Booker T On What We Can Expect From Upcoming WWE Backstage Show, Working With Renee Young

Booker T On What We Can Expect From Upcoming WWE Backstage Show, Working With Renee Young

Booker T took to his Hall Of Fame Podcast to give some details on new show WWE Backstage.

Booker says that the show’s goal will be to give the WWE fans insider information so that they better understand the inner-working of WWE.

“I want to put it out there right now – it is official: I am going to be on that new Fox show with Renee Young, WWE Backstage. We are going to be talking everything wrestling, as well as from a raw perspective, giving you guys a sneak peek to what things are really like in professional wrestling,” Booker explained. “I have been dying to be a part of something like this for a long time. People just don’t understand how real the sport of professional wrestling is. We have that moniker of ‘Sports Entertainment’ of course but people really need to understand how serious the game is from an inside perspective. Not all the way inside, but inside enough where you start to say, ‘Oh man, now I understand why that happened, or now I realize why this guy hadn’t been around for such a long time, now I realize that this person has been working hurt and they’ve been trying to protect him, stuff like that. When you guys don’t know about it and don’t know the inner workings, you can start to formulate your own opinions. So we want to give it that, ‘Oh, now I understand’, perspective for the fans.”

Booker gave some examples of the type of questions they will be asking the WWE fans during their shows. He also revealed that stars from Baseball, Basketball, and other major sports will be featured as guests to discuss the current happenings in WWE.

“For instance, [we’ll ask questions like], Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch, who’s the better heel? Who is playing a better role? Why is Becky Lynch so hot right now? Why are the fans behind Sasha Banks? Why is Roman Reigns so polarizing?” Booker asked. “Stuff like that to give a perspective for the fans that can really get a position to look at it from a totally different way. I think it is important, especially in this day and age in 2019, where social media is guiding the way where people are getting their news, for someone like myself to be able to elaborate on why this and that I think it’s going to be pretty cool.

“It won’t be just Renee Young and myself, there will be superstars lined up from all sports – Baseball, Basketball, Football, MMA. It’s going to be an awesome show. I am really proud and excited; I don’t get too excited at all nowadays, it’s just not my thing, but I am so excited right now and giddy like a little kid to be part of the FOX team. Never did I imagine I would be in this position. It’s a dream come true that I never had. I am on FOX now and ESPN, and that right there, I couldn’t even dream of life being like this in a million years. In the media world being able to do this stuff with you guys and being able to have a show with Renee Young on FOX – it is nuts. I keep pinching myself every day and thanking God.”

Booker mentioned how the dynamic of the show will likely play out, explaining that he sees Renee taking the helm as the leader of the show while he plays his designated role. He emphasized just how excited he is for all of the WWE content that is soon to be available through FOX and FS1.

“Me and Renee Young have a kinship,” Booker said. “This is the Renee Young show; you deserve this. I am just playing a role. I say that because she deserves everything she gets – she is young, she’s good looking, she plays her role very well, and for me being a veteran in this sport and being able to pump her up and push her over the limit and make it about her, man, it definitely takes the pressure off of me. It’s about what we can create, more importantly, at the same time. We are going to do a hell of a job giving fans amazing content from a different perspective. We want to leave the fans happy and be excited when they watch the show.”


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