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WWE 205 Live Results - Jun 13, 2017

Akira Tozawa is in the back and he is approached by Titus O'Neil. He tells Tozawa that he got him in the main event against TJ Perkins. Titus says Neville knows what Apollo Crews knows. Tozawa could be the next Kobe Bryant of Japan. Tozawa says that Crews says the Titus Brand... Titus interrupts and says the Titus Brand can look out for your best interests. Titus says when he signs, it will be raining Yen.

We are in New Orleans, Louisiana and your announcers are Vic Joseph and Corey Graves.

Match Number One: Cedric Alexander versus Ariya Daivari

They lock up and Daivari with a wrist lock. Alexander with a reversal. Daivari with a reversal into a side head lock. Daivari with a shoulder tackle and Alexander misses a few kicks. Alexander with a side head lock and Cedric holds on as Daivari tries to send him off the ropes. Daivari backs Alexander into the turnbuckles and he connects with a shoulder and chops. Daivari with an Irish whip and Cedric floats over and hits a head scissors and follows with a drop kick. Alexander gets a near fall. Daivari sends Alexander to the apron and Cedric with a punch but Daivari hits Cedric as he goes for a springboard move and Cedric is down after hitting the top turnbuckle.

Daivari gets a near fall. Daivari with knees to the back and he works on the neck. Daivari with a reverse chin lock. Cedric with punches but Daivari with a leaping neck breaker for a near fall. Daivari with a hard Irish whip. Alexander with chops and an uppercut. Daivari with a jumping knee against the ropes. Daivari gets a near fall. Daivari with a reverse chin lock. Alexander backs Daivari into the turnbuckles but Daivari returns to the sleeper. Alexander with a snap mare and then he chops Daivari and connects with a back elbow. Alexander with a handspring round kick for a near fall.

Alexander with a springboard clothesline and we hear Alicia Fox on the TitanTron as Dar makes his way to the ring. Alexander with a baseball slide to Dar while Alicia still talks. Daivari with an inside cradle for a near fall. Alexander with Lumbar Check for the three count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match, Alicia continues to talk and Cedric picks up the phone and he hangs up on Alicia.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Austin Aries makes his way to the ring.

Austin comments on the chants for him. He says it is good to be back in New Orleans and in the center of a WWE Ring. He says he thought this moment might have been different. He thought he would be in the ring as the new Cruiserweight champion but that is not the case. He will not boo hoo about it. Austin says when it counted the most, he didn't get the job done. That is okay because they have all been there. They have worked hard and you keep going until you get the job done.

There are more questions than answers for Austin Aries. Is he injured? Is he taking time off? Austin says after months of dealing with Neville and TJ Perkins, he has some knee stuff and neck stuff so he is not medically cleared to wrestle.

Tony Nese comes out and he says Aries doesn't know what his future holds. Tony says in your near future, you should get out of that ring, climb over that guardrail and grab a seat while a premier athlete takes that ring. Nese says Austin should save whatever little dignity you have left by quietly fading into the past. The future is right in front of you.

Aries says he wants to talk about the past. You talk tough, but the last time they were in the ring, he was making Tony tap out. Austin asks Nese what exercise did he do to finally grow a set.

Nese says Aries always had his jokes, but in his future, Tony says he does not have time for Austin or his jokes.

Jack Gallagher's music plays and he comes out. He asks Tony if he knows where he is. This is a town known for having fun. There's always time for jokes. He can talk about the horse and the bathtub. There is one about ping pong balls . . . Jack says if Tony thinks he is the future of 205 Live and if we are to believe that you are going to replace Austin Aries, that makes you the biggest joke of them all. You are no Austin Aries.

Nese knocks the umbrella away and Nese misses a punch. Gallger hits Nese with the umbrella and the umbrella breaks.

TJ Perkins walks in the back and he sees Rich Swann.

Swann says Perkins looked good against Neville and took him to the limit. That is the same champ who attacked him last night. They are both looking for opportunities.

Swann says it looked like the WWE Universe was buying into him again and so was he. Swann says he has dealt with diversity his whole life. You lose the title and call yourself TJP. TJ Perkins would go to the ring and take care of business the right way. Swann tells Perkins to get his head in the game.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for Mustafa Ali. He says high flying is a gateway to get your attention. There is no risk he is not willing to take. He says he is just getting started.

Drew Gulak interrupts and he asks Who is Mustafa Ali. He says he is a high flyer but what does that mean. He says he is doing it for the WWE Universe. That sounds like someone who is taking risks. Ali is all style and no substance. Ali is a show off. You deserve better than Mustafa Ali. Drew says he stands for the WWE Universe. He stands for a better 205 Live.

We are told that next week Drew Gulak faces Mustafa Ali. Next week Tony Nese faces Jack Gallagher.

Match Number Two: TJ Perkins versus Akira Tozawa

They lock up and Perkins with a waist lock but Tozawa with a wrist lock. Perkins backs Tozawa into the turnbuckles and Perkins with a clean break. Tozawa with a side head lock. Tozawa with an arm drag and he gets a near fall. Perkins with a near fall. They lock up and Perkins with a side head lock. Tozawa with a forearm but Perkins floats over in the corner. Tozawa with a kick followed by a back senton and he gets a near fall.

Titus watches from the back as we return to the ring. Perkins backs Tozawa into the corner and gives a clean break. Tozawa with a boot to Perkins and he comes off the turnbuckles but Perkins with a drop kick. Perkins with a slam and Perkisn goes to the apron for a slingshot senton and he gets a near fall. Perkins with a snap mare and he rakes his boot on the face. Perkins with an arm bar and he rubs his forearm against the side of the face. Perkins with a chin lock and a hammer lock using the leg. Tozawa with elbows but Perkisn with an elbow. Perkins with a springboard forearm.

Perkins gets a near fall. Perkins stomps on the arm and he hits a suplex and goes for a back drop driver and he gets a near fall. Perkins puts pressure on the knee and he kicks Tozawa in the head. Perkins with a double underhook as he adds more pressure to the hold. Perkins with a reverse chin lock when Tozawa escapes. Tozawa with elbows but Perkins goes for a belly-to-back suplex and Tozawa lands on his feet. Perkins with an elbow and Tozawa with a knee. Tozawa knocks Perkins off the apron and Tozawa with a suicide dive head butt.

Tozawa goes up top and Perkins moves. Tozawa with a flying boot to Perkins for a near fall. Tozawa pulls Perkins into the corner and he goes up top. Perkins crotches Tozawa and Perkins punches Tozawa. Perkins sets for a superplex but Tozawa with punches and he pushes Perkins off the turnbuckles. Perkins with a double chicken wing gutbuster for a near fall. Perkins with a forearm and Tozawa fires back. Tozawa with the advantage. Tozawa with a jab and Perkins is down. Perkins rolls through into the knee bar.

Tozawa tries to get to the ropes but Perkins tries to pull him into the center of the ring. Tozawa with a rollup for a near fall. Tozawa with a Saito suplex and he goes up top. Tozawa with the back senton for the three count.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

We see Titus celebrating Tozawa's victory and Neville enters. Titus tells Neville to relax. Neville says he does not care about Titus' singing. He cares about the absolute drivel spouting from his mouth. You are setting up your client for pain and misery. Akira Tozawa is not even close to the Neville Level.

Titus says the Titus Brand is about the future. The man he saw whoop your former associate is the future. The future of 205 Live.

We go to credits.



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