Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jim Ross Blogs On TNA Looking For Investors, Shane McMahon's Return, Triple H Doing Live Events

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at Here are some highlights:

Shane McMahon's return:

"We're being deluged here on the site and elsewhere including Twitter @JRsBBQ with questions on Shane McMahon's return to the WWE that many witnessed last Monday night on RAW. Shane's return was one of the most emotional moments that has been featured on RAW in years. Being asked to cast judgment on this storyline is borderline incredible and I simply have chosen to wait and see how this matter plays out before joining the maddening throng of fans who have either already declared it a failure of the best thing ever."

Triple H wrestling at live events:

"Apparently HHH is going to wrestle some live events before Wrestlemania which is imperative in my view. HHH is a perfectionist and being able to wrestle bouts on the road to Wrestlemania especially if he dances with Roman Reigns in some form is strategic."

TNA looking for investors:

"TNA is looking for new investors and strategic partners and that is making news and we wish them best of luck in attempting to better solidify their financial future. TNA's recent shows on POP hae been showing signs of improvement."

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