WWE Live Event Results From Amsterdam (4/15): Roman Reigns vs Sheamus, Triple Threat Womens Match, WWE Star Wrestles Twice

Cesaro def. Stardust. Might be because it was the first match but I wasn’t really feeling this one. Too bad because both are very capable wrestlers. Lots of Cody chants which Stardust reacted to. Big pops for Cesaro, especially when he teased the swing. He hit 619 on Stardust twice. Very cool surprise. Cesaro won by swing into sharpshooter.

Sin Cara def. Tyler Breeze. Boos for Tyler. The screens near the entrance weren’t working so his intro was a little awkward. Lots of Lucha chants for Cara. Seems he’s pretty over now. Good match. It’s cool seeing all the Lucha style moves live. Cara won by moonsault (?).

After the match Tyler threw a tantrum and yelled “no no no” which prompted a yes chant. He demanded another match and if he lost that, he’d never wrestle here in his life anymore. Took a while for someone to come out but Jack Swagger hit the stage to a surprisingly huge pop. He carried the Dutch flag and took his time to greet the crowd, especially in the less visible corners.

Jack Swagger def. Tyler Breeze. Breeze attacked Swagger before the match and went to the top rope when the bell rang. Not sure what happened as it looked off but Swagger transitioned a catch into the Patriot Lock for a quick win.

Kane def. Rusev. Huge reaction for Kane and boos for Rusev. Good back and forth. Kane teased but didn’t hit the chokeslam for a while. Rusev got some offense in and nearly locked in the accolade but Kane came back (to another huge pop) and chokeslammed Rusev for the win.

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods (w/ Big E) def. Erick Rowan & Braun Strowman. New Day are were way over of course. Some comedy spots at the beginning where Rowan beat down Woods and taunted his opponents with some dance moves of his own. Lots of feeding off the crowd here. Good offense by the Wyatts, bunch of back and forth but Kofi ended up hitting Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Charlotte def. Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks. Nothing we hadn’t seen on TV before but very good match overall. Becky and Sasha are both very over. Charlotte got a lot of heat. Some obnoxious guys behind me made it clear they don’t care about women’s wrestling so they got a little annoying during the match and I didn’t get to fully enjoy it. Missed the finisher because of it, too.

The Usos def. Dudley Boyz. The TV classic but without the tables. These guys know how to work together. Bubba was very vocal during the match. Usos got a lot of chants. Big pops for the Dudleys mixed with their heel heat. Usos hit the double superkick for the win.

Roman Reigns def. Sheamus. Big reaction for Roman when he came out. Not so much for Sheamus. Changed towards a little more boos for Roman during the match and “let’s go Roman/Roman sucks”. This crowd isn’t the most original. Lots of kids cheering for Roman. Couple of finishers were hit, couple of near falls. Sheamus kicked out of the superman punch but got pinned after a spear.

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