Friday, July 26, 2019

Notes On Daniel Bryan's Status And The Recent "Career-Altering" Announcement Teasers

Notes On Daniel Bryan's Status And The Recent "Career-Altering" Announcement Teasers
This was the second week in a row that a "career-altering" announcement from Daniel Bryan was advertised but didn't happen.

Bryan didn't appear on SmackDown TV this week because he was on vacation, according to a new report by John Pollock. It was also noted that WWE does have a new storyline scheduled for Bryan, but he was never set for this week's episode, despite WWE teasing the announcement on their website.

There may have been some sort of miscommunication that led to the announcement being teased again for this week. We noted that the original SmackDown preview for this past Tuesday did not include a mention of the Bryan announcement, but the preview was updated later in the week and that's when the Bryan teaser was included.

The report on Bryan also goes with our earlier post on Bryan and wife Brie Bella apparently enjoying some hiking time, in what looked to be Washington State. Brie has posted more Instagram photos, seen below, that indicates they are spending time in Lake Tahoe this week. They attended the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival together.

There's no word yet on when Bryan will be back to work for WWE or what they have planned for this new program, but we will keep you updated.