ROH Final Battle Results – December 14, 2018

ROH Final Battle Results - December 14, 2018

Opening video package shows last year’s Final Battle where Dalton Castle defeated Cody for the ROH World Championship, while Jay Lethal continued his run back towards the title. We also see highlights of all of tonight’s featured matches.

Kenny King vs. Eli Isom

Before things get started King on the mic to talk some trash about Isom and how the “new school” in ROH sucks. He gets in a sucker punch with the microphone before the bell rings. Isom ends up getting blasted out of the ring and King with a corkscrew crossbody to the floor. King continues to beat him up on the floor, tosses him back in the ring, cover, two. King jawing with some of the fans. Isom leaps over King twice, hip attack, dropkick, and King heads out to the floor. Isom looks to fly, but King moves out of the way, taunts the fans a bit, Isom with a flip and takes out King.

Back in the ring, cover, one-count. Isom swings away, King stomps the foot, sweeps the leg, and lands a boot to the head. Crowd is not a fan of King as they go back and forth with the taunts. Isom with a rolling elbow, dodges a charging King, flurry of strikes have King dazed. Isom with a belly-to-belly, kip up, back elbow in the corner. Isom trying to lift King up, ends up doing a short powerbomb. King recovers, chin checker, drapes Isom’s neck over the top rope, top rope blockbuster, goes for the cover, pulls him up.

Isom put on the top rope, King gets flipped off, runs back hits an enziguri. King looks to drop him, counter, roll-up for the two-count. Isom with the gory special, backslide pin, two. Isom tries to leap over King, but is caught in midair, Royal Flush hits (fireman’s carry cutter) for the victory.

Winner: Kenny King via Pinfall

– Post-match, King goes for a handshake, pulls it away and heads to the back. Crowd boos hard.

Jeff Cobb (c) vs. Hangman Page (ROH World TV Championship)

Crowd very much behind Page in this one as he instantly charges the champion once the bell rings. Page with a big boots to the face, he sends Cobb out to the floor, Page goes for a moonsault off the apron, Cobb catches him and sends Page flying over his head. Cobb swings away at Page as the two finally make their way into the ring. Cobb with a back elbow, Page with a knee to chop down Cobb, overshoots the second moonsault, cover, two.

Page with a snaps the champ down, hits a senton over the top rope from the apron into the ring. Page heads up to the top rope, Cobb hits him from behind and heads up, looks for a superplex, Page fights him off. Cobb with a dropkick on Page, who’s still sitting on the top rope. Cobb heads to the second rope with a stalled vertical suplex on Page, even holds him up with one arm before dropping Page down, cover, one-count. Cobb with a standing moonsault, tries for a standing shooting star press, Page moves. Crowd seems a bit more split as the match goes on.

Cobb gets put up on the top turnbuckle, looks for a superplex off the second rope, Cobb fights him off. Cobb with a crossbody, Page rolls through and lifts Cobb up from the mat, overhead release suplex. Kip up by Page and clotheslines the champ out to the floor, Page hits a suicide dive, heads up to the top rope, big moonsault to the floor! Cobb tossed back into the ring, standing shooting star press, cover, barely two. Page hits another standing shooting star press, two-count. Back and forth strikes in the center of the ring, Cobb finally drops Page with some open palm strikes. Cobb yanks Page up from the floor, caught, reverse piledriver, cover, two.

Page trying to fight back and gets an elbow for his troubles. Cobb launches Page over his head, Page lands on his feet, superkick, rolling elbow, but Cobb meets him with a headbutt. Page on the apron, Cobb hits the ropes, but Page turns him inside out with the buckshot lariat. Page looks for rite of passage, Cobb rolls through, deleadlifts Page on his shoulders, hits the F-5000, cover, two. Cobb looks for tour of the island, Page swings around for the cover, and that looked like it was three, but referee says two. Page on the apron, looks for buckshot lariat, tour of the island hits, one more for good measure, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jeff Cobb via Pinfall

– Mandy Leon joins Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana to call the next match.

Sumie Sakai (c) vs. Kelly Klein vs. Madison Rayne vs. Karen Q (Four Corner Survival Match for the ROH Women of Honor World Championship)

The women pair off, Rayne tries for an early pin on Karen, gets pushed into Klein. Karen and Klein out on the floor both Sakai and Rayne drop them with a crossbody and dropkick. Sakai and Rayne lock up in the ring, Rayne gets shoved back to the corner, Sakai with double chops. Rayne with a back elbow, crossbody off the second rope, cover, two. Rayne tries for a roll-up, Sakai with a rear naked choke. For whatever reason Karen stops the submission and instead locks both women up in a boston crab.

They kick out, Klein back in the ring and hits a double clothesline, then sends Sakai out of the ring. Klein and Karen agree to go after Rayn with shots in the corner. They continue to beat on Rayne with Sakai still out on the floor. Overhead suplex by Karen on Rayne. Klein holds Rayne, Karen goes for a big boot and ends up nailing Klein by mistake. Rayne with some forearms on Karen, follows up with a crucifix bomb. Rayne catches Sakai heading to the top rope, Karen and Rayne go for a double suplex, Klein comes in and launches both Rayne and Karen to the mat. Sakai with a dropkick on Klein, she gets back up and hits a fallaway slam on Sakai. Karen with a full nelson slam on Klein, cover, one-count. Klein with a backslide on Karen, ends up hitting K Power and plants Karen into the mat, pin, and Karen is done.

Karen Q is eliminated.

Rayne gets right on Klein, looks for a tornado DDT off the second turnbuckle, cover, two. Sakai back in the ring, Rayne puts her down though, cover, no, jawbreaker, cover, two again. Sakai hits smashmouth on Rayne! Klein shoves Sakai away and gets the pin on Rayne.

Madison Ryane is eliminated.

Down to Sakai and Klein for the title. They swing back and forth on each other. Sakai with a cross armbreaker attempt, Klein locks her fingers though to avoid the move. Klein lifts Sakai up a little bit and plants Sakai, but she gets the submission in again, Klein is able to get to the ropes. Klein tries for a clothesline, Sakai hits smashmouth, cover, and Klein is able to just barely kick out. Crowd with a “Kelly!” chant. Sakai tries for a hurricanrana, caught and planted down on the mat, stacked up, two-count. Klein lifts Sakai on her shoulders, she hits K Power, cover, two-count. Sakai gets put up on the top turnbuckle, Klein heads up, fireman’s carry, hits a super K Power (looks similar to Attitude Adjustment), cover, and we have a new champion!

Winner: Kelly Klein via Pinfall to become the new ROH Women of Honor Champion

– Post-match, Klein celebrates, holds the title up, and eventually hugs Sakai.

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Jonathan Gresham

Sabre with a slap to Gresham’s face before the match gets going. Back and forth strikes in the center of the ring. Both wrestlers really feeling each other out in the early moments of this match, neither really getting much of a big advantage. Sabre locks his legs around Gresham’s neck until Gresham nearly spins out of it, Sabre locks it back in. Gresham ends up working his way around and traps Sabre’s leg, flips him the bird, and they scatter around until Gresham goes for a pin, barely a two-count.

Big european uppercut by Sabre, Gresham asks for more, fires back with a dropkick. Gresham with wrist control, Sabre trying spin out of it, but can’t escape. Sabre makes it to his feet, but still can’t get away. He finally turns the table and wrenches Gresham’s arm behind his back until Gresham rolls to the rope. Sabre goes for the ear, throws a kick, european uppercut, Gresham calls for more. Gresham with a chop of his own. Massive strikes behind through by both wrestlers. Gresham rolls through for a single-leg crab. Gresham up now and locks in the octopus stretch for a moment, but Sabre counters in a knee/leg lock, ankle lock by Gresham, stacks up Sabre, who then throws a penalty kick, pin, two. Some hefty shots being thrown in this one. Gresham hits a springboard moonsault, stomps the hands, looks for the pin, Sabre able to counter with the slick bridge for the victory.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. via Pinfall

Dalton Castle (with The Boys) vs. Matt Taven (with TK O’Ryan)

The match is announced to be for Matt Taven’s purple ROH title. Both end up out on the floor, Castle tees off on Taven. Back in the ring, they try to clothesline each other about 4 times before Castle backs away and gives his pose to Taven. Taven steps up to him to say something and gets popped in the face. Taven sends Castle out to the floor, but he’s caught by The Boys and put back on the apron. Taven doesn’t realize this and gets attacked. Front facelock takeover by Castle, Castle looks to dive into the corner, O’Ryan moves Taven out of the way.

Castle gets sent out to the floor, suicide dive by Taven, he gets back in the ring and leaps over the top rope. Taven overshoots and ends up landing ribs-first on the barricade! Ouch! He was down for a moment, but is able to get up and keep things move. Taven ends up launching Castle into the stairs near the ramp. Back in the ring, Taven continues the pressure, goes for a pin, two. Irish whip sends Castle into the corner who fires back with an overhead toss, kick to the midsection, DDT, Castle moving slowly, has pads on both his back and thigh for this one. While the referee is distracted O’Ryan attacks Castle. The Boys jump in and take out O’Ryan. Balloons from under the ring! Vinny Marseglia comes out and hits double reverse DDTs. He pulls one of the boys under with him. Taven nails Castle with the title during all that chaos on the floor, cover, two! Taven can’t believe it.

Castle with a quick roll-up, two, Taven up and hits a nasty knee to the face. Taven heads up to the top rope, Castle kicks him and then hits another knee sending Taven down to the floor. Castle sent back into the ring, spins around and kicks Taven, takes O’Ryan down. Castle hits bang-a-rang into the ring post! Castle has to dump Taven back in the ring, doctor bomb, cover, O’Ryan sends the other boy into the pin to break it up. How the ref didn’t notice that…well, he finally throws O’Ryan out of ringside.

Castle with a big knee in the corner, bang-a-rang hits, but Taven is right near the ropes and is able to easily grab them. Castle with multiple knees in the corner. Castle tries for bang-a-rang again, countered, Taven with the big knee to the face, climax (arm trap headlock driver) hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Taven via Pinfall

Marty Scurll (holder) vs. Christopher Daniels (Rights to future ROH World Title Shot)

Commentary playing up that if Daniels doesn’t win this match to get an extension, this could be his last match with Ring of Honor. Back and forth mat wrestling, Scurll with a pat on Daniels’ head, he immediately gets a wristlock on Scurll. Both end up in the ropes, Scurll with a back elbow, couple chops to the chest. Daniels returns fire with some chops of his own, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, cover, one-count. Elbow drop, Daniels goes for another cover, two. Both end up on the floor, Daniels with an Arabian moonsault to the floor. Back in the ring, Daniels up top, Scurll hides behind the ref, runs up and hits a superplex on Daniels, who rolls out to the floor. Scurll connects with a kick to the head. Hops down to the floor, ends up flipping a fan’s hat off his head. Scurll launches Daniels into the barricade, follows it up with a superkick.

Scurll really working over Daniels now, has all the momentum now as he looks for another cover, two-count. Daniels tries for some offense, gets a second rope dropkick for his trouble, cover, two. Daniels holding his neck now as Scurll has really focused on it for a lot of the match. Scurll with a half-and-half suplex, Daniels finally lands a blue thunder bomb to stop the pain. Daniels lands some strikes, STO hits, running forearm, plants Scurll, cover, two. Daniels with a body slam, springboard moonsault, cover, two.

Daniels looks to snap Scurll’s fingers, but gets smacked, Scurll with a low kick, rolling elbow. Daniels looks for angel’s wings, nope, tries for a suplex with the bridge, two. Scurll driver hits, pin, two. Scurll looks for the chicken wing crossface, nope, Daniels with a pin, two. Daniels hits burning hammer, cover, no. Daniels tries for angel’s wings, nope, Scurll tries for the pin with the help of the ropes, no! Daniels is up and hits angel’s wings, cover, two. Best moonsault ever attempt, Scurll gets the knees up, hits a lariat, couple superkicks, stomp to the back of the knee, graduation hits, cover, two. Scurll stomps over and over at the back of Daniels’ head, Scurll with crossface chicken wing in the middle of the ring. Daniels trying to fight out of it and he eventually taps out.

Winner: Marty Scurll via Submission to retain a future title shot for the ROH World Title

– Commentary putting over this is Daniels’ final match. Crowd with a “Thank You, Daniels!” chant. Daniels up on the turnbuckle to soak in the crowd, Bully Ray shows up and lowblows Daniels from behind. Bully gets on the mic and calls out Gordon.

Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon (“I Quit” Match)

Gordon immediately takes down Bully as the streamers are still inside the ring. Crowd with a “Flip!” chant, Flip with a spear. Bully heads out to the floor, Flip follows throws the chair at Bully and kicks it into him. Bully is put down in a chair, Flip leaps into him. Ref asks if he quits, Bully doesn’t. Bully is able to recover and wails away on Flip . Bully looks under the ring and pulls out a table. Commentary notes the blonde woman in the front row is Flip’s girlfriend. Bully looks for a powerbomb through the table, Flip escapes, pulls out of a table himself and tosses it into the ring.

The two swing away on each other, both get in the ring, but Bully sends Gordon flying out of the ring. Bully grabs a chain, wraps it around his fist and smacks Gordon. Bully goes over to Cary Silkin and starts yelling at him “You belong in a graveyard! You did nothing for Ring of Honor!” ROH Announcer Bobby Cruise comes over and starts cussing out Bully, he ends up getting shoved back into the barricade. Todd Sinclair is not shoving and yelling at Bully, and he gets shoved to the ground. Bully yanks out a kendo stick and points it at Cary Silkin, Daniels suddenly shows up and ends up jumping in the way so the kendo stick hits him instead of Silkin!

Gordon ends up getting sent up and over the table. Bully suddenly notices Gordon’s girlfriend, yanks her over the barricade, looks to powerbomb her and demands Flip quit the match. He begs Bully not to do it and Silkin suddenly cracks Bully with the kendo stick. Bully stares him down. Flip’s girlfriend with a lowblow on Bully. A bloodied Flip kisses her, grabs the USA flag that he brought to the ring and jumps off the top rope, smacking Bully in the face. He locks in the crossface to choke out Bully with the flag, referee asking if he’ll quit. Silas Young runs to the ring and drops Flip.

Young gets lighter fluid for the table. Cheeseburger comes in, but Young plants him with misery. Bully gets more lighter fluid on the table. Cabana has left the broadcast position! He cracks Young with the chair a few times, then nails Bully. Young finally gets a hold of Cabana and sends him packing. More lighter fluid on the table. Young goes to light the table and now the lights have gone out! Who could it be?! It’s Sandman! Sandman cracks the heck out of Young who flops down to the floor. Bully grabs a kendo stick of his own. Sandman cracks open a beer, smashes it on his head, spits it at Bully. Bully swings the stick, misses, Flip with a star spangled stunner, Sandman hands off his kendo stick and Flip nails Bully with dual kendo sticks. Flip keeps swinging until Bully finally gives up.

Winner: Flip Gordon via Verbal Submission

– Caprice Coleman joins the broadcast.

Jay Lethal (c) vs. Cody (ROH World Championship)

Rhodes gets on the mic, taunts the crowd a bit, says if really loved the crowd he would work the G1 Supercard at MSG and they can kiss his ass. He dares the fans to come in the ring. Lethal gets on the mic as the crowd chants “Stardust!” at Rhodes. Lethal says two things: “This is my frickin’ company, jackass” and two, he’ll leave the match with the title and the “shiny new toy will be dull and gone.” Lethal looking for wrist control early on, Cody able to work his way out of the hold.

Cody slides down and his knee gives out (Cody has a legit injury that will require in January), Lethal goes for a pin, two-count. Lethal stays on Cody, who ends up shoving him off, suddenly Cody stands up and chops Lethal down. He goes out and shows of he’s fine! He runs around the ring a bit and taunts the fans a bunch. Cody tries to get in the ring, Lethal with a dropkick, goes out to the ring, chop, body slam down to the floor. Back in the ring, Lethal continues to work away on Cody, looks for lethal combination, counter, spinning powerslam on Lethal, cover, one.

Cody with a stalled suplex on Lethal who finally lands a chop block on Cody’s knee. Lethal really focusing on it now, driving into the apron and swinging it into the ring post. He puts Cody’s leg around the ring post, and dropkicks it. Back in the ring, Lethal continues to kick away at the knee, cover, two. Lethal with a roll-up, Brandi on the apron to distract the ref, Lethal drops Cody yet again. Cody nearly crashes into the referee, Cody nearly kicks the referee, Brandi hits the bionic spear (while the referee gathered himself), cross rhodes, cover, two!

Lethal recovers, goes right back to the knee. He puts Cody up in the corner, a la shattered dreams, the referee gets in the way, Cody tosses him aside. Brandi in for the spear, Lethal jumps up and she hits Cody. Ref nearly calls the match, but Lethal says no. Goes for lethal injection, Cody kind of puts Brandi in front of him and Lethal hits it on her (didn’t look good), she rolls out. Cody with cross rhodes, cover, two. Cody locks in the figure-four in the middle of the ring. The bell randomly rings and it’s Adam Page. He gets the title and hands it off to Cody. The ref says no way and takes the title out of Cody’s hands. Lethal with an inside cradle, two-count. Lethal hits cross rhodes, cover, two-count.

Lethal up top, looks for the elbow drop, Cody counters, lands a bunch of punches and hits the big elbow a la Dusty Rhodes. Lethal ends up sending Cody out of the ring with a clothesline, he looks to fly and nails not one, but six suicide dives. Cody finally gets in the ring, spits water at Lethal, lands din’s fire on Lethal, cover, two. Lethal with a big kick that sends Cody into the referee. Lethal grabs the title and chops out Cody’s knee with it. Crowd didn’t seem to dig that. Lethal gives Cody the “Stardust” taunt, two superkicks, lethal injection, more superkicks, another lethal injection, caught in midair, single leg takedown and Lethal gets the figure-four in the middle of the ring. Cody finally taps out.

Winner: Jay Lethal via Submission

– Post-match, Lethal stands over Cody, shakes his hand and celebrates his win as Cody rolls out of the ring. In comes Marty Scurll who just stares at Lethal and then at his title. As Cody and Brandi head to the back, NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis (with Kamila) heads down the ramp, stares at Lethal / Scurll, claps and then heads to the back. Scurll says Lethal should pay attention to him as he snatches the title away for a moment, then tosses it back to Lethal and leaves the ring.

Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian (c) vs. Young Bucks vs. The Briscoes (ROH World Tag Tag Championship Ladder Match)

Briscoes bringing out the chairs already as they yank Nick out of the ring. Matt with a suicide dive and nails a Briscoe, superkicks the other. Everyone is taking out everyone out on the floor as The Briscoes go for a table. Scorpio put on a table. Matt hitting a twisting cutter on Mark off the apron. Jay and Mark go after Matt in the ring. Jay with a double stomp on Scorpio through the table. Mark just smacking anything that moves with a chair.

Jay with a trash can to Nick’s face out on the floor. Kazarian is already busted open as Mark sends a trash can into his face. The Briscoes are really dominating the early part of this match. Mark with a ladder around his neck, smashes it into Scorpio and then Kazarian. Young Bucks double superkick on Mark. Jay puts a ladder up in the corner and Matt ends up just powerbombing Jay right back into it. Inverted code red by Matt on Scorpio. Young Bucks double hip toss, double dropkick, stereo suicide dives. Matt and Nick do a “Too Sweet” in the ring. SCU sends Nick out of the ring and both work on Matt. SCU knocks The Briscoes out of the ring so they can keep it 2-on-1 with Matt.

Ladder set up in the middle of the ring, SCU tries to run up, Young Bucks pull them down. Nick goes for the titles, SCU stops him, Nick tries to fight away, he throws the ladder at Kazarian who tosses it back, Matt with a spear on Kazarian. Nick climbs up the ladder, gets pulled down by Kazarian, stereo superkicks on SCU. Nick gets close to the title again, but Kazarian says no with a codebreaker. Briscoes get back in the ring with chairs and hammer away on everyone. Mark ends up putting the ladder in the corner and tosses a Young Buck into it. Kazarian gets launched into the ladder, mainly catching his foot on it. Chair toss to Scorpio’s face, not even looking to climb a ladder yet.

Nick launches a chair at Mark’s face sending him to the floor, Scorpio with a flip over the top to finish off Mark. Nick then hits a step-up corkscrew flip on both Scorpio and Mark. Matt looks to fly, Jay with a back body drop, sending Matt down through a table. Jay brings out a staple gun, Kazarian spits in his face, lowblow, Mark with a kick to his face. SCU with an assisted cutter from the ring out to the floor through a table (it was pretty ugly looking). Matt brings out a sledgehammer and looks to hit Jay (who’s face is quite bloody at this point), Matt with a superkick. Pop-up spear by the Young Bucks on Scorpio.

Matt then catapults the ladder into Scorpio’s face. Matt looks to get the title, Jay smacks Matt in the back with a chair and then plants him down on a standing chair. Nick with a facebuster on a chair to Jay and tries to take out SCU on the floor, but gets dropped. Mark ends up launching a chair to the floor on SCU. Ladder put in the middle of the ring. Jay driller on Nick in the ring. Pretty much everyone is down at this moment, crowd with a big cheer and “fight forever!” chant. Mark and Jay are moving ladders all over the place and end up bringing in three different sized ladders. One is connected from the turnbuckle into the ladder in the middle of the ring. Jay tries to climb up, Kazarian hits him with a chair and then nails a styles clash on the chair. Kazarian heads up, but Mark follows on the opposite side and swings away Mark looks to bite Kazarian. He knocks Mark back and he crashes down on the ladder, even though we totally missed the shot. Nick climbs up the ladder and ends up getting shoved off down through a table on the floor, looked like a rough landing. Kazarian and Jay fighting at the top, Mark throws a chair at Kazarian, he falls back through a table giving Jay plenty of time to grab the titles.

Winners: The Briscoes win the ROH World Tag Team Championship

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