WWE 205 Live Results – November 14, 2018

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On Sunday, Buddy Murphy defends the Cruiserweight Championship against Mustafa Ali at Survivor Series.  Tonight, we will get comments from both particpiants.  We will also see Akira Tozawa team with Brian Kendrick against Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher.  The main event will see Cedric Alexander face Lio Rush.

We are in St. Louis, Missouri and your announcers are Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, and Percy Watson.

Akira Tozawa is asked about teaming with one of his toughest adversary.  Tozawa thinks about it and smiles before walking away.  Kendrick walks away as well.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher vs. Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick

Gallagher and Kendrick start things off and Kendrick goes after Gulak on the apron.  Kendrick sends Gallagher into the turnbuckles and he tags in Tozawa.  Kendrick with a slam and Tozawa with a jumping back senton for a near fall.  Tozawa with chops and then he gets Gallagher to flinch and Tozawa with a jab.  Tozawa kicks Gallagher in the corner while Gulak tells the people to stop cheering.  Kendrick tags back in and they hit a double boot to the head and Kendrick gets a near fall.  Gallagher with a back elbow and Gulak tags in.  Gulak misses a clothesline and Kendrick with forearms.  Kendrick with a knee to the midsection followed by a forearm.

Kendrick and Gulak fight in the ropes and Gulak makes the tag to Gallagher and Gallagher kicks Kendrick in the back and Kendrick falls to the floor.  Gallagher with a European uppercut and punches to Kendrick on and in front of the announce table.  They return to the ring and Gallagher with a boot to the shoulder.  Gulak tags in and Gallagher hot shots Kendrick and Gulak with a running clothesline for a near fall.  Gulak with a hammer lock using the leg.

Kendrick with kicks but Gulak blocks a kick and puts the leg on the ropes before kicking the thigh.  Gallagher tags in and he drives the knees into the mat.  Gallagher works on the ankle and Gulak tags back in.  Kendrick with forearms but Gulak with an atomic drop and Gallagher with a jumping knee to the head and Gulak gets a near fall.  Gulak sends Kendrick into the turnbuckles and Gallagher is tagged back in and he punches Kendrick.

Gallagher with a snap mare and reverse chin lock.  Kendrick with an elbow to Gallagher followed by forearms to Gulak and then he hits an enzuigiri.  Gallagher tags in and applies a side head lock to prevent Kendrick from making the tag.  Tozawa screams to stop Gallagher and Kendrick with a back drop.  Tozawa and Gulak tag in and Tozawa with a back heel kick and more kicks to send Gulak to the floor.  Tozawa with a suicide dive head butt to Gulak.  Tozawa goes up top and Kendrick pulls Gallagher off the apron.  Tozawa with a missile drop kick for a near fall.  Gulak with an Irish whip but Tozawa with a back elbow and an octopus. 

Kendrick keeps Gallagher from breaking up the hold at first, but Gallagher pushes Kendrick into Gulak and Tozawa.  Tozawa looks at Kendrick and Kendrick tries to explain his actions.  Gallagher takes care of Kendrick and Gulak with a rollup on Tozawa for the three count.

Winners:  Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher

We go to the weigh in for the Cruiserweight Championship match that took place earlier today.

Drake brings in Mustafa Ali first and he weighs in at 182 pounds.

Buddy Murphy weighs in at 204 pounds.

Buddy and Mustafa push each other and officials have to separate them.

Buddy Murphy is in the interview area and he is asked about the confrontation at the weigh in.  Buddy says he was telling Buddy what it is all about.  It is not about their rivalry or stealing the show.  This is about HIS Championship and what he will do to keep it.  He will go to hell and back to keep this title.  Ali does not know what will happen to him on Sunday.  Buddy says he almost feels bad for Ali.

We go to commercial.

Kalisto and Lince Dorado vs. Mike Karma and Kraig Kessaman

Dorado and Karma start things off.  Dorado with a chop and springboard cross body followed by an enzuigiri and head scissors take down.  Karma with a punch but Dorado with a super kick and Kalisto tags in and he hits a splash off Dorado’s shoulders and Dorado with a splash.  Kessaman is kicked and Kalisto with an assisted drop kick.  Dorado tags in and he hits an enzuigiri.  Kalisto with Salida del Sol into the ring and then Dorado with a shooting star press for the three count.

Winners:  Lince Dorado and Kalisto

After the match, Maria Kanellis appears on the TitanTron and she congratulates them on their victory but they are not done with TJP and Mike Kanellis.  Maria says they will not do anything tonight because Gran Metalik is not here.  When they make an example of them, it will be the first time and the last time.  Maria wants them to wish Gran Metalik luck in his match against TJP next week.

Cedric Alexander is in the back and he says for over a year he was undefeated and it was not by accident.  He out worked everyone.  For Lio Rush, this is a game while this is his life.  For Lio the accolades are a trophy but for Cedric it is leaving a legacy for people who watch him.  Tonight, his legacy does not end and the Age of Alexander continues.

We go to commercial.

Lio Rush vs. Cedric Alexander

They go for a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock but Rush goes into the ropes.  Lio goes for the leg but Alexander avoids him.  Lio gets the ankle but Alexander with a wrist lock.  Rush with an arm drag but Alexander holds on to the wrist lock.  Rush sends Alexander into the ropes to force Cedric to release the hold.  Rush with a side head lock.  Rush goes for an O’Connor Roll but Alexander holds on to the ropes.  Rush with a head scissors but Alexander lands on his feet.  Rush has some words for Alexander and Lio with an ankle pick and slap to Cedric.  Rush with a springboard head scissors take down.

Alexander with an ankle pick and drop kick that sends Rush across the ring.  Alexander with chops.  Cedric with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall.  Alexander with more chops.  Alexander with an Irish whip and back body drop.  Alexander charges across the ring but Rush gets out of the corner.  Alexander drop kicks Rush in the knees to send him into the turnbuckles.  Alexander kicks Rush in the corner and Alexander goes for a slingshot move but Rush with a thrust kick.  Rush with a suicide dive onto Alexander.

Rush hits a running drop kick that sends Alexander into the ringside barrier.  Rush sends Alexander into the ring steps.  Alexander gets back into the ring and Rush with punches in the corner.  Rush chokes Alexander in the corner.  Alexander with a chop but Rush with a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall.  Rush with a half nelson and body scissors.  Alexander tries to get to the ropes but Rush rolls Alexander into the center of the ring and he connects with crossfaces.  Alexander gets to his feet and he runs Rush into the turnbuckles to get out of the hold.  Rush gets back on Alexander’s back but Alexander gets out of the hold.

Rush has a kick blocked and Alexander flips him over.  Rush with a kick and enzuigiri for a near fall.  Rush with a kick to the back and then to the head.  Rush has a kick blocked and Alexander with a back elbow.  Alexander with a running shoulder into the corner followed by an enzuigiri.  Alexander with a springboard clothesline.  Rush escapes a Lumbar Check and Alexander hits a Neuralizer for a near fall.  Rush sends Alexander to the apron and Alexander with a boot and slingshot flatliner for a near fall. 

Rush tries to get out of the ring but Alexander keeps him in the ring.  Rush with a thrust kick to the knee followed by a round kick and a swinging Unprettier for a near fall.  Rush punches Alexander a few times but Alexander pushes him away and Alexander with a forearm of his own.  Rush with strikes and a forearm.  Rush misses a back fist and Alexander goes for a Michinoku Driver but Rush counters into a rollup.  Alexander with a standing C4 and Rush goes up top and misses a frog splash.  Alexander with Lumbar Check but Rush blocks it.  Rush with a flip rana for a near fall.  Rush with a springboard cutter but Alexander with a standing C4 into a Lumbar Check for the three count.

Winner:  Cedric Alexander

We go to Mustafa Ali who says that Buddy says you are willing to go to hell and back.  On Sunday, you are going to have to.  You are not going to be alone.  Ali says he will be right there with him.  That title means more to him that it does to Buddy.  You can talk all the trash you wan, but it won’t matter.  It will come down to what they do in the ring.  It will come down to your power and his speed.  It will come down to your anger and his heart.  A juggernaut cannot stop the unstoppable.

We go to credits.


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