WWE 205 Live Results – May 21, 2019

WWE 205 Live Results - May 21, 2019

We begin with a look at what happened in the Cruiserweight Title Match at Money in the Bank.

We see two of the men in the main event, Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick shake hands before they meet in the ring.

The Singhs say it is Bollywood Time, but it is not Lucha Time because Lars Sullivan absolutely destroyed the Lucha House Party on Raw. They say the Lucha House Party wanted to fight Lars so they did not have to fight the Singhs tonight. They want the referee to count out the Lucha House Party.

Drake Maverick comes out and he tells Sunil and Samir that you are correct. The Lucha House Party will not be here tonight. As the general manager of 205 Live, they are not going to deprive the WWE Universe of cruiserweight action. He has found suitable replacements.

Samir Singh and Sunil Singh versus Jack Gallagher and Humberto Carrillo

Sunil and Carrillo start things off and they lock up. Sunil with a side head lock. Sunil with a shoulder tackle and it is time to dance. Sunil backs into the corner when Sunil gets up. Samir hugs his brother from the apron. They lock up and Carrillo with a side head lock. Carrillo with a shoulder tackle and Carrillo flips over Sunil. Sunil avoids a round kick but Sunil with a jumping kick. Gallager tags in and gets a near fall after a kick from Carrillo. Gallagher with a wrist lock and he works on the fingers. Sunil with a punch and Irish whip but Jack with a headstand in the corner. Jack floats over and he gets a single leg take down and then he ties up Sunil and sits on Sunil’s back so he can talk to Carrillo. Humberto tags in and hits an assisted springboard arm drag for a near fall.

Carrillo with a side head lock and Samir tags in and Carrillo does not realize it but he clotheslines Samir. Sunil with a kick and they double team Carrillo while Gallagher is sent back to the apron. Samir with punches in the corner. Sunil tags in and he kicks Carrillo. Samir tags in and they hit a double suplex for a near fall. Samir with a reverse chin lock. Carrillo with elbows but Samir with a drop kick for a near fall. Sunil tags in and he goes to the turnbuckles and hits a double sledge to the back. Sunil with a snap mare and elbow drops. Sunil goes for a dancing elbow drop but Carrillo with a rollup for a near fall. Samir tags in and he punches Carrillo.

Samir with a forearm to the back. Carrillo with a hard Irish whip that sends Samir chest first into the turnbuckles. Gallagher tags in and connects with clotheslines and punches. Gallagher with a punch to Samir and then he knocks Sunil off the apron. Gallagher with a delayed vertical suplex. Gallagher gets a near fall. Gallagher with a single leg crab and Sunil makes the tag. Sunil with a Northern Lariat and then they hit a double super kick on Gallagher for a near fall. All four men are in the ring and Carrillo is sent to the floor. Gallagher sends Samir to the floor. Gallagher with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall and Samir punches Gallagher to allow Sunil to get a near fall.

Sunil with a kick for a near fall. Samir tags in and they go for a double suplex but Gallagher lands on his feet and Carrillo tags in. Carrillo with a kick to Samir and Carrillo with an Aztec Press for the three count.

Winners: Jack Gallagher and Humberto Carrillo

Mike and Maria Kanellis are in the back. Mike says it is time to showcase who the greatest Cruiserweight is. Are you not paying attention Drake? Him and Tozawa beat the crap out of each other in a no disqualification match. Tonight is not about showcasing anything, it is about watching the end of the friendship between Tozawa and Kendrick. Maria says Drake will not be able to deny your greatness any more.

Oney Lorcan says tonight is time for him to prove he deserves a crack at the Cruiserweight Title. He says he never walked away from a fight and tonight is the kind of fight he likes.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at an Instagram post from Drew Gulak.

Ariya Daivari is in the Gorilla position and he is asked about rebounding from his loss on Sunday. Daivari says what happened at Money in the Bank was a fluke. Now he has to prove himself in a fatal five way. We are not done yet.

Akira Tozawa versus Brian Kendrick versus Oney Lorcan versus Mike Kanellis versus Ariya Daivari

Kanellis goes to the floor to watch the other four. Daivari goes after Lorcan while Tozawa and Kendrick join in and they send Lorcan and Daivari to the floor. Kendrick with a kick to Kanellis and then Tozawa takes care of him. Kendrick and Tozawa with a double suplex to Daivari. Kendrick and Tozawa are alone in the ring and they lock up. Kanellis and Daivari with forearms to both men and then Lorcan gets on the apron but Daivari keeps Lorcan on the outside looking in.

Daivari and Kanellis work over Kendrick and then Kanellis knocks Lorcan off the apron again.

We see Tony Nese watching in the direction of the monitor in the back.

Lrocan sends Kanellis to the floor and he connects with a shoulder and chops to Daivari. Lorcan goes for a suicide dive but Daviari with a forerm and he sends Lorcan into the ringside barrier. Daivari punches Tozawa as Kendrick falls to the floor. Tozawa chops Daivari and then he gets Daivari to flinch so Tozawa with a jab. Tozawa goes up top but Daivari crotches him. Daviari wtih a super kick to Lorcan and then Daivari slams Tozawa onto Lorcan for a near fall. Kendrick gets Daivari on his shoudlers. Daivari misses the hammer lock clothesline. Kendrick with the Captain’s Hook on Daivari but Lorcan goes for a half and half suplex but Kendrick lands on his feet. Kendrick with the Captain’s Hook on Lorcan. Kanellis with a dragon sleeper on Kendrick.

Lorcan with an uppercut to Kendrick and Kanellis with a super kick to Lorcan for a near fall. Kanellis chops Lorcan in the corner. Lorcan with chops of his own. Kanellis with more chops. Lorcan with more chops of his own. Lorcan avoids a chop and connects with more. Lorcan with a chop and Kanellis with a chop. Lorcan with a European uppercut and Kanellis with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Kanellis slaps Lorcan while he mocks him. Lorcan slaps Kanellis while holding the beard. Lorcan with a running blockbuster and Lorcan knocks Daivari off the apron and Tozawa is knocked off the apron. Lorcan with a half and half suplex on Kendrick for a naer fall. Lorcan with a double blockbuster on Kanellis and Daivari. Lorcan with a plancha onto Kanellis and Daivari. Tozawa with a suicide dive head butt onto all three men. Tozawa goes up top and he hits a missile drop kick on Daivari. Daivari misses the hammer lock clothesline and Tozawa with a German suplex for a near fall.

Tozawa goes up top and misses a double stomp but rolls through. Lorcan with an uppercut to Kendrick. Kanellis with an uppercut to Tozawa. Kanellis goes for a superplex on Kendrick but Kendrick stops him. Lorcan and Tozawa send Kendrick and Kanellis to the mat. Daivari with a frog splash onto Kendrick for a near fall. Tozawa sends Daivari to the floor. Tozawa does the same to Lorcan and then he applies the octopus on Kanellis. Maria gets on the apron and Tozawa eventually releases the hold. Tozawa and Maria argue. Kanellis with a rollup on Tozawa but Daivari breaks it up.

Daivari with chops to Tozawa. Tozawa rolls through on a sunset flip attempt by Daivari and Tozawa with a running knee. Tozawa goes up top but Daivari stops him. Daivari sets for a superplex but Tozawa blocks it. Tozawa with forearms to the back and then he drops Daivari to the mat with a super gourdbuster. Kanellis pulls Tozawa off the turnbuckles and they fight on the apron. Kanellis with forearms and he misses a clothesline and Tozawa with a German suplex onto the apron.

Daivari punches Tozawa and Tozawa punches back. Daivari with chops and more punches. Tozawa with a spinning heel kick and Tozawa goes up top for the back senton and hits it but Kendrick pulls Tozawa off. Tozawa and Kendrick square off and Kendrick says he is sorry. He offers his hand and Tozawa with forearms. Kendrick fires back. Kendrick with a knee and cross body. Tozawa with a back heel kick but Kendrick with Sliced Bread #2 but Kanellis with twisting reverse DDT. Lorcan knocks Kanellis out of the ring. Daivari with a hammer lock DDT. Tozawa with a rollup on Daivari for the three count.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

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