Killer Kross Discusses His Status With Impact Wrestling, If He Plans On Suing Impact

Killer Kross Discusses His Status With Impact Wrestling, If He Plans On Suing Impact

The issues between Killer Kross and Impact Wrestling have been well documented as Kross asked for his release months ago but it has not yet been granted by the company.

But those were just reports and we finally get to here from the man himself regarding those rumors. Kross was interviewed by Sporting News where he talked about his current situation with Impact although he wasn’t willing to discuss some issues.

“I’m in a situation right now where I have to be very careful how I choose to address things. My hands are completely clean in all of this,” said Kross. “I have been attempting to get clarification on things that were supposed to be given to me in a timely manner. Some of them have been … I’m not even sure how to put it. It’s so difficult to answer. It’s very difficult to even discuss. I’m doing my absolutely best to remain civil and professional on the entire ordeal and it’s extremely difficult.

“I’m really just looking to being treated fairly and I’m just looking to put my best work out there. There are now situations that are occurring where, basically, opportunities are being delayed and I guess, what the easiest way to put it, opportunities are being … I apologize. It’s really the first time I’ve talked about it. These things I’m attempting to pursue in my career, I’m being blocked from pursuing them for really ridiculous circumstances.”

Kross was scheduled to work a AAA show on Sep. 15 but was subsequently taken off the card once AAA partnered with Impact for the event. He still plans on working with AAA in the future and Kross also still has a good relationship with the Impact locker room with most of them feeling bad for him being in this situation.

“I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth or necessarily mention anyone’s name, but the best way to put it would be they’ve expressed that they’re pretty disgusted about how this situation is being dealt with and how I’m being treated. I’ve had full support from them the entire time which has been awesome,” revealed Kross.

“They know me personally and they know me professionally and I think anyone you could ever ask who’s ever met me, talked with me, or worked with me will tell you that I’ve been a constant professional ever since I stepped foot into this industry. I’ve always followed through with everything that I said I was going to follow through with. That’s not always reciprocated, unfortunately.”

Kross reiterated that the reason Impact said they won’t release him is because he is under contract. However, Impact also released Kross’ girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux from her contract whenever she requested it. Kross was asked if he was surprised they released her but not him.

“I wasn’t surprised how quickly they let her go and it’s not on my behalf to discuss that, but I wasn’t surprised at all,” stated Kross. “The only thing I was surprised about was how they didn’t make a stronger effort to keep her because she is an excellent performer, an excellent professional wrestler, and her viewership on videos for any company she works for, monetize greatly.

“She’s a major asset to any company she works with. She loves this business and loves entertaining people. That whole situation will be a story to be heard one day, I’m sure. It’s just not my story to tell.”

Regarding the speculation that Kross may attempt to sue Impact in order to get out of his contract, Kross quickly shot that rumor down.

“I’ve actually made it abundantly clear that I have not been interested in going into litigation. I’m not interested in going down that road. I’ve been trying for many, many, many months. I’ve been exhausting all options on how to fix this situation. There’s an attorney involved and we’re not suing anyone,” said Kross. “I’ve been trying to avoid litigation as much as possible and, again, I have nothing to worry about in all of this. I really don’t. I’m not on the wrong on any of this and I’m just trying to follow my lane here.

“I have everything on paper. As I said before, I’m not worried about anything at all. I’ve done nothing wrong — at all. I’m just trying to do the right thing and I wish I would be met with that as well because there’s only one right thing to do here and it’s not being done.”

Kross said he’s looking forward to the other opportunities available to him once this Impact situation is behind him and stressed that it’s time for both sides to move on from the other.

“I would just like to be on the same page with everyone and I’ve been doing my absolute best to keep the peace on everything,” said Kross. “In all sincerity, really, I’m just trying to do the right thing and I want everyone to move forward and be happy and we can all go in our separate directions doing our best work. It’s really all I’m trying to do here.”


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