Saturday, August 31, 2019

Chris Jericho Wins The AEW World Championship

Chris Jericho Wins The AEW World Championship
Chris Jericho defeated Adam Page to become the first AEW World Champion.

It was an absolutely brutal match, and left Jericho bloodied from the start, but he was able to walk away as the first-ever champion. Now, he’ll begin his title reign when All Elite Wrestling makes its television debut next month, and it’s likely that a ton of superstars will be vying for a chance to take Jericho down and become the next champion.

Here is a brief breakdown on just how the match goes, check out full results here:

Page rakes at Jericho’s cut and sets him up on the turnbuckles, then hits a neckbreaker for two before Page takes off his elbow pad. Jericho ends up suplexing Page on the top rope, but Page comes back with a big lariat before he sets up for Dead Eye. Jericho blocks and locks in Walls Of Jericho, then after the hold is broken Jericho has words with referee Aubrey Edwards and she warns him about getting disqualified. Page sends Jericho outside and goes for a moonsault, but only catches part of Jericho and slams his knee on the bottom of the entrance ramp. Page goes for another standing shooting star press, then he connects with Dead Eye but only gets a two count. Page connects with a Buck Shot lariat, then he goes for a tie up but Jericho counters with a backslide and catches him with the Judas Effect for the win.