Becky Lynch Talks Being At The Top Of WWE, Using Social Media As A Political Campaign

Becky Lynch Talks Being At The Top Of WWE, Using Social Media As A Political Campaign

Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by Muscle & Fitness to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Lynch discussed what it’s like being at the top of the WWE mountain, using social media as a sort of political campaign, and speed being her forte.

Being at the top of the WWE mountain:

It’s a lot of pressure. You’ve got a lot of people trying to knock you off the top spot. It’s one thing to climb to the top, usually, you’re on the chase, but once you get there, you’re living in the victory. So it’s about maintaining that and always pushing boundaries, always going forward, making sure that everybody is stepping up their game. It means that you are the face of the company, it means that you are the best of the best. I was right to step out and do my own thing and declare I’m the best. Everything I’ve said I would do, I have done.

Using social media as a political campaign:

I think that social media, especially when I was coming up through the ranks, I was trying to get my message across, I also used it to drum up interest in my matches. Especially, like, in the run-up to WrestlingMnaia, I used it as almost a political campaign. Like, ‘elect me into the main event of WrestleMania, people.’ And just try to appeal to as many people as I possibly could. With every war that I had on Twitter I felt that I had to win.

Speed being her forte:

Speed is usually my forte. And a lack of skills. So, if I have to do, say, for example, muscle-ups, I can’t do them, but if it’s a bunch of burpees, thrust series, and running, then I’ll beat everybody every time.


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