WWE Mixed Match Challenge: Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss Vs. Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch

Tonight’s match-up sees two intriguing teams go at it to advance to the second round of the inaugural tournament. Braun Strowman and his much more petite partner Alexa Bliss will face Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch.

– Michael Cole and company welcome us to the show and Team Gingersnaps make their entrance via the skank. Team Little Big hits the ring to a pop and the facial expressions change on the fire haired competitors.

– We get videos of the teams including Strowman showing Bliss how to lift a car with an extra large shirt on. It’s Becky’s birthday, so Sami gets her a cake.

– The team charities are revealed and the Facebook vote means the ladies start off the match.

Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss vs. Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch

Lock up gets us started. Becky’s submission prowess takes an early lead for the Gingersnaps. Arm drag attempt by Becky but reversed into a roll-up by Bliss. Zayn pops huge for Becky dancing. We now go ring around the rosie with Becky circling Bliss around without a pin. A woozy Bliss goes to the wrong corner and gets popped. Braun wants a tag, but Bliss says she’s got it. Braun says he trusts his partner, who immediately gets arm dragged. Alexa reverses and puts Becky in the corner. Once she gets the upper hand, she slaps in her partner to a big pop from the crowd. Sami hesitantly enters the ring. He ducks and dodges the big man and makes the tag back to his partner.

He tags himself back in and immediately gets chopped down with Strowman’s frying pan hand. Tag made to Lynch and Zayn says he needs a minute. Momentum staying with Team Little Big as Bliss ramps up the savagery with some strikes and then works a headlock into oblivion. During said rest hold, The Glorious Woos work on their strategy backstage on iPads. Bliss scrapes Lynch’s face along the middle rope for a bit of a burn and slams her down face first into the mat. Cover for a two. Back into a chin lock as Zayn begs his partner to get up and the crowd tries to get back into it as well. Enziguri from Lynch creates space. Bliss tries to prevent Lynch from getting to Zayn but kicks her all the way to her own corner. Both tags made. Sami throwing all he has at Strowman, but no dice. Dive from Sami and gets caught and thrown into the apron. Bliss takes out Lynch from behind and pushes her into the ring post. Zayn tries to exit stage left but Strowman gives chase. Zayn with a strategic beard grab but gets caught again and thrown into the crowd. Strowman heads back to the ring and makes the tag. Lynch still motionless in the ring. Bliss scales the lengthy Braun Strowman for a Sky Scraper “Twisted Bliss” off the shoulders of the behemoth.

Winners via Pinfall: Strowman & Bliss

– Next week we will see husband and wife team Jimmy Uso and Naomi take on Goldust and newly named partner Mandy Rose.

– After the match, Renee Young is in the ring with Braun and Alexa. Alexa says they won because of her strategy. That is why they have a future and they will win. Braun says Alexa is a lot smaller than him but her personality is as big as he is. It was a team effort. They get along professionally and personally. Braun says Alexa is kind of cute. Alexa says Braun is kind of cute too. You are like a big Mack Truck with a smiley face on front. Braun says thank you. Alexa says they are going all the way. Braun has a confused look on his face after that comment and Alexa says they are going all the way to a victory in the Mixed Match Challenge.

Alexa takes over the interview and she tells Braun to do it and Braun lets out a BRAAAAAAUUUUN.

We go to credits.


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