WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests James Ellsworth, Kane, Heath Slater And Rhyno

Renee Young and Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan kick off this week’s show by recapping what just took place in the main event of Smackdown Live. Young calls the ending a heartbreaker for Dean Ambrose. How James Ellsworth’s “No Chin Music” got Dean Ambrose disqualified against AJ Styles. They talk about how Ellsworth’s actions cost Dean Ambrose the #1 contendership to The WWE World Championship. Bryan calls the ending heartbreaking for James Ellsworth as well.

The conversation then shifts for the time being to The Survivor Series qualifying matches. How Natalya is now off the women’s survivor series team due to her loss to Nikki Bella. Bryan calls the situation unfortunate….. Renee quickly plugs Hell In The Cell. She then asks Daniel Bryan if Smackdown Live next week will also have a Halloween theme, like Raw will next Monday. Daniel Bryan is completely against that idea. Renee suggests that she would wear a Halloween costume. Bryan is against that as well. It comes off sounding like his is against women doing it. So Bryan apologizes for being like Donald Trump and retracts his previous statement. Bryan then says that he has been told in his ear piece to change the subject, because he just mentioned Donald Trump.

Renee laughs and moves on by bringing up what took place between Randy Orton, Kane and The Wyatt family on Smackdown. Kane is introduced and is the first guest on the show. Kane says that he is very upset that Randy Orton gave him an RKO. Kane is disappointed in himself that he trusted Randy Orton. Especially considering that he is The Viper. Kane says that the only person, he has ever trusted is his brother, The Undertaker. Renee asks Kane about Randy’s comments in the show where he stated that “if you can’t beat them, join them”… Kane says that it would be a very scary thing for everyone on The Smackdown Live roster if Orton unites with Wyatt and Harper. Kane says that Randy Orton is the most dangerous and cerebral man in The WWE. Briefly compares him to HHH but says that Orton and HHH have differences in their approach. Bryan asks Kane how he will respond to what happened to him. Kane says that he is very angry and that it’s a bad thing for everybody when he is angry. Kane leaves the set.

Daniel Bryan puts over Kane after he leaves. Talks about their long history together. On the flip side, Daniel also talks about how dangerous and violent Randy Orton can be….

Once again, Renee plugs Hell In A Cell this sunday and asks Daniel, his opinion on it. Bryan brings up The 3 hell in a cell matches and sarcastically mocks the fact that there are 3 of them. Bryan then says that there should be 6 Hell In The Cell matches and the winner of all 6 matches, gets to be champion of the galaxy. This gets a good laugh from Renee Young. She asks how that would all work out and be possible. Bryan then goes in on The Universal Championship. He says that HHH will come down and beat everybody up and then someone gets to become Universal Champion. Ouch….

Renee changes the subject by using the term championship to bring up The Hype Bros win over The Ascension on SD Live. How their victory earned them a spot on the tag team Survivor Series match. Daniel Bryan talks about how much he enjoyed The Hype Bros appearance on Talking Smack last week. Renee asks Bryan if he still has the Stay Hyped hat. Bryan says he lost it… Bryan likes that everyone is getting chances to shine. He even says that he would love to see The Ascension on Talking Smack. Renee says she would be scared of them. Bryan says that they are pretty smart guys even though they are very intense, holler a lot and bring up The Wasteland all the time.

The Smackdown Tag Champions, Heath Slater and Rhyno join the show. Renee congratulates them on their victory over The Spirit Squad. Renee asks Bryan if The Spirit Squad are going to stick around on Smackdown. Bryan says that he has to talk to Mr. McMahon about that. By Mr., He means Shane McMahon. Bryan adds that if The Spirit Squad had defeated Slater and Rhyno. They would have been the leaders of The Smackdown Tag Teams at The Survivor Series. Heath Slater asks Daniel for clarification on this. If The Champs automatically get to be on a team at Survivor Series. Bryan confirms what he already states. He adds that Slater and Rhyno need to remain tag team champs, in order for them to automatically qualify for The Survivor Series. A bit of confusion and comedy with Renee’s next question. She asks who the hottest tag team on Smackdown Live is. Slater says that it’s Breezango. Bryan says that she meant who was the best team. Not best looking. Rhyno is asked the question. He also thinks that the question is about looks… Renee asks Heath Slater how his life has changed since becoming a tag team champion. Rhyno says that Heath has been investing. Slater presents a sheet of paper that says “one stock of Puerto Rico”. He paid The Shining Stars 5 hundred dollars for it. Bryan informs Slater that The notice, that he just presented is not notarized. Slater is confused. Renee questions Heath’s education level. Slater says he majored in Criminal Justice. He adds that “He can get all CSI on ya”.

Renee asks Heath Slater about The Miz but Slater is still harping on how he got swindled with the stock share by The Shining Stars. Slater is acting depressed. Says that he thought it had real value. Bryan jokes that he felt the same way about his Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card. Bryan changes the subject to Rhyno’s election. Asks him how things are going for him. Rhyno says that he is going to get Heath Slater to knock on doors for him. Bryan tells Rhyno to help Heath with financial advice. Bryan then states that he and Slater have been in The WWE for the same amount of time. He questions Heath by asking him, “What did you do with your money?”. Heath says “You don’t want to know man”… Heath says he has a lot of kids and he’s partied a lot and made some really bad investments.

Bryan changes the subject back to wrestling. Bryan asks Slater and Rhyno if they can help Smackdown beat Raw at The Survivor Series. They say Yes. Bryan asks Heath about The New Day. Slater says that The New Day have the advantage of being 3 members and that’s easy for them to be champs, because they can rotate in someone when one of them is hurt. Slater is then asked about Gallows and Anderson. Heath says that they are tough but Slater says that he proved that when he was going for a contract. That failure is not an option for him. Rhyno and Heath Slater are going to be great motivators for The Smackdown Live team by giving out Cheez Wiz and playing Rocky. Before Slater and Rhyno leave. Heath poses down and Renee and Bryan feel his biceps. Slater leaves by asking for a number of a stock guy before he leaves.

When Slater and Rhyno leave, Renee Young says she feels bad for Heath Slater. Young thinks that Bryan should rise up and help someone like Slater. Bryan says that every time, he tries to help. People get in his face….. The conversation then shifts to Nikki Bella’s win on Smackdown Live over Natalya. Highlights are shown and Bryan puts over Nikki’s wrestling in the match. Renee wonders if John Cena has been helping her train new moves. Bryan is then asked if he has helped Nikki. Daniel says that he can’t because it is a conflict of interest…. The conversation then transitions to a discussion of how all the women will work together at The Survivor Series.

Renee Young brings the show back to the original topic of discussion at the start of the show. She recaps how Dean Ambrose lost by DQ to AJ Styles, because of James Ellsworth’s mistake. How Dean is no longer the #1 contender as a result of that. That leads to a sad and depressed James Ellsworth joining the show. Ellsworth is embarrassed and is ashamed of his mistake. He apologizes to Dean Ambrose, The WWE and Daniel Bryan. He’s nearly breaking down. Tells Daniel that he wouldn’t blame him if he never allowed him on Smackdown Live ever again.

Daniel Bryan then tells James Ellsworth a story about a match, He had with Dean Ambrose at an independent show. Where Ambrose left him bloody. Despite the fact that they never had any personal issues between each other. Bryan asks James if he is concerned of his health and well being after what he did to Dean. Ellsworth says that he probably deserves it, if Dean gives him a beating. Ellsworth calls his mistake selfish. He says he screwed everything up. Renee asks James if he has spoken with Dean yet. James says no, He says that he doesn’t blame Dean if he doesn’t accept his apology. James is very sorry about what he did. Daniel tries to cheer up James Ellsworth. Tells him about his popularity with the fans. Then states that everyone makes mistakes and jokes that Renee makes a lot of them. On that note, Renee Young closes the show by thanking everyone for watching.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.

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