WWE NXT Results – Mar 15, 2017

We are in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson.

The Ealy Brothers say that they were told it was wrong to challenge the Authors of Pain, but they have each other’s backs.

Match Number One: Gabriel Ealy and Uriel Ealy versus Akam and Rezar (with Paul Ellering) in a Non Title Match

Gabriel and Rezar start things off and he runs Rezar into the corner and he tags in Uriel. They send Rezar into the turnbuckles. Uriel with a punch and kick to Rezar. Rezar with a clothesline and then he head butts Gabriel on the apron. Akam tags in and Rezar brings Gabriel into the ring for Super Collider and then they hit the Last Chapter on Uriel for the three count.

Winners: Akam and Rezar

After the match, Paul Ellering tells Revival they are the next name in his Book of Destruction. Revival, you claim to be the best tag team in the world. Paul says he has news for them because he created the algorithm for great tag team wrestling. The Authors of Pain are his team of destiny, soon to be a dynasty.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa make their way to the ring.

Ellering holds Akam and Rezar back.

Gargano and Ciampa have mics. Tommaso tells Paul Ellering he has no idea what the word algorithm means. Johnny says he can’t even pronounce that word. Johnny says that what everyone knows, if there is a team that can beat The Authors of Pain, it is DIY. Tommaso says that Revival saved them because they would have been champions a second time. Johnny wants a fair rematch.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder make their way to the stage. Scott asks how they feel after that Shatter Machine.

Dash says at Takeover, they were on the sidelines to miss the title match. There are three things you do not do in sports. You do not bench Tom Brady, you do not bench Michael Jordan in the fourth quarter, and you do not put The Revival on the sidelines.

Scott says they are the MVPs of NXT and they are the best tag team in the world.

William Regal says we have some issues in the tag team division. You have three teams that want to destroy each other. What will he do? William says at Takeover, it will be Authors of Pain versus The Revival and DIY in a Triple Threat Elimination Match.

We go to commercial with a video package for Heavy Machinery.

We are back with a video package for Asuka. She says the moon never shines brighter than the sun. Asuka says the sun is her, the NXT Women’s Champion. She says she will fight anyone, anywhere, and at any time. She says nobody is ready for Asuka. There is no Women’s Revolution, there is only Asuka. She says that this is her division so they should name this the Asuka Title.

Asuka says that Ember Moon’s fate will be written.

Match Number Two: Macey Estrella versus Nikki Cross (with Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain)

Nikki throws her jacket around and kicks the turnbuckles before the match starts. Nikki kicks Macey and tosses her across the ring by the hair. Macey punches Nikki but Nikki with a cross body and she punches Macey. Nikki with a swinging fisherman’s neck breaker but she does not cover Macey. Nikki with a second one and Eric tells her that she knows what to do. Nikki tells the referee to shut up before she hits a third one. Nikki gets a fourth and then goes for a fifth one. Nikki picks up what is left of Macey to hit a sixth one and she figures that is enough and she gets the three count.

Winner: Nikki Cross

After the match, Tye Dillinger and No Way Jose atack Dain and Wolfe. Nikki rakes Dillinger’s eyes and Dain with a cross body. Wolfe with a German suplex to Jose. Young with a wheelbarrow neck breaker on Jose and then he kicks Dillinger.

Eric tells Dillinger their blood is on his hands.

We have a video package for Allistair Black.

We are back with a look back at the end of last week’s match between Billie Kay and Ember Moon.

Andrea D’Marco attempted to get an update on Billie Kay’s condition but Ho Ho Lun and Cien Almas argue behind her. Oney Lorcan tells Almas to try it on him.

Oney Lorcan is asked about the confrontation. Oney says he was stepping in because Almas was acting like a bully. Oney says he hates bullies. Oney says if you want to bully people, why not try to bully him.

Next week we will see Oney Lorcan versus Andrade Almas as well as a six man tag match with Sanity facing Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, and Tye Dillinger.

Kassius Ohno is asked how he is feelling. He says he feels good. What happened last time in NXT did not sit well with him. He will win the title tonight and then they can talk about a successful return.

Bobby Roode is asked a question, but he cuts her off. Bobby asks if Kassius deserves to be in the ring with the champion. Ohno is a failure based on his prior time in NXT. Roode says he will walk down that aisle and everyone will see why this is his NXT.

We see Shinsuke Nakamura watching the match from a monitor in the back.

Match Number Three: Kassius Ohno versus Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship

Ohno with a rollup for a near fall. Ohno with another near fall. Ohno with a backslide for a near fall. Roode goes to the floor and he calls a time out. Roode returns to the ring and Ohno blocks a kick and applies a side head lock. Ohno with a shoulder tackle and then Roode goes for a leap frog but Ohno stop short and hits a bicycle kick. Ohno with chops but Roode with a kick followed by punches and chops. Ohno with an elbow and a running chop in the corner. Ohno with an elbow in the corner.

Ohno with an Irish whip and back body drop. Ohno clotheslines Roode over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ohno with an Irish whip but Roode with a boot and a Northern Lariat. Roode kicks Ohno in the back. Roode sends Ohno into the turnbuckles and then he punches Ohno. Roode chokes Ohno. Roode chokes Ohno in the ropes. Roode kicks Ohno in the corner. Roode with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Roode with a short arm clothesline. Roode goes to the turnbuckles and connects with a forearm to the side of the head and he gets a few near falls. Roode punches Ohno in the head.

Ohno slaps Roode in the face and then he chops Roode. Ohno with another palm strike but Roode with an elbow and a leaping knee drop for a near fall. Roode with a knee to the back and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Ohno with a jaw breaker and both men are down. Ohno goes to the apron on an Irish whip and Ohno with a boot to Roode. Roode with an Irish whip and Ohno goes over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roode with a knee to the back and he stretches Ohno. Roode with another knee to the back followed by a forearm to the chest and he stretches Ohno again. Ohno backs Roode into the ropes but Roode with forearms to the back. Roode sets for a suplex but Ohno counters with a suplex throw. Ohno with an elbow to block a punch and then he connects with more elbows. Roode is sent back to the mat off the ropes and Ohno with a drop kick. Ohno with a running forearm into the corner and Ohno sets for the Cyclone boot but he can only get a near fall.

Roode gets his knees up when Ohno goes for a back senton and Roode responds with a lungblower for a near fall. Roode with a clothesline in the corner but Ohno with kicks and then he hits Diamond Dust and gets a near fall. Ohno sets for the rolling elbow but Roode with a spinebuster for a near fall. Roode sets for the Glorious DDT but Ohno escapes and he connects with an elbow and Roode goes through the ropes to the floor. Ohno sends Roode into the ring and Ohno hits a back senton for a near fall. Ohno signals for the KO but Roode avoids it. Roode sends Ohno into the ropes and then he hits the Glorious DDT for the three count.

Winner: Bobby Roode

We go to credits with Nakamura still watching from the back as Roode celebrates his victory.


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