Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paul Heyman Says Vince McMahon is “Insane”, Going Off Script, Compares Taking Bumps & Audience Synergy to Sex, More

WWE personality and Brock Lesnar advocate Paul Heyman recently spoke with ESPN.com and below are some interview highlights:

On taking bumps in wrestling and the “synergistic moment with an audience”:
“It’s sex. It’s music. And there’s a rhythm to it, and there’s an interaction to it. There’s something very deeply personal about it as well. So once you tap into that you’re hooked, and you seek that every time you dare open your mouth in a public forum.”
On the freedom he has in WWE:
“If you truly want to reach for the brass ring, you need to put your balls on the table. I can go off-point, I can go off-word, I can go off-paragraph, but I can never go off message. Because when I come back through that curtain, if I haven’t sold [McMahon] tickets or pay-per-views or merchandise or network subscriptions, it’s not about reaching for the brass ring — my balls are getting chopped off. And you have to be willing to put your balls on the line with that. Now if you are, he’ll let you do it. It’s your funeral. Or it’s you reaching for the brass ring. Either way, it’s a risk that you have to take.”
On Vince McMahon:
“He’s insane. At least I’m rather sane about it. Then again, I’m sane and I’m a thousandaire, and he’s insane and he’s a billionaire. I don’t think Vince would be flattered by the comparison, but in my little synagogue of life, I could see where maybe we could kibitz a little about that.”

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