WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests Dean Ambrose And Carmella

Renee Young welcomes her co-host and Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan to this week’s show. The opening topic for Talking Smack is Dean Ambrose’s victory over John Cena in the main event and AJ Styles attack of Cena and Ambrose to close the show. They go over Daniel’s announcement of next week’s Smackdown Live main event with AJ Styles defending The WWE title against Dean Ambrose.

Daniel Bryan explains that Dean deserves to get a one on one rematch before the triple threat match at No Mercy. Bryan wants big title matches every week on Smackdown Live. Bryan goes over what a great victory Ambrose got over John Cena.

The conversation transitions to the open of Smackdown with the women’s contract signing. Bryan talks about how he knew that Becky and Alexa would come to blows even though he asked for civility. Bryan puts over Alexa Bliss and how she stepped up her game in the opening segment. Renee asks for a prediction in the smackdown women’s championship match at No Mercy. Bryan says he can’t pick a winner but feels that both women have a lot of pressure on them.

Carmella is welcomed to the show. They show a video recap of Carmella’s attack on Nikki Bella last month on Talking Smack. Bryan teases Carmella about attacking his sister in law. Carmella is asked about the reason behind her targeted attacks on Nikki. Carmella talked about how upset she was that her SummerSlam debut in her hometown was over shadowed by Nikki Bella’s return. Bryan says that Carmella sounds like she is jealous of Nikki. Carmella compares Nikki to an animal at The Bronx Zoo.

Carmella says she has no reason to be jealous of Nikki and that she will one day be women’s champion. Bryan says that in order for Carmella to be a champ. She has to start winning matches and not getting herself disqualified. Carmella says that her plan is to retire Nikki Bella and make her regret that she ever came back from her neck injury. Carmella then goes on a tantrum defending herself. Renee tries to wrap up the interview and dismiss Carmella. Carmella asks Renee to ask one more question and when she does. Carmella ends the interview and walks off.

Daniel Bryan’s phone goes off when he is talking about the quality of the women on Smackdown and how Smackdown is better than Raw. Renee teases him about his phone going off. The conversation then shifts to The Uso’s beating American Alpha on Smackdown and earning a tag title match vs Slater and Rhyno at No Mercy. Bryan puts over The Usos and their history as well as their new aggressiveness.

Daniel Bryan also shows respect to Jason Jordan and how great of a partner he is. How he refused to jeopardize Chad Gable and ended up taking the fall for his team. Bryan predicts that The Usos will win The Smackdown Tag Team Titles at No Mercy.

The next topic is a recap of tonight’s IC Title match between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Bryan compliments both guys for the quality of the match. But Bryan takes issue with the way, The Miz won the match and wants to have a discussion with Shane McMahon about it. Bryan also takes an issue with The Miz stealing his moves. Bryan begrudgingly gives The Miz credit for adding prestige to the IC title even though he has kept the title in a controversial manner.

Daniel Bryan then announces that he has a special announcement. He says that he has been held back. That is his WrestleMania 32 comeback documentary has been held back. Bryan pleads with The WWE universe to make the WWE release the footage. He starts chanting “Release The Bear” and asks fans to use that tweet.

Dean Ambrose joins the show and calls John Cena a snake in the grass. Says that Cena wants to glad hand everybody. Ambrose brags about beating John Cena on Smackdown Live and how he shut John Cena’s mouth from last week. Ambrose says he has never walked on eggshells around John Cena. Daniel Bryan brings up Dean’s line about John Cena being a lazy part timer. Dean stands by what he said. He talks about how he and Cena naturally have always hated one another. Ambrose calls John Cena out. Invites him to come over to his locker and say something to his face. Ambrose says he ain’t scared because he has “Samoans and Swagger” by his side while Cena has no one. Dean says that Cena has no friends.

Dean Ambrose says he is changing the locker room culture while John Cena is just getting changed quickly so he can get on his private jet to do The Nickelodeon awards. Renee asks Dean, How much did what John said about you last week affected you? Dean says, He doesn’t give a crap. Dean says he is more offended by those who think that he cares about John Cena’s opinion. Dean says he doesn’t care about John Cena’s opinion, Steve Austin’s opinion or anyone else… Dean then says, He doesn’t care about Daniel Bryan’s opinion even though he is the GM and then jokingly says to Renee that sometimes he doesn’t even care about her opinion. Which elicits a funny ewwwwwww line from Renee.

Daniel asks Dean his opinion of AJ Styles. Dean gives fans a lesson on how to deal with confrontation. He says if someone challenges you to a fight outside. Walk away but if you are forced into that fight. Hit them with low blows and do whatever you have to win in a street fight. Dean then realizes that he is contradicting himself when he says AJ Styles beat him with a low blow but you shouldn’t do that when it’s for the WWE title even though he admits that he is not above doing it himself. Dean then goes over all the crazy things that he has done in the past and will now end up doing to AJ Styles now that he is his enemy.

Daniel asks Dean Ambrose if he honestly believes that he is better than John Cena and AJ Styles. Bryan says that John Cena has been running this place for 10 straight years. Dean says John don’t run it anymore. He does. Dean says he has been main eventing every single night and brings up all the recent live events and how he has been the go to guy in the company.

Dean says that John Cena can continue to say he is the face that runs the place and AJ can steal his catchphrase and other people’s hand signals but the truth is that he is the man. Renee Young informs Dean that the show has to end. Dean calls Talking Smack the best show on television as the show ends.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.

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