A Beginner’s Guide to WWE Betting: Everything You Need to Know

A Beginner's Guide to WWE Betting: Everything You Need to Know

In this case, WWE has emerged the leading wrestling promotion worldwide after acquiring WCW, and ECW and with Nick Khan working to put in place WWE betting in the US. Our tipsters will be providing you with tips on how to bet on WWE, so you are primed for action when these betting lines are available. This detailed WWE guide for how to bet online is especially helpful as it shows new developments on the WWE betting legalization front as well as general and specific tips on how to bet on the most significant WWE bouts.

Is Betting on WWE Legal?

No, WWE betting is not legal at this time. Every state that oversees gambling has prohibited wagering on WWE and other wrestling promotions, since the organization’s fights are predetermined, unlike such genuine fights as the ones in UFC. For instance, the Colorado regulations on sports betting prohibit betting on events with determined or foreseen results. Scripted matches raise some problems like the regular leakage of the result on internet forums and wrestling magazines referred to as ‘dirt sheets’. But the WWE now engages the consulting company Ernst & Young to safeguard match results inter alia to avoid leakage. To this, WWE relies on examples with the betting system used in the Academy Awards, specific US states where PricewaterhouseCoopers maintains the results of the awards’ voting secretly to underscore the match’s integrity.

In Which States Will WWE Betting Be Legal?

The 28 regulated mobile betting markets could at some point legalize WWE betting, but Michigan, Indiana, and Colorado are expected to be the first three to go ahead and allow wrestling betting. These states are being targeted by the WWE because the people there have legalized betting on the Academy Awards and since it is a fixed-result event. For instance, the WWE has also done registration with the Indiana Gaming Commission. Nevertheless, the Colorado Division of Gaming has clarified the fact that there are no existing plans on legalizing wrestling betting regarding the fixed outcome. Moreover, WWE officials have engaged the Michigan Gaming Control Board in some endless meetings, but the fate of those meetings is unknown.

When will wagering on WWE be legalized?

Despite these responses, state regulators have been rebuffed, and the WWE has acquired substantially more power in the process. This is due to being acquired by Endeavor which is the parent company of UFC is a multi-billion-dollar media agency representing the NFL and NHL, and owns sports betting services provider OpenBet. The merger was completed on September 12, 2023, which ended up giving birth to the stomping TKO Group Holdings to battle both UFC and WWE. Although, sometimes a wrestling promotion may lack adequate influence to convince state regulators; more so when doing it alone, TKO is in a position to lobby vigorously due to the available financial might. However, the journey through the legislation system cannot be fast, and it will take time for the legal WWE betting before the end of 2024. Also, WWE odds have to be set by the online sportsbooks, and some operators have raised issues with betting on fully rigged outcomes.

What Are the Most Common Types of WWE Bets?

Given that professional wrestling betting is legal in several global locations such as in the UK, it is not hard to envisage the variety of market a US centered sportsbook may offer in the future. sites that may be offering wrestling bets will mostly provide money-line bets and future bet options. Of course, it means that you only have to comprehend the simplest betting line to get to the bottom of how to put your money on WWE matches . For instance, a moneyline bet on an event such as Hell in a Cell between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes will be just identifying the winner of the event in question. Cross betting cannot be done as there are usually no points to total like the boxing or MMA matches. This also saw the eradication of totals betting and leaving only match winners and betting lines to lay a wager on.

Tips and Strategies for Betting on WWE

Unfortunately, wrestling betting is not legal in the United States yet, but we are familiar with wrestling predictions and have some tips on WWE betting in cases when the betting on wrestling will be launched in the United States.

1. Going through the dirt sheets is not a waste of time by any shot and can be quite useful for wrestling betting fanatics. Note that not all of the information in these sources is necessarily true, but these sources contain rather useful information about the scenes backstage. They give information about directions of storyline, and the physical health of the wrestlers. For instance, it becomes easy to find out that a wrestler is injured, and this will most probably lead to him losing his belt in order to undergo surgery. The information is vital when it comes to wagering on WWE once betting markets associated with the promotion appear.

2. The creative approach in this case includes the notion of the WWE creative team or the writing team, who is responsible for the creation of the story. Of course, although match results are frequently kept as secrets, it is possible to guess the general scenario of the subsequent wrestling bouts. For instance, if a champion is at a certain number of title reigns to set a new record it makes perfect sense that they will win to reach that record. Thus, it is possible to make more or less accurate prognostications about the results of the bouts, if one takes into account the narrative direction, preferred by WWE creative.

3. Especially with the top UK betting sites, it is very important to bet responsibly to avoid getting hooked and ruining your financial and personal life. This means never averaging a loss and always knowing when it is best to leave. Thus, one should not bet on matches that one is not in a position to analyze and bet smartly and only. In implementing a simple strategy of putting limits on the amount of money wagered you will be in a position to relish on the chances of betting and at the same time avoid being bankrupt.

Major WWE Events

WWE televises several TV programs weekly, but at the same time it stages one major Pay Per View (PPV) event every month. These PPVs are important as they bring the end to storylines and include title bouts. Among these are events that are staged annually without exception, and those that are not, but are organized occasionally.


WrestleMania is the flagship event in the professional wrestling arena and it enjoys the reputation of being simply ‘The biggest.’ Currently, it is a multi-day event and it literally sets the stage for the most important plots of the year. The ability to see spectacular matchups, occasionally including celebrities and retired wrestlers, means that WrestleMania is definitely worth watching. Ever since the year 2020, the event has become more special than it used to be when it only lasted for one night and began as a two-night event, accompanied by making the event the biggest wrestling party of the year.

Royal Rumble

In actual fact, the Royal Rumble has always been more than just an event in WWE; it plays an important role during the wrestling season but is most crucial towards determining the WrestleMania. It is conducted in January and integrates the most famous 30 participants in the Royal Rumble match. A win in this over the top rope battle royal means a guaranteed title shot at WrestleMania making this particular match a stepping stone to the championship dream. Being the first Pay-Per-View event for the calendar year, the Royal Rumble always sets the pace to WrestleMania with high-stake matches.

Money In The Bank

The Money in the Bank Ladder match is as original as wrestling matches can get. Originally starting as an idea of Chris Jericho which he introduced in the build up to WrestleMania 21, this has over the years developed into a PPV event. The specific type of spectacle match that is featured entails the wrestlers climbing a ladder to obtain a briefcase that contains a reward stipulating a title shot of the choice of the holder anytime and anyplace within one year. This event not only is filled with action packed punches but also calls for betting probability and prop bets on how and when the cash in will occur creating more fun for the fans.


SummerSlam or simply known as “The Biggest Party of the Summer,” is one of the prestige shows in WWE’s list of PLEs or what used to be called PPVs. Stemming from 1988 the same year the first Royal Rumble event was held, SummerSlam has become perhaps the flagship event of professional wrestling. Having been in existence for only two more events in the WWE calendar, namely; WrestleMania and Survivor Series, SummerSlam is that event that is always filled with high-stake matches and moments.

Crown Jewel

The loyalty to a country as a business partner has created controversy, yet the deal made by McMahon is one that WWE, a newly merged company wishes to uphold. The Crown Jewel premium live event (PLE) is held annually in the Kingdom in the fall and is the largest wrestling showcase in the Middle East. This brings the WWE to stage high impact matches annually and triggers much anticipation, thus reflecting the company’s willingness to avail quality entertainment to its audience in the world.

Survivor Series

Survivor Series made its debut as a Thanksgiving week tradition, and was designed to combat NWA’s Starrcade event. The very idea of tag-team elimination matches would help distinguish this event and label it as an interesting Pay-Per-View solution for betting. When there are several rivals and possible winners in one game, anticipation becomes very complicated. Years later, Survivor Series remains to this day one of the key WWE events, which attracts its viewers with fascinating and highly competitive matches.

Clash of Champions

This is relatively a new PPV event and most exciting because all of the WWE championship titles in all the brands under the promotion are competed for. Predicting championship fights can sometimes be easier than other games due to the likelihood of their occurrence, and thus when a title is expected to change hands betters may not have to dig too deeply.

Different Types of Wrestling Promotions to Bet On

It may additionally interest readers to be aware that now that you recognize how to wager on WWE matches that you simply can use the same principles and tips to other wrestling promotions. Despite this WWE is most undoubtedly the largest player in this field but it is by no means the only one.


The WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion worldwide and remains the most famous wrestling promotion through setting record after record. Due to its continuing obsession with change, WWE generally provides a blueprint for any newly established promotions wanting to emulate it. However, it is undeniable that this company has made foray into the film fraternity too. Thus, many wrestlers are familiar to the broad audience due to the WWEs popularity and successes. From vivid personalities and unforgettable champions to great showings and supervising events, WWE has nicely solidified its position of an international entertainment mogul.

Impact Wrestling

Founded after the brief competition with WWE, TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling, is famous for the X-Division of incredibly high-risk and technical wrestling. While interest and betting markets on the big sites have dwindled from the height of the promotion’s popularity the sport is still loved by dedicated viewers. On October 27 of 2023, Impact wrestling became TNA again but it went into effect only on January 1, 2024 as part of the company’s efforts to restore itself to what it used to be strong and popular.


Created by the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars, AEW or All Elite Wrestling has only been around for less than two years but it is now WWE’s top competitor. This has been possible majorly because the company has a list of incredible former independent wrestlers and ex-WWE talents which makes them thrilling and fresh at the same time. The promotion’s product which is reminiscent of wrestling in the early 2000s has been able to attract a fan base which is in search of a different flavor than what WWE presents. Thus, the dynamic story and the quality of AEW matches prove its ability to occupy a large share in the world of professional wrestling.


NJPW is currently the biggest and most popular professional wrestling promotion in Japan and it is famous to a large extent internationally as well. New affiliations with Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) have helped NJPW’s reach grow in recent years and has provided a level of experience for several of its wrestlers on the World Championship level. These alliances helped in presenting NJPW’s concept and prodigious talent to the new viewers while at the same time enhancing the wrestling realm with entertaining inter-promotional shows and bouts.

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