Rich Swann Comments on His Impact Wrestling Run So Far

Rich Swann Comments on His Impact Wrestling Run So Far

Ruch Swann spoke to Interactive Wrestling Radio about a number of wrestling topics. Here are some highlights:

On his overall impressions of Impact Wrestling:

“I think it is an amazing company. I’ve always followed it ever since I was younger. It has always been the company where you’re going to see pro wrestling. It is not just geared towards the entertainment. You’re going to see what people have been die-harding to see – That fast paced, fight forever type style. That is what you’re going to get out of Impact. I love that. And, with people that I’ve literally grown up with like Sami Callihan, the Crist brothers, Sonjay… You know what I’m saying? I feel like I’m a part of this family.”

On the incredible fan fare he’s received in Impact Wrestling:

“I’m very surprised, honestly. When I had made my return to independent wrestling, a lot of people didn’t take too kindly to having me on the shoes. I think once I was able to show my talents, people gave me, for lack of a better term, a second chance. I’ve taken that second chance and rolling with it and I’m not going to let anybody stop me no matter what they sao and no matter what they do. The people that have jumped on board, I’ve always said I greatly appreciate their support. I’ve grown up with these people, with these fans. Wrestling has been in my life since I was 16 years old. These people see that. I grew up with them in their eyes. For them to give me reactions like that means the world… You know?”

On his experience thus far at Impact Wrestling:

“My time at Impact Wrestling (so far) has been amazing. My first match (in Impact) was with Trevor Lee. I couldn’t ask for a better person to be in the ring with to showcase my style. My next match was me versus Fenix. To have a match like that on TV now! It was great! Impact gave me the opportunity. The match that aired this week with me and Fenix and Pentagon against oVe was just great. It is going to set the wrestling world on fire!”

On his expectations for the Slammiversary match with Johnny Impact, Fenix, & Ishimori:

“That match is going to be the unexpectable. I can’t even say the things that I’m going to do. That match is 4 star studded guys. Anything can happen. We’re going out there and we’re going to do what we do best. We’re going to be going out there to put ourselves in contention for either the World Heavyweight or the X DIvison titles. It is being said that it could steal the show and that is going to be nothing short of our goal.”

On Iceman King Parsons being an influence:

“Man, if you go back and look at how he talks in his promos. If you go back and see how he had his hair shaved and everything like that. If you go back to that teleconference a few weeks ago, a lot of people misconstrued my comments about my hair being a tribute to Minori Suzuki. They gave me the idea. But, the reason I did this like that is because guys like Iceman King Parsons, they got these stupid haircuts, right? They’ve got people talking about him. And then he goes out there and he’s infectious. He’s talking to that camera, to that wide audience, and they’re not even thinking about his hair. He was doing some pretty cool stuff for back then. And, look at how he looked! (laughs) YOu’re not expecting that. That’s why I went and I cut my hair so stupid. It is shaved all the way back and it has all those crazy designs in it. All the people are talking about it, “Oh, look at his hair! It is so stupid!” But, guess what? People are talking!”

On the injury to Takahashi at NJPW G1 Special and if that potential outcome ever is on his mind for his moves:

“Of course I do. I think that goes through the mind of… Not always because, if you let it consume you, then it is going to happen. At least every wrestler for a split second, that goes through their mind. “Oh man, what if I get hurt?” I just found out about Takahashi. I don’t know how it happened. Prayers go out to him. He was on a hot roll. It sucks. It is hard to rewind in this industry because we’ve given people so much of our bodies that they are expecting it. It is hard to up the anty. You kind of want to say “Man, enough is enough!” At the same time, it is a double edged sword. You kind of want to go out there give it your all and do nutty things. Or, lets face it, the crowd, the wrestling fans of this industry of today, they’re not going to think that you’re over. Or, they’re going to look at you in a certain light or they’re not going to look at you as one of those best wrestlers in the world. You know what I mean?”

On working for both Impact Wrestling and MLW on nationally televised products at the same time:

“I think it does nothing but wonders for this industry to see some of the top stars wrestling at Impact, wrestling at Lucha Underground, wretling at MLW at the same time. And, the thing is, like you said, it is broadcast to a national audience. Nobody, and I might get shot in the foot for saying this, nobody is going to get to the level that the WWE is, the juggernaut that they’ve built themselves to be. But, ig definitely gives people an alternative like back in the day. It helps the wrestlers, it helps the fans, it helps the industry.”

On possibly working with his wife Su Young on Impact TV despite very different characters:

“You know, that has definitely been something that has crossed my mind. We have planned for it together. You never know what might happen. She might become happy or you never know, I might snap and join the dark side. That would defitely be interesting to see how the fans would react to seeing me and Su Young together. You never know. It could happen!”

On what he hopes to achieve in Impact:

“What I hope to achieve is to help myself and Impact Wrestling get to another level and bring us up a notch. I definitely would love, love to be the X Division Champion one day and be Impact Wrestling Champion one day and prove that I can be one of those best wrestlers in the world!”

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