TJP Sheds Some Light On His Release From WWE

TJP Sheds Some Light On His Release From WWE

TJ Perkins (TJP) has been actively responding to fan’s questions on Twitter after his WWE release. Throughout the replies, Perkins explained to one Twitter user that he had permission to get the new tattoos he’s sporting.

The individual wrote, “The sheets are saying WWE was upset TJP got tattoos without their permission and it messed up plans for action figures and video games. If anything that’s a positive cus you can sell a new figure / video game.”

To which TJP replied, “I mean, the boss thought they were pretty cool last Tuesday when we met…and also when he gave me permission to get them 6 months ago.”

Perkins also wanted to send out an appreciative message for the people who had been reaching out to him. That message reads, “Hey so there’s a lot of messages/tweets/texts/emails/calls for me right now and it’s a bit overwhelming. If I miss your message here I apologize. Many are expressing sadness, and thank you, but its ok. And those who hate me w/a passion, thank you too. Sincerely. Thx for watching.

Perkins explained to one user that the intentions behind the split were positive, and WWE simply didn’t see his proactive attitude meshing with what they wanted. “There was nothing negative,” Perkins wrote. “I have been swinging for the fences quietly behind the curtain for a year and this was a “spread your wings” thing. Boss said he respected my effort and diligence and it just didn’t fit what they wanted. It’s not my call, and I’m cool with it.”

Despite how difficult things got, Perkins noted how he never accepted quitting as a legitimate option. He writes, “Thought about it several times but no I never believe in quitting. For months the mutual goal was to find a way for me to accomplish my goals on a bigger platform. Tuesday was the same. But inevitably that doesn’t fit into what they want to do. I’m only a cog in a big machine.”

TJP remains open-minded about where his future will take him. His current goals center primarily around his value being recognized and that ever-elusive word: happiness. “I just wanna wrestle where I will be happy, and hopefully be valued. That’s all,” Perkins explained. “That’s really all I’ve ever wanted. I checked off my entire bucket list by the time I was 21. WWE was a blessing. I’ll wear anyone’s uniform, in fact…I have worn everyone’s uniform at some point.”

Perkins thinks that today’s stars are struggling to succeed in WWE partially because the company is structured around one top guy at a time. He believes that first impressions lose their efficacy if constant, new stars are brought up to be fed to the main person. “My personal take, it hurt the group when it started being formatted to build around 1 guy at a time,” Perkins wrote. “When you have a dozen new personalities lining up to lose, their 1st impression is gone forever. Musical chairs would’ve allowed everyone to grow together w/unpredictable outcomes.”

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