Friday, July 26, 2019

Mick Foley Talks Scripted Promos Being Difficult For Him, His 24/7 Title Promo Being The Worst

Mick Foley Talks Scripted Promos Being Difficult For Him, His 24/7 Title Promo Being The Worst
During an interview with Jason Agnew from the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast, Mick Foley talked about his thoughts on being the one contacted about introducing the 24/7 Title.

When the announcement was first made that Foley was going to introduce a new title, fans thought that it was going to be a recreation of the WWE Hardcore Championship. To their dismay, they found it it wasn't.

"They brought up that they wanted to make the show a little more fun," Foley said. "We understood that it couldn't be the Hardcore title. You can't do the things that we use to do to each other in this current era. I thought it sounded like fun. I was in.

"I wasn't happy with my promo. I thought it was the worst promo I've given in ring, well I guess there were a couple of worse ones when I was GM. As far as the one off, I think it was the worst I've done in a number of years."

Continuing on about the 24/7 Title, Foley was asked if felt handicapped because the announcement didn't receive the excitement that WWE management thought it would have.

"Well I felt the buzz growing, you know, especially when the promo is based around the parts that I didn't forget, that being champion was around a clock job," Foley stated. "The moment I said 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I felt that buzz. At that point if I pulled out anything but the Hardcore title, it was going to be a big letdown. So when I pulled out this new title belt, I felt all the oxygen leave the room."

Despite being one of the best promos in the company during his prime, Foley admitted that he is given a script when he appears on WWE television. Foley said that the scripted environment can be difficult for him because his memory "is not what it used to be."

"Yes," Foley exclaimed. "Sometimes I'm handed scripts and it's difficult . My memory is not what it used to be. It's a different process."

Foley made an appearance on the RAW Reunion Show this past Monday, where he was attacked by Bray Wyatt. The last time that Foley was on any WWE programming was back in May, when he announced that the WWE 24/7 Title, where anybody, anywhere, at anytime (with a referee) could challenge an opponent for that belt.