Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TNA Impact Wrestling “Open Fight Night” Taping Results Airing 2/2 and 2/9 * SPOILERS *

Thanks to Edward Tomas for sending in the following TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping results from 1/10.

The following will air on the February 2nd and 9th editions of Impact Wrestling, which will carry an “Open Fight Night” theme:

The Broken Hardys are out & Matt says he had PREEM-OOONITION for them to acquire all the tag team gold in the world! And if all the tag teams won’t come to them, they would go to them whatever that means. Jeff says it’s time for him to go back to singles-for awhile & calls out Lashley. Lashley has new music & calls him stupid & says he would destroy him, just like he did to Eddie last week for the title.

1. Lashley VS Jeff Hardy Great back & forth match. Jeff hit 2 Stanton Bombs-with Bobby barely getting his foot on the ropes for the second one. In the end, Bobby nails a huge spear for the clean win. Eddie comes out after the match & isn’t out to fight, but to congratulate Bobby on his win last week. Lashley said he doesn’t need his praise & Eddie tells Triple B-Bitch Boy Bobby-he wants his rematch. Bobby says he’ll give him ONE CHANCE & if Eddie doesn’t win, he doesn’t have to see Eddie’s face again. Eddie agrees.

2. The 3 judges are out-still just the men-& it’s time for a Grand Championship Match. Moose comes out & demands his rematch. Drew tells hm to calm down & he as an opponent already: Bob Issan-no, idea who this sap is-red rooster-like hair on top, short on the sides, black, red, & white trunks & white boots with black on them. Drew wins an easy match with the Future Shock DDT at 2:13 of the the first round.

3. Eli Drake with Tyrus-he has his red briefcase with him. Tyrus has the mic & says-Hey dummies because you can’t act right, you don’t get to hear ELIIIIII DRAAAKKEE & challenges EC3. Tyrus calls him ECrippled 3 & was walking with a walker earlier. Tryus distracts Ethan & Eli attacks from behind. ELI DRAKE VS EC3. Outside the ring, Tyrus is distracting Earl Hebner & Drake tries to use a bat but Carter stops him. Carter wins with a surprise jackknife cover. Drake grabs the bat from the outside to wear EC3 out. The lights go down & the DCC head to the ring & they start attacking Carter. Eli & Tyrus are enjoying the beatdown, but DCC takes them out as well. The segment ends with Bram & Kingston spike-piledriving EC3 onto a chair & he’s helped to the back by the refs.

Brandi Rhodes is very surprisingly out next-no Cody, unfortunately-she has a decent rap music entrance, go figure. Brandi has a problem with…Rosemary? & her mind games & wants hero come out. Rosemary & Decay arrive Rosemary calls her: “Pretty Brandi, innocent Brandi, pure Brandi-Decay comes for EVERYONE-by CHOICE or FORCE.” Rosemary chokes Brandi but MOOSE makes the save-got a hunch Cody might not be happy about that! Strange development.

Spud & his cute suit has arrived-he get “Postman” & “Milkman” chants, awesome-to introduce Aron Rex & his creepy outfit-thankfully he’s wearing new silver tights. Spud keeps singing Rex’s & thankfully, Robbie’s out for their match.

4. ROBBIE E VS ARON REX. Rex wins with the loaded punch after Spud gets in the ring to distract the ref.

The Helms Dynasty is out next. Helms introduces the new X champ, Trevor Lee, who speaks normally & calls himself the crown jewel of the Helms Dynasty. Helms says Everett is the weak link in the Helms Dynasty & a failure & if he has to trim some fat-he will. Andrew says everywhere he & Lee go, they win gold & suggests Helms is the problem-which leads to Shane & Trevor attacking Lee. Looks like Andrew is finally get a face run.

Madyson is out for the KOs match.

5. BROOKE VS SIENNA with Maria. Brooke wins a rollup. Ok match.

6. MOOSE & BRANDI VS ROSEMARY & CRAZY STEVE with Abyss. Brandi & Moose win after Moose hits his discus clothesline. Short match & Brandi’s slowly improving.

7. The DCC: James Storm & Bram with Kingston VS ELI DRAKE & TYRUS. Tryus wants a fight, but Eli seems reluctant. Tyrus wants them all. He calls Kingston mini-me & it’s on & apparently a handicap match. Eli leaves during the match, acts like he’s about to return, then leaves again & Tyrus ends up being pinned.

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