Monday, October 10, 2016

Jim Ross Thoughts on Triple Threat Match Opening No Mercy, AJ Styles Using the Chair, Styles Being Cheered in the Match

A new Jim Ross blog has been posted over at and below are some highlights.
“Had no issues with the match order especially considering the US Presidential Debate was going to have such a massive FREE, over the air, audience heads up with No Mercy in arguably a better ‘booked’ pro wrestling storyline than most company’s are featuring these days. Thought that putting the WWE Title bout on first and away from the debate helped protect the title.”
“Not sure that AJ needed to use the chair but so be it. Considering that AJ is being positioned as a villain, I understand the use of the chair but IMO the ticket buyers want to cheer Styles and will continue to do so most likely.
“The triple threat match had some stellar moments and the conclusion of the match was creative as the most popular guy in the match, according to the live audience reaction, cheated to win. Loved the work ethic of all three men in this opening salvo.”

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