being management, I can’t not hear it,” Cody continued. “With that said, I am announcing that if I do not defeat Chris Jericho at ‘Full Gear’ I will never challenge for the AEW World Championship again.”

Cody says that Jericho has called him an “entitled millennial bitch” but Cody points out how Jericho was raised by a professional hockey player and calls him hypocritical for his criticisms of Cody being “entitled.”

“You call me entitled but I call you a carnie succubus,” Cody said. “This isn’t about the dead, it’s about the living. IT’S ABOUT MY MOTHER, IT’S ABOUT MY SISTER, IT’S ABOUT MY WIFE. IT’S ABOUT THE 14 GODDAMN YEARS IT TOOK ME TO GO FROM UNDESIREABLE TO UNDENIABLE! At Full Gear I beat you and become the World Champion as you fall back into your Inner Circle.”

Cody teases that The Inner Circle and the entire Elite will battle at some point and it will be “a match beyond.”

Back to commercial.

Private Party vs. Dark Order (Winner Gets Title Shot At AEW Full Gear)

Quen fights off Grayson and Uno, Cassidy gets involved and then two are able to put Grayson down. Cassidy throwing forearms while yelling “shots!” Grayson then lifts and plants Cassidy to the mat. Uno tags in and chokes Cassidy over the bottom rope. Cassidy hits Uno with an enziguri. Grayson beats Cassidy up, sends him to the apron, Uno trips him up. Grayson with a huge slingshot senton, crashing down on Cassidy, who was laying on the apron.

Grayson and Quen tag in, Uno drops Quen. Side suplex/elbow drop on Quen. Uno lifts Quen, but he fights out of it then vaults off of Uno’s back and hits a drop kick on Grayson, sending him to the floor. Quen drops Uno, who rolls out to the floor, Quen with a big flip over the top rope and takes out both opponents. He throws Grayson back in the ring, clothesline, kick. Quen gets sent to the apron, springboard crossbody back into the ring, cover, two. Uno and Cassidy in the ring, Uno drops Cassidy over his knee, cover, and Quen breaks up the pin.

Grayson with a senton down on Quen, cover, very close three. Grayson lifts Quen on his shoulders, but Quen leaps off and hits a hurricana, sending Uno into Grayson. Cassidy springboards in and gets dropped. Cassidy hits a silly string DDT. Grayson was dazed on the top rope, Quen and Cassidy hit “Gin and Juice” (hurricanrana into a cutter” for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Private Party advance to Full Gear to wrestle for the tag titles

– Jim Ross says that they received a video from Jericho that they will air next.

It’s pretty much a Chris Jericho propaganda video with the members of The Inner Circle singing his praise. We even get a Virgil appearance! “I’ve known Chris Jericho since he was 12 years old,” Virgil says.

Guevara hilariously calls Jericho the youngest AEW Champion of all time and they show Jericho’s aunt saying that he is going to “beat the shit out” of Cody at Full Gear and she is just praying that Cody survives.

“Chris Jericho’s talent is like the Olive Garden’s breadsticks… unlimited,” Virgil says.

Jamie Hayter and Emi Sakura vs. Riho and Shanna

Riho and Sakura start the match off against each other. They exchange pinfall attempts and some reversals until Sakura pulls Riho by the hair and hits a Hairmare Takeover. Sakura then uses Riho’s hair to toss her clear across the ring. Hayter then comes in and puts the boots to Riho, too.

Riho cartwheels around a clothesline attempt from Sakrua and hits a dropkick before tagging Shanna in. Shanna catches Sakura with an uppercut and then a series of Lucha-style armdrags. Shanna hits a Running Back Elbow in the corner followed by a Basement Dropkick for a nearfall.

Shanna hits a Somersault Neckbreaker for another nearfall and tags Riho back into the match. Riho and Shanna whip Sakura into the ropes and then connect with a Double Bulldog followed by a Wheelbarrow into a Splash where Shanna dropped Riho onto Sakura for a nearfall.

Riho goes for a Northern Lights but Sakura rakes her back and then charges at her only to eat a drop toehold into the ropes. Riho goes for a 619 but Sakura blocks it and hits a Butterfly Backbreaker!

Hayter tags into the match and hits a series of Snap Suplexes before raking her boot across the face of Riho while talking trash.

Sakura tags back into the match and hits a Running Dropkick before locking in a Mexican Surfboard. Hayter tags back in and she puts Riho in a Camel Clutch. Hayter even pulls out the “wet Willie” again this week. Such an evil woman.

Hayter puts Riho into a chinlock and then starts reigning down elbow smashes, as well. Hayter hits a series of Scoop Slams and then locks her in a Sleeper.

Riho gets the crowd behind her as she manages to reach the ropes to break the hold. Riho ducks a clothesline and hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover! Riho almost reaches a tag but Sakura runs ina dn lays her out. Riho catches Sakura in a rollup into a Ghetto Stomp and tags Shanna in!

Shanna lays into Hayter with chops and slaps in the corner and connects with a Running Forearm Smash followed by a Running Knee. Shanna hits a Flying Forearm for a nearfall. Shanna hits a Stunner and then hits the ropes only to run right into a Uranage Backbreaker!

Sakura tags in and whips Shanna into the corner. Sakura hits a Running Body Splash in the corner followed by a Vader Bomb attempt, but Shanna gets her knees up! Riho reaches out for the tag but Hayter pulls her off the apron and slams her into the ring steps!

Sakura goes for a clothesline but Shanna ducks and hits a beautiful Hurricanrana sending Sakura to the floor! Shanna dives off the top with a Plancha onto both Hayter & Sakura! Shanna tosses Sakura back in and hits Sliced Bread! Shanna hits a Butterfly Brainbuster for a nearfall!

Shanna goes for a Dragon Suplex but Sakura blocks it and his a Reverse Roll of the Dice. Hayter tags back in and kills Shanna with some elbows in the corner. Hayter hits a Shining Wizard but still only gets a two count. Hayter follows up with a Falcon’s Arrow but again Shanna kicks out.

Hayter hits a Front Suplex and then a nasty Running Lariat! 1…2…NO Riho breaks up the count! Hayter tosses Riho back to the floor and tags Sakura into the match. Sakura hits a Butterfly Backbreaker and then the Vader Bomb! 1…2…NO Riho comes off the top with a Ghetto Stomp to break up the pin!

Riho tags herself in and goes for a Flying Knee but Sakura ducks and rolls her up for a nearfall. Sakura grabs Riho but she catches her with a La Magistral for another nearfall. Riho goes for another La Magistral but Sakura counters into a cradle for the pin!

Winner: Sakura & Hayter

– Another Brandi Rhodes vignette airs. Brandi says that people continue to underestimate her because of who she is and say that she isn’t talented and is only here because of Cody. Flashes of Awesome Kong are shown as Brandi continues saying that she knows nightmares and she knows dreams. Back to commercial.

Brandon Cutler vs. “The Chairman” Shawn Spears

Cutler and Spears exchange reverses on wristlocks and then Spears takes Cutler down before taunting him. Cutler backflips off the top to avoid a charging Spears and then hits a Leaping Enziguri followed by a Slingshot Dropkick over the top. Cutler lays Spears out on the bottom rope and then hits a Guillotine Leg Drop off the top!

Spears sweeps the legs of Cutler slamming him onto the apron and follows up by tossing him into the guardrail repeatedly. Back in the ring, Spears lights Cutler up with some Flair Chops but Cutler comes back with a series of Roundhouse Kicks capped off by a Spinning Enziguri.

Cutler dives off the top but Spears moves out of the way and hits a Bicycle Kick followed by a Death Valley Driver for the pin.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Spears looks to continue the assault on Cutler after the match but Joey Janela runs out and chases him off. Spears attempted to rip Janela’s tongue out during a recent episode of AEW Dark.

– We see clips of last week’s Jon Moxley promo, where he was not happy about his match against Kenny Omega being an unsanctioned match. The results won’t count towards either wrestlers’ win/loss record. Cut to Omega saying Moxley isn’t really that mad about a hardcore match, what was he going to do, chain wrestle him. Moxley says he isn’t looking for an opponent to bring the best out of him, he’s looking for someone to bring the worst out of him. Omega is glad to go to that dark place, and can’t wait to see Moxley there.

Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Omega and Jericho get things started, nope, Jericho tags Guevara in. Omega with some taunting strikes on Guevara who counters with a big strike. Guevara leaps over Omega, but eats some very hard chops to the chest and back. Omega with a leaping back elbow in the corner, side suplex, and in comes Page. Omega and Page with some double team moves, Page with a standing moonsault, cover, two. Crowd chanting “cowboy s—!” Page then lights up Guevara with a chop. Guevara counters, leaps, gets caught in midair, fights out of it, tries for an enziguri, but misses Page.

Jericho hits the ropes but eats a Big Boot from Page. Page whips Jericho into the corner and charges right into an elbow from Jericho followed by a Missile Dropkick. Jericho hits a Vertical Suplex and tags Guevara back into the match. Guevara gets a quick nearfal and then goes for a suplex of his own, but Page reverses it.

Guevara gets back up and knocks Omega off the apron before tagging Jericho. Jericho whips Page into the corner but Page explodes out of the turnbuckles with a Lariat. Omega and Guevara tag in at the same time.

Omega kills Guevara with a Spinning Double Sledge for a nearfall and then he hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam followed by a Springboard Moonsault for a nearfall.

Omega goes for a German Suplex but Sammy lands on his feet and connects with an Enziguri. Guevara goes for a Springboard Cross Body but eats a dropkick in midair from Omega.

Guevara rolls out to the floor and Omega sets up for a dive only for Jericho to hit him with a forearm. Omega comes back with a Hurricanrana sending Jericho to the floor. Omega then sets up for a dive again but Hager hits him from behind as Guevara distracted the referee. Guevara hits a dropkick as we go to a break.

The heels spent the entire break isolating Omega in their corner. Jericho whips Omega into the ropes and connects with a Back Elbow. Guevara chokes Omega as Jericho distracts the referee. Omega fights out of the corner and flips over a charging Jericho before tagging Page in.

Page knocks Guevara off the ropes with a Mafia Kick and then catches Jericho with a Fall Away Slam. Page hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Guevara on the outside and then connects with a Spinning Lariat on Jericho in the ring. Page goes for the Dead Eye but Jericho counters into a Liontamer attempt.

Page counters it and Omega backdrops Guevara over the top but Hager catches him. Omega then dives onto them with a Somersault Plancha! Page hits a gorgeous Diving Moonsault off the top onto Jericho and Guevara!

Page sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but PAC runs out and kicks him in the balls as Jericho distracts the referee. Jericho hits the Judas Effect for the pin!

Winner: Jericho & Guevara

The Inner Circle continues to beat down Page after the match until Cody runs out and chases them off. MJF runs out with a chair and lays both Hager and Jericho out! MJF tosses Jericho in the ring and Cody nails him with the Crossrhoades! Cody picks up the title and raises it up as Jon Moxley is shown arriving with a bat wrapped in barbed wire!

Moxley stares Omega down and then raises up the bat as Jericho attacks Cody. Omega pulls out a broom wrapped in barbed wire from under the ring. Proud-n-Powerful run out and attack both Omega and Moxley until The Young Bucks run out for the save! Superkick Party! The Bucks dive onto Proud-n-Powerful with a Double Tope Suicida!

Proud-n-Powerful go to Powerbomb the Bucks off the stage but Omega kills them with Flying Knees! Moxley and Omega start brawling as the crowd loses it! Then Matt Jackson comes flying off the top of the entrance tunnel onto The Inner Circle!

“Holy s—!” from the crowd as the Inner Circle retreat back towards the ring while The Elite bark at them. Matt ends up charging down and everyone starts fighting again as the show closes.


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