Friday, September 22, 2017

ROH Death Before Dishonor XV Results - Sep 22, 2017

The PPV opened with a series of promos from different ROH personalities playing off the idea that they are gambling with their careers since the show is live from Las Vegas.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana ran down the lineup for the show.

The Kingdom vs. The Briscoes & Bully Ray: Winners receive ROH Six Man Tag Team title shot tonight

The Briscoes controlled TK O'Ryan early on. Matt Taven got involved but was struck by Jay Briscoe. That allowed the Kingdom to double team Jay and score a two count. I know this will shock everyone but it broke down into a six man brawl on the floor. Marseglia hit a dive, followed by Taven. O'Ryan teased one, since last time he was in Vegas, he broke his leg on one. He flipped off the crowd instead. Jay Briscoe nailed him off the apron down to his partners, then hit a dive to the outside. Bully even hit a ....dive.

Back in the ring, Bully worked over TK and tagged out to Mark. Mark got cut off and triple-teamed. They tagged in and out, working over Mark, who tried to rally and make a comeback. He nailed a big running chop to escape Marseglia and tagged out to Bully. Bully worked everyone over but Jay, not happy he wasn't tagged in, tagged himself in and started cleaning house. He went for the Jay-Driller but was run backwards into his corner, knocking Bully off the apron. I see where this is going.

The Kingdom continued working over Jay, who kicked up. Mark returned to the scene. He tricked Marseglia into nailing Taven. Bully hit the ring and nailed an inverted sitdown atomic drop. O'Ryan nailed a clothesline but was taken down by Mark. Mark went for a Froggy Elbow but O'Ryan cut him off. They battled on the top but Bully slipped under O'Ryan and set up for the Doomsday Device. Mark pinned O'Ryan for the win.

Your winners, The Briscoes & Bully Ray!

It was obvious Jay wasn't. He got a chair and teased a turn but instead flung it at O'Ryan's head and walked out.

Bully & Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks & Hangman Page later tonight.

They announced that Kenny Omega will be working all four nights at the Global Wars dates.

They teased that Hangman Page won't be appearing, playing off the Being the Elite Youtube series.

Las Vegas Street Fight: Punishment Martinez vs. Jay White

Lots of brawling and weapons. Martinez brought a chair into the ring but White flung it into his face as he came off the ropes. White showed some nice intensity as he worked over Martinez. He began nailing a series of German suplexes but had his ears clapped before he could do a third. White ducked him shot and nailed a Flatliner. He grabbed the chair and worked him over with a series of shots across the back.

Martinez made a comeback and drilled White with a Falcon Arrow. White made a comeback and went to use a trash can lid but when he saw Martinez daring him to bring it on, instead used a series of strikes and chops. White was sent to the floor and Martinez hit a crazy running dive over the corner to the floor on White. That was pretty damn impressive.

Martinez went to the top but White nailed him with a chair. White nailed a judo throw off the top for a two count. He set up and nailed the Kiwi Crusher for another two count. White set up a series of chairs and attempted to suplex Martinez through them. The first time I saw someone do this in CZW in 2001, I'd never have guessed the spot would still be done 16 years later. Martinez fought back and suplexed White onto the chairs, then hit an inverted DVDR through the chairs. He covered White, who kicked up at the last second.

Thumbtacks were brought into the equation. White was chokeslammed onto them and pinned.

Your winner, Punishment Martinez!

They showed tacks embedded in White's back in after the match.

ROH Six Man Tag Team champions The Young Bucks & Hangman Page vs. Bully Ray & The Briscoes.

Bully stopped Jay in the aisle and asked him if was OK after earlier. Foreshadowing!

The Bucks came out alone. They said earlier that if Page didn't appear, the Bucks would have to defend the belts alone. Maybe Genichiru Tenryu is going to show up?

Page showed up in street clothes, tunning out with his hands taped together and his mouth taped. He used axehandles to nail the Briscoes and even hit a moonsault off the top while his hands was taped up. That was cool, but hardly a move for heels. The crowd chanted "Welcome back!"

The Briscoes attacked all the members of the Bullet Club. The Briscoes cleaned house until Page nailed a lariat. Bully backdropped Nick Jackson. Bully nailed some clubbering until he was caught with a double superkick. Lots of all over action. Jay went sent to the floor while rebounding as the ropes were held open by Page. Page hit the moonsault off the apron into the shoulderblock on Jay.

The Briscoes and Bully took control on Matt Jackson and nailed him with the Wazzup. They called for the tables. Mark grabbed one and Jay set it up against the ropes, then smashed it into Bully's face. Mark stood there outside shocked. Jay looked at Bully and walked out. Page scrambled into the ring and scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Six Man Tag Team champions, Bullet Club!

After the match, Jay yelled at his brother that they were the best tag team on the planet, "not that motherf***er."

ROH TV champion KUSHIDA vs. Kenny King

They are doing the hometown challenger deal with King. They showed King's daughter and KUSHIDA's mother at ringside, which was a nice touch. King was on the floor at one point and embraced his daughter. King hit a nice series of moves. KUSHIDA went to the floor, where he got some advice from his mom. Some nice back and forth action early.

King nailed the chinchecker and cinched in a Muta Lock. They went to the floor, where KUSHIDA nailed a running dropkick off a chair into the barricade. Back in the ring, the champion continued to work over King's arm, including a dropkick to the wrist. He rode King to the mat, trying to wear down his arms. He locked on a variation of cattle mutilation.

KUSHIDA worked over King, who made a comeback and scored a two count with a bridging suplex. He grabbed KUSHIDA for a move but was caught with an armbar submission. King powered up and nailed a powerbomb to break it. They battled to the floor, where KUSHIDA nailed a rana into the ringpost and then hit a dive off the top to the floor. The crowd loved the dive.

They went back and forth until King was locked in the Hoverboard lock. King was able to escape each time but the third time he was locked in, King fought hard to escape. The crowd was chanting for King. He escaped but was nailed with a big right hand. King responded in kind. King finally caught him with a big spinebuster that looked awesome. They continued battling back and forth with punches, going nose to nose.

KUSHIDA went for a springboard elbow but was caught in an electric chair. They went back and forth until King caught him with a spinning slam and scored the pin.

Your winner and new ROH TV champion, Kenny King!

King celebrated with his daughter after the match. KUSHIDA showed respect after as well.

Last Man Standing: Jay Lethal vs. Silas Young

They went to the floor early. Lethal nailed a suplex off the barricade. Lethal was looking for something under the ring but Young attacked him and worked him over on the floor. Young was now looking for something under the ring but Jay nailed him. Lethal removed some of the mats from the floor and drilled Silas with a side Russian Legsweep.

Lethal pulled a table from under the ring and set it up on the floor. He nailed an uppercut and worked him over. Back in the ring, Young brought a belt into the ring but Lethal nailed a handspring into a dropkick. He cracked Young with the belt. Young told him if he wanted to be a man, go ahead and hit him. Lethal began beating the hell out of him with the belt. Young took a hell of a beating and had a lot of welts rising.

This brought out Beer City Bruiser, who was whipped but overpowered Lethal. He worked over Jay as Young set up a table on the floor. Bruiser went for a splash off the top through Lethal on the table but Jay escaped and Bruiser destroyed the table. Lethal nailed an Ace Crusher off the apron through another table on Young, which looked brutal.

The battle continued. Young got his hands on the belt and began whipping Lethal. He beat Lethal for a long time, then set up a chair. Lethal and Young battled until Lethal nailed the Lethal Injection on the chair. Lethal taped Young's arm to the ropes. Lethal was kicked off and bounced into the rereree. They banged heads and Lethal was busted open. Referee Todd Sinclair was out on his feet.

Young worked over Lethal, and demanded the referee begin counting him out. Lethal was hit with Misery. Young told the ref to stop counting him out and hit a Lethal Injection on Jay. Jay got to his feet but was nailed with a ladder. Lethal came back and nailed a handspring into an Ace Crusher. He set up the ladder on the floor, followed by a table underneath. Young tried to nail him with a chair but Lethal beat him first and placed him on the table.

Lethal went to the top, teasing a flying elbow but Young attacked and nailed him over and over with a chair. They battled to the top the ladder, where Young ziptied him to the ladder. They battled until the ladder tipped over and they went through the ladder. Young made it to his feet before the ten count and was declared the winner.

Your winner, Silas Young!

ROH Tag Team champions The Young Bucks vs. The Motor City Machineguns

All the back and forth stereo tag team action with big moves and lots of reversals, playing up the idea they were mirror images. Matt held Shelley for Nick to suoerkick him. Matt nailed backbreaker but scored a two count when Sabin interfered. The Guns came back with a kick into a DDT, which the crowd booed as they liked the Bucks so much.

They continued, even whipping out the Dream Sequence. Matt Jackson cut off Sabin with a superkick. He went to work over Shelley and the Bucks turned the Guns into double sharpshooters. It was lots of really faced paced back and forth action. Shelley hit a nice dive to the outside The Guns hit stereo kicks in the corner.

They worked over Matt but Nick Jackson broke it up with a swanton. The Guns set up sliced bread #2 off the top but again, Nick broke it up. Matt superkicked Sabin who came back with a big lariat. The ref got KO. The Addiction hit the ring and attacked both teams with the story being that they are trying to ruin everything ROH fans love. It ended up with the Bucks and the Guns double teaming to hit a double Indy Taker on the floor to take them out.

Everyone then went nuts going back and forth until finally the Guns scored the pin.

Your winners and new ROH Tag Team champions, The Motor City Machineguns!

ROH champion Cody Rhodes vs. Minoru Suzuki

Cody came out with his wife and several Vegas showgirls. He offered his ROH ring to Suzuki to kiss, but Suzuki grabbed his hand and bit him on the finger. Suzuki caught him in an armbar immediately and almost submitted him. Cody made it to the floor and escaped. Suzuki hit a series of strikes that sent Cody back to the floor. Cody was completely off guard. Back in the ring, Cody got some brief offense but was again nailed. He went to the floor. Suzuki went for a kick off the apron but Brandi was pulled in front. He stopped and Cody nailed his legs, knocking him to the floor.

Cody worked him over but Suzuki fired back. Cody chopped him and Suzuki demanded he keep bringing it, as it had no effect. Cody finally kicked him low and tossed him in the ring. Cody stomped him but Suzuki sat up and laughed. Cody tossed him back to the floor. Cody caught him coming in and drilled him with a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Undeterred, Suzuki grabbed an upsidfe down hanging armbar.

Suzuki continued working over Rhodes, kicking away at him. Suzuki worked over Rhodes' neck and cinched in a guilllotine choke. Rhodes escaped and hit a gourd buster. Rhodes locked in a Yes Lock, then did a "Yes" chant. Gee, I wonder who that was a message too? Suzuki grabbed an anklelock and then maneuvered him into a sleeper. Suzuki rolled him to the mat and cinched in a sleeper from a sitting position.

He went for the piledriver but Cody fought to escape. He did and nailed the Disaster Kick. Suzuki avoided a charge and went for a sleeper. Cody maneuvered him into the CrossRhodes for the pin.

Your winner and still ROH champion Cody Rhodes!

Post-match, Cody puts on the Ring of Honor and makes Suzuki kiss it. He celebrates on the floor with Brandi and heads to the back while Suzuki pops one of the ROH staff workers at ringside. He then looks to Cary Silkin for a moment, eventually heading to the back.

We go to credits.