TNA Impact Wrestling Results – Feb 2, 2017

It’s Open Fight Night, we’ve got folks with briefcases, and they’re going to cash them in for their dream matches later on tonight! We see a video package of Bobby Lashley’s World Title win last week over Eddie Edwards in the Ironman match, then we go to the Impact Zone where the BROKEN Hardys comes to the ring. Matt says it’s their destiny to win tag team titles AGIN and AGIN and AGIN and AGIN and AGIN to become the greatest tag team in all of space and time. They will go on an international quest for gold because there were many teams that didn’t have the courage to show up at Total Nonstop DELETION, including the Bucks of Youth, the Day of New, and the Family of Wyatt. If they won’t come to the BROKEN Hardys, the Hardys must go to THIM! Matt turns it over to Brother Nero, and he says that he looks forward to continuing his tag team dominance with Matt, but he’s going to step back into the solo dimension tonight and challenge big, bad Bobby Lashley to once again be the TNA World Champion! Lashley comes out and says he knew their paths were going to cross eventually because the Hardys are broken and obsolete, but they’re not stupid, and after beating Eddie Edwards last week, he’s ready for a war. The only question is whether Jeff is ready because he brought his brother out here to find a way to take that title off of him. Jeff tells Brother Moore to go backstage and enjoy the show with his family because he’s going to do this by himself. Lashley says he has no problem defending the title, and it’s going to happen after this break!

TNA World Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs Brother Nero

Lashley takes Nero to the corner and gives him a REALLY ugly stare, so Nero fires back and gets his head ripped off with a clothesline from Lashley. Lashley with a delayed vertical suplex, he sets for a spear but Nero sidesteps and hammers Lashley down in the corner. Dropkick drives Lashley out under the bottom rope, then Nero comes through the ropes with a baseball slide. He sets up the stairs a few feet away from the ring, bashes Lashley into the barricade a few times, but Lashley comes back and powerbombs Brother Nero onto the ring steps, holding him up for a few seconds just to build the suspense. Now Lashley rams Jeff’s face into the steps a few times as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Lashley is firmly in control in the ring, vertical splashing Brother Nero’s back until Hardy starts his big comeback with the usual. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate and goes up for the Swanton, he connects, he makes a cover…but Lashley is out at 2. Brother Nero hits another one, but Lashley manages to shift close enough to the ropes to break the cover. Lashley rolls to the floor, but Jeff goes after him and springboards off the steps to hit a Poetry In Motion on the floor. Hardy goes for a rolling senton over the top to the floor, but Lashley rolls UNDER the ring to avoid it, and Brother Nero hits hard. Now Lashley is up, he has Nero in the ring, and he hits the spear for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Dominating first title defense in the latest reign from the greatest TNA World Champion of all time. Eddie Edwards comes out to the ring to confront Lashley after the match, and he says he’s not out here to fight, he wants to tell Lashley to his face that he congratulates him on winning and now retaining the World Title. Lashley thanks Eddie and says it’s finally time he recognizes how great he is, but he doesn’t need Eddie to tell him how great he is. He took the title from him and that makes him better than Eddie, then asks Eddie what he wants. Eddie says that since Lashley is a fighting champion, he wants a rematch. Lashley says that Eddie made him jump through hoops for a title shot, so if he thinks Lashley is just going to give him a title shot, what if he just says no. Eddie calls him Bitch Boy Bobby and tells him to give him the match, so Lashley says he has one chance, and if he doesn’t win it, he goes to the back to play with the kids and he won’t ever get another shot at the big boy title. Eddie says he only needs one shot, and Lashley says he’s got it.

Tyrus is backstage and says we won’t believe who they challenge tonight, because he and Eli Drake are gonna shock the world.

If you read Impact Wrestling’s Facebook page, you saw a video after last week’s show where Rosemary offered Brandi Rhodes a chance to join Decay. Rosemary finds Brandi again, and Brandi says they’re never going to be friends and she doesn’t know what she thought…Rosemary shushes her and says they have so much potential, she just needs their guidance, and they want to offer her one last chance. She can deny the inevitable, or she can take them up on their offer so they can Decay together. Brandi pushes her away and says she’s going to say it one last time: LEAVE…ME…ALONE. Rosemary says Brandi’s obviously decided to do this the hard way, but THEY decide when it’s over…not Brandi.

We see Aron Rex and Rockstar Spud showing up at the arena in a golf cart, and Rex makes Spud unroll a striped carpet for him to walk on for his arrival.

Sienna vs Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke rushes Sienna and hits a flying headscissors, hits a second rope facebuster, and covers for 2. Maria grabs Brooke, so Brooke chases Maria around ringside and into the ring where Sienna flattens her with a clothesline for 2, then goes to a neck vice. Sienna dumps Brooke out to the floor where Maria gets a couple of cheapshots in before tossing her back into the ring where Sienna covers for 2. Maria distracts the referee while Sienna chokes Brooke, but Brooke comes firing back…and gets flattened by a big right hand from Sienna. Brooke escapes an AK-47 attempt and hits an STO backbreaker, then rolls Sienna into a modified Muta Lock. Brooke with a hanging neckbreaker for 2 and then she goes to the top, Maria shoves her into the ring, and Sienna hits the Silencer, nearly driving Brooke out of the ring. Sienna makes a cover for 3.

Winner: Sienna

DAMN she plowed through Brooke! Great bump there at the end!

The DCC is backstage, and James Storm says we’re about to find out who the DCC is cashing in on. There’s a target on everyone’s back, and Bram says it’s time to make the call. Kingston says he knows who it is, and everyone is about to find out.

We see a Day In The Life Of Aron Rex, and…look, this is really stupid. I’m sorry, I really try and be impartial, but this over the top Liberace thing is really insulting. Bottom line, he hates confrontation so he has Spud kick his makeup artist out and then talks about how much he loves Don Lemon. Whatever.

The DCC is in the ring and James Storm says we’re looking at the three men who run this place. They don’t get paid by the hour, they’re in the ass kicking business, and business is booming. They cna challenge anyone they want, so they challenge Decay to a Falls Count Anywhere match right here, TONIGHT!

Falls Count Anywhere: Decay vs The DCC

They start brawling during Decay’s entrance, and it’s effectively 3-on-2 here. Abyss rams Kingston into the wall next to the stairs and them Storm nails Abyss out of nowhere, then bashes a trash can over his head. Steve is going up the stairs, and I think he’s probably going to do a dive. Abyss fights off all three DCC guys as, sure enough, STeve climbs the fence and dives onto all three DCC members. Steve covers Kingston for 2, then Abyss sends Kingston into the steps before tossing him into the ring for more abuse. A pile of tacks and a barbed wire board find their way into the ring, but Kingston fights his way out of a goozle. Rosemary mists him anyway, and Abyss chokeslams Kingston onto the tack anyway. Steve covers Kingston, but Bram breaks the fall at 2. Storm in and hits Closing time on Abyss, followed by a whirling Flatliner on Steve. Bram breaks a beer bottle on Abyss’ skull, then Storm hits Last Call to send Abyss falling onto the barbed wire board. Steve tries to free Abyss, then he throws a chair at Bram and knocks him off the apron and onto a ringside table. Steve goes up the ropes, but Storm hits a leaping enziguiri and he and Bram hit a spike piledriver through the table on Steve. Storm kaes the cover, and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: The DCC

Short but brutal. That spike piledriver at the end was nasty, as were the tack and barbed wire bumps.

Drew Galloway is backtage, and he’s…WALKING! He defends the Grand Championship after this break!

Maria and Mike Bennett are backstage needling Braxton Sutter over the date last week, then Maria tells Braxton he’s going to propose to Lorile. Braxton says he won’t do it, but Maria reminds him of what’ll happen to Allie if he doesn’t, and that Lisa likes a princess cut. Mike tells Braxton to lighten up because it’s great having a strong, confident woman on your side, and besides, he’s going to throw Braxton the BIGGEST bachelor party!

Drew Galloway comes to the ring and says that he made a big statement when he said he’d make the Grand Championship bigger than the World Title. People aren’t sold on the title yet, but it’s because he was hurt before the finals, but he came back like a white knight and took the title, and now it’s his time to elevate it! Moose comes out to the ring and says he gave Galloway the benefit of the doubt the first time he kicked him in the nuts, but now Drew has earned an ass whipping. Drew said he doesn’t want Drew vs Moose part 73, he needs to take on the best from all around the world. He has someone backstage who requested a title shot, and he already accepted, so he wants Moose to bugger off because this is his challenger tonight…

Grand Championship Match: Drew Galloway vs Rob Ryzin

Drew boots him in the face out of nowhere and just proceeds to squash the guy. Drew launches Ryzin over his head with a release suplex and makes him about three inches shorter with a piledriver before hitting the Future Shock for the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Not much to this one, obviously.

Hurricane Helms is backstage with Trevor Lee and the briefcase, and Helms says we’re about to go to the ring so Trevor can issue his challenge.

Okay, Helms and Lee are in the ring, and since they blew up DJ Z’s knee last week, they want an X Division Title match, but not just any title match, they want…A LADDER MATCH!

X Division Title/Ladder Match: DJ Z vs Trevor Lee

Kinda convenient how DJ Z was dressed to wrestle even though he’s ostensibly too injured to wrestle, right? Lee goes after the leg, then gets a ladder from under the ring. DJ Z kicks the middle rope into Lee’s ding ding as he comes back into the ring and then hits a dive to the floor. Lee pulls out the Caveman Punch and starts to climb the ladder, Z pulls him down, but Lee takes the knee out again, then uses the ladder to bang up the knee some more. Lee goes up again, but DJ Z hits a DDT off the ladder and starts to climb. Helms tosses a chair to Lee, who uses it to massage DJ Z’s knee. Lee puts the ladder on top of Z’s bad leg and climbs to grab the belt for the win.

Winner and New X Division Champion: Trevor Lee

Much better psychology than most X Division matches these days.

Tyrus and Eli Drake are backstage, and Tyrus says Eli isn’t going to do what we think he’s going to do, so Tyrus says they’re going to have the greatest surprise challenge match, and we’ll just have to wait to see what it is after this commercial break.

Robbie E crashes a Day In The Life Of Aron Rex and challenges Rex to a fight, so Rex says they can do it next week since he needs time to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually. Robbie (or Ruby, as Rex calls him) says he can’t wait, and Rex tells Spud to get the Perrier.

Tyrus and Eli Drake are in the ring, and Tyurs tells the dummies that we won’t hear from Eli Drake tonight since they don’t know how to behave. They have the best briefcase in the world, and their challenge is…Tyrus handpicked them himself, it’s not the one they talked about…it’ll be Eli Drake and…E…C…3! EC3 kind of hobbles out, and it appears he’s a bit hurt. He’s also not dressed to wrestle. He tells EC3 to show the ladies his abs, so EC3 pulls the shirt up and he has a HUGE ASS BRUISE on his ribs. Drake attacks EC3 from behind, and the ref rings the bell…

Eli Drake vs Ethan Carter III

Drake unloads on EC3’s ribs, EC3 fires back and hits a backdrop, but Drake gets a knee to the ribs, then hammers EC3 repeatedly as we go to commercial.

We’re back, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME, and Drake is continuing to beat EC3 up on the floor. He gets a bat and comes after EC3 with it, but EC3 nails him before he connects, knocks the bat out of his hand, and rolls Drake into the ring. Drake again hammers the ribs as EC3 comes back into the ring, then hits a side backbreaker and puts the boots to EC3’s ribcage. Drake hits a half nelson backbreaker for 2, and EC3 is getting almost no offense in here as Drake continues to destroy EC3, whipping him hard across the ring and then geting right in his face to yell “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” at his rival. EC3 finally connects with a clothesline and an inverted atomic drop, but takes too long to follow up and Drake hits a hard clothesline out of nowhere. Drake hauls EC3 to his feet, but EC3 picks the legs and gets a jackknife rollup for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Drake goes out to ringside and is LIVID, yelling at Tyrus before grabbing his bat, coming back into the ring, and drilling EC3 in the ribs. Drake repeatedlty bashes EC3 in the ribs, then goes and chews Tyrus out for setting the match up. The lights go out, the DCC is in the ring when they come back up, and they stare Drake and Tyrus down…before going after EC3. They put the boots to EC3 as Drake smiles and laughs, then they attack Drake and Tyrus. Bram and Kingston lay Tyrus out on the floor, then they go back inside and hit the spike piledriver on EC3 on a chair. The DCC stands tall over all three men as we call it a night.


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