AEW Double or Nothing 2024 Results

AEW Double or Nothing 2024 Results

AEW Double or Nothing 2024 Results – Stay tuned for the 2024 edition of “Double Or Nothing” from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our coverage begins at 8pm ET with the main show. You can watch the Buy-In pre show in the embedded video below at 7pm ET.

AEW Double or Nothing 2024 Results – BUY IN Notes

Thunder Rosa vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Rosa makes her way out to the ring, followed by “The Virtuosa.” The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one.

Early on, Rosa is shot out of a canon and dominating the offensive action. Purrazzo takes over and motions kicking up dust on Rosa as she is down behind her. Purrazzo takes over with submission work on the mat, and elicitcs praise as being among the best ground talents in the women’s division from the commentary team.

After some more back-and-forth action, we see Rosa shift the offensive momentum back in her favor. It looks like she is working her way towards victory, when Purrazzo gets a pin and holds onto the ropes to cheat for the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

2024 Owen Hart Foundation Memorial Tournament Announced

Tony Khan and Dr. Martha Hart are introduced by Renee Paquette. Out they come and Hart makes the special Owen Hart Cup announcement.

The Owen Hart Memorial Foundation are celebrating their 25th anniversary. With that in mind, they have something special in mind for this year’s tournament. She hands the mic to Khan to make the announcement. He talks about it being the third year for the tourney this year.

The winners of this years men’s and women’s tourneys will get world title shots. The finals will take place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on July 10, 2024. The winners will get their world title shots at AEW ALL IN 2024 at Wembley Stadium in London.

The Acclaimed & “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage & Gates Of Agony

It’s time for our second pre-show match of the evening. The theme for Cage Of Agony, the collective name for the trio of “The Machine” Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony duo of Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona. They settle in the ring and their music dies down.

The Acclaimed’s tune plays and Max Caster raps about freak sex stuff and still not knowing the Gates of Agony’s names. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. The Vegas Golden Knights mascot was introduced prior to the match. Caster rapped during his entrance and made a joke about the size of Cage’s penis. Bowens had his left thigh wrapped.

“Daddy Ass” calls for Cage to tag in early on. Cage obliged and put Gunn down and posed. Gunn returned the favor by putting Cage down with a shoulder block before posing and delivering a crotch chop.

We see all six of the guys in the match brawl on the floor. Bowens was placed to straddle the ring steps and then Gunn was run into the steps. Bowens sold his thigh injury. The heels isolated Caster in the ring while his partners were down on the floor.

After some more back-and-forth action, we work our way to the finish of this one, which sees Cage grab a chair at ringside to a ton of boos. The mascot introduced at the top of the bout takes the chair from Cage for a big pop. In the ring, Gunn gets an inside cradle out of nowhere on Kaun for the pin fall victory. Gunn is slow to get up afterwards.

Winners: The Acclaimed & “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn

LIVE AEW Double or Nothing 2024 Results

After the casino-style cold open package wraps up, we shoot back inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena where Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz welcome us to the show. The theme for Will Ospreay hits and out comes “The Aerial Assassin” for our first match of the evening.

Roderick Strong’s theme hits and out comes The Undisputed Kingdom member for the latest defense of his AEW International Championship. Ospreay tries to blindside Strong with a Hidden Blade, but gets caught leading to a melee with the champ and his pals. The fight spills to the outside where Ospreay manages to dispatch the Kingdom, focusing his attention on the champ who charges at him only to be taken down.

Now both men are back in the ring, going at it until Strong sends Ospreay to the outside once more distracting the ref while Taven and Bennett set the challenger up, leading to a clothesline off the shoulders and to the floor! Strong takes advantage of this after the ref checks on Ospreay, and starts wearing the challenger down in the ring. Ospreay starts fighting back with some chops, but is sent to the corner by the champ for some hard right hands. Strong drops the challenger down hard and gets a nearfall, but bringing Ospreay back up to his feet turns to a jawbreaker on the champ instead.

A trade of strikes leads to Strong sending Ospreayto the corner, but the challenger catches him by surprise dropping the champ to the mat instead. Taven and Bennett hop onto the apron looking to get involved, distracting the ref long enough for Wardlow to run in but an attempt to hit a powerbomb goes awry when the ref catches him. He ejects Wardlow from the ring while Ospreay catches the champ with a Cheeky Nando’s, forcing Strogn to flee to the outside where he and the Kingdom get caught with a corkscrew moonsault from the Aerial Assassin.

Ospreay brings the champ back into the ring and gets a nearfall, before Strong gets to his feet for some strikes. Ospreay responds with a flurry of offense leading to a nearfall of his own. Ospreay heads up top, but is intercepted by the champ who climbs the turnbuckle himself only to be knocked down to the canvas before Ospreay leaps off. He lands on his feet as Roderick rolls away, but seems to have jammed his knee and the champ takes advantage, catching Ospreay with the Stronghold.

Ospreay tries to fight out of it, only for the champ to transition to a cloverleaf until Ospreay manages to grab the rope to survive. Ospreay starts to fight back and eventually hits an Os-Cutter for a close two-count. The crowd breaks out in a loud “This is Awesome!” chant. After stopping the action to check on Ospreay earlier, he stops it again to check on Strong now. Don Callis throws his head set down from special commentary and tells Ospreay to do the retired Tiger Driver move. Ospreay goes for it as the crowd goes wild.

He lifts Strong up but decides against it. The hesitation allows Strong to counter. Strong lands a big kick that knocks out Ospreay. He jumps on him for the cover, but Ospreay kicks out. A hurricanrana attempt to a pin attempt from Ospreay gets another close two-count for the challenger. Ospreay wipes out Strong with a trademark shot. He hits a Stormbreaker and covers him for the pin fall victory. We have a new AEW International Champion.

Winner and NEW AEW International Champion: Will Ospreay

MJF Returns, Gets Revenge On Adam Cole

After Ospreay wraps up his title celebration, out of nowhere, the lights go out. The theme for Adam Cole hits and out he comes. He is walking fine now. He gets on the mic and asks who is ready for story time with Adam Cole … BAY-BAY. He pulls out ‘The Devil’ mask and talks about how when he’s back, there will be hell to pay. The lights go out again.

We see a fancy video of MJF in a nice area with his back turned to the camera. The former AEW World Champion turns and his theme hits. The crowd goes absolutely insane. MJF comes to the ring and stands across from Adam Cole. The fans chant “You f*cked up!” at Cole. The two hug and the crowd boos. MJF backs up and low-blows Cole blatantly and smiles.

He leans down and asked if he kicked the little “BAY-BAY.” He then talks about the friendship part of his life being over. He says now it’s all about heat. He tells Cole to suck a bag of “Donkey D*cks.” He says the stupid, goofy, grotesque mask that symbolizes the tail end of 2023 can go straight to hell. He does a Ric Flair and throws the mask down, hits the ropes and drops an elbow on it.

MJF says he’s been betting on himself since day one. He’s ALL IN and is going Double Or Nothing. He says if it’s not obvious about his AEW contract status, he tells the camera man to zoom. We see a tattoo on him that reads, “Bet on yourself.” He says when it comes to MJF in AEW, you can call him “The Wolf of Wrestling” because he’s not f*cking leaving. His theme hits again to end the wild segment.

Unified AEW Trios Championships
Bullet Club Gold (C) vs. Death Triangle

It’s time for our second bout of the PPV portion of the show, and we’re going two for two, as another title is on-the-line. The Unified AEW Trios Championships will be defended as the Bang-Bang Gang trio of Bullet Club Gold defend against the reunited Death Triangle team.

Each team makes their equally bad-ass ring entrances, and then we get ready for our next match of the evening. The bell sounds and off we go.

Colten Gunn and PAC begin the action. The bell rings and PAC lands a shoulder tackle on Colten. He follows it up with a hip toss before Austin Gunn tags in. PAC lands a pair of hip toss on Austin, then dumps Austin out of the ring. Penta El Zero Miedo tags in, and Penta delivers a Sling Blade.

Fenix becomes legal, and Death Triangle triple teams on Colten. Death Triangle lands a triple dropkick on Colten before Penta delivers a leg drop to Colten as Fenix and PAC hold him in place. Lucha Brothers fly off the top rope at the same time to level The Gunns, and PAC looks to fly. Jay White intercepts him and sets up for Blade Runner, but PAC escapes. White lands a twisting neckbreaker, then tags in Colten. Colten stomps on PAC’s chest, then tags in Austin. Austin sends PAC crashing into the mat, then sends him crashing into the top turnbuckle face first. White tags in and levels PAC with a chop, then goes for a pin. PAC gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

White continues wearing PAC down, but PAC fights back. White catapults PAC into the bottom rope, then locks in a Half Boston Crab on him. PAC escapes before Colten tags back in. PAC fires off stomps on him, then tags in Austin. The Gunns looks to double team on PAC, but PAC makes the tag out to Penta.

Penta lands chops on both Gunns, then tags in Fenix. Penta delivers a backstabber and an assisted flapjack with Fenix. White tags in and Fenix levels White with an enzuigiri, then tags in Penta. Penta sends White crashing into the mat, then tags in PAC.

PAC lands a series of kicks on White’s midsection, but White catches him with a chop. PAC delivers a German suplex to White, but Austin slides in the ring to level him with a clothesline. Penta levels Austin with a Canadian Destroyer, but Colten levels Penta. Fenix takes down Colten and lands a dropkick on his spine, but White levels him.

PAC catches White with a kick, then ascends to the top and looks to fly. Colten catches him and PAX levels a German suplex on Colten, then hits one on Austin. Fenix and Penta deliver the double stomp off the top rope-package piledriver combination. PAC ascends to the top, but a returning Juice Robinson appears out of nowhere and pushes him off the top rope. White then lands Blade Runner on PAC for the win.

Winners: The Bang Bang Gang

AEW Women’s Championship
“Timeless” Toni Storm (C) vs. Serena Deeb

The bell rings and the two lock up. Deeb cinches in a wrist lock on Storm, then sits on her and delivers a dropkick to the back of her legs. Storm lands a forearm on Deeb’s chest, then delivers a Hip Attack to her that sends Deeb crashing to the outside. Storm gets Deeb back in the ring, but Deeb knocks Storm back out of the ring and delivers a neckbreaker. She gets Storm back inside and pins her, but Storm kicks out.

Deeb locks in an Octopus on Storm before cinching in an Abdominal Stretch. Storm escapes with a hip toss, but Deeb lands a pair of Dragon Screws on Storm. She looks to land a third one, but Storm counters into a pinfall. Deeb reverses into a pin of her own, but Storm kicks out. The two then try to take turns pinning one another.

Storm delivers the double knees to Deeb’s spine, then hits a DDT and a Northern Lights suplex. Deeb looks to lock in a cross arm bar, but Storm blocks it and locks in a Cloverleaf. Deeb makes her way over to the bottom rope to break the hold, but Deeb sends Storm crashing into the turnbuckles spine first. Deeb repeatedly slaps Storm in response, then sends Storm crashing into the mat and delivers a clothesline to her in the corner. She lands a twisting neckbreaker on Storm using the middle rope, then delivers a kick to her midsection and lands a swinging neckbreaker.

Deeb lands a German suplex on Storm, then sends her crashing into the mat. Deeb and Storm then slap each other, and Deeb lands an uppercut on Storm. She goes for a pin, but Storm kicks out and delivers a sit-out powerbomb. Deeb looks to roll up Storm, then transitions into a Half Boston Crab. Storm escapes with a series of kicks, but Deeb lands a kick of her own and sends Storm’s knee crashing into the mat. She locks in the Half Boston Crab once again.

May looks to grab the white towel from Luther to throw it into the ring, but Luther prevents her from doing so. Storm escapes the Half Boston Crab by sliding under the bottom rope, then grabs the towel and tosses it out into the crowd. She then delivers a German suplex to Deeb back inside the ring and charges at her, but Deeb flips Storm off. Storm then connects with Storm Zero and goes for a pin, but Deeb kicks out.

Orange Cassidy vs. Trent Beretta

The bell rings and the pair waste no time firing off right hands on one another. Cassidy and Beretta then exchange forearm shots with one another before Beretta levels Cassidy and delivers a chop to him in the corner. Cassidy sends Beretta face first into adjacent turnbuckles repeatedly, then ascends to the top and delivers a crossbody. He follows it up with a Tornado DDT that sends Beretta crashing to the outside, then flies to level him.

Cassidy rains down right hands on Beretta on the outside, but Beretta rakes Cassidy’s eyes and sends him arm crashing off the ring apron. He mocks Cassidy, then joins him back inside the ring and rains down right hands on him. Beretta levels Cassidy with a German suplex, but Cassidy lands a few back elbows on him. Beretta then lands another German suplex on Cassidy.

Beretta hits a Saito suplex on Cassidy as Cassidy stands on the middle apron, then hits another German suplex. Beretta lands a series of forearms on Cassidy, then unloads on him with strikes in the corner. Cassidy lands a missile dropkick on Beretta to send him crashing in the corner, then delivers another dropkick and several of his signature kicks. He then hits a second dropkick and ascends to the top.

Cassidy looks to land a missile dropkick on Beretta on the apron, but Beretta prevents him from doing so and delivers a Gotch style piledriver to Cassidy. Beretta gets on top of the ring steps and looks to fly, but Cassidy trips him and delivers Beach Break. The referee begins a ten count, but both men beat it.

Cassidy looks to hug Beretta, but ducks out of the way at the last second and hits a Michinoku Driver. He then delivers a running kick to Beretta’s face, then sets up for Stun Dog Millionaire. Beretta avoids the maneuver, and Cassidy goes for it again. Beretta once again avoids it and levels Cassidy, then connects for the Dudebuster. He goes for a pin, but Cassidy kicks out.

Beretta charges at Cassidy, but Cassidy catches him with Beach Break and goes for a pin. Beretta kicks out and Cassidy lines up for the Orange Punch. Beretta counters into a Triangle hold, but Cassidy reverses into a pinfall for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

After the match, Beretta storms up the ramp. Rocky Romero joins him and Renee Paquette looks to get a word with Beretta, but Beretta pushes past them and heads through the crowd.

Deeb delivers three Dragon Screws to Storm using the middle rope, then lands Detox on Storm on the apron. She gets her back in the ring and delivers a second Detox. She goes for a pin, but Storm kicks out. Deeb and Storm teeter on the ropes, but Storm sends Deeb crashing into the mat off the ropes. She then follows it up with Storm Zero for the win.

Winner: Toni Storm

After the match, Storm celebrates a successful defense on the ramp and May joins her.

FTW Championship
“The Learning Tree” Chris Jericho (C) vs. HOOK vs. Katsuyori Shibata

The bell rings and Jericho goes after HOOK. Shibata catches Jericho with a few chops, but Jericho lands one of his own. HOOK then delivers a German suplex to Jericho and a T-Bone suplex to Shibata, then pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up between the ring and the commentary desk. He begins brawling with Jericho, but Shibata then knocks them both off the apron. HOOK sends Shibata crashing into the barricade, and Jericho lands a suplex on HOOK.

Jericho grabs a bag from under the ring, then holds it up and gets back in the ring with it to join HOOK. He dumps out the bag to reveal a whole bunch of dice, but HOOK suplexes Jericho on top of the dice. Shibata then suplexes Jericho again on top of the dice, then throws them at him as HOOK does the same. HOOK and Shibata then deliver a double suplex to Jericho on top of the dice, and HOOK suplexes Shibata on top of the dice. Shibata returns the favor.

HOOK grabs a kendo stick out from under the ring as Shibata delivers a pair of kendo sticks from another side of the ring. Jericho grabs a kendo stick of his own, and the three men take turns hitting one another with the kendo sticks. HOOK and Shibata then both hit Jericho with the kendo sticks, and each take a shot at his midsection.

Shibata then levels HOOK and grabs the table from under the ring. He sets it up in the corner, but Jericho clocks him from behind. HOOK sends Jericho crashing into the dice with a Northern Lights suplex, then sets him up on the table in the corner and ascends to the top. Shibata meets him up there and Shibata sends HOOK crashing on top of Jericho and the table.

Jericho sets up the table in the corner, but he’s sent crashing through it. Shibata locks in a heel submission on Jericho and gets HOOK in an Ankle Lock. HOOK escapes and levels Shibata, but Jericho catches HOOK with a codebreaker and goes for a pin. HOOK kicks out and looks to lock in Redrum.

Big Bill runs down and breaks the hold, then rains down right hands on HOOK. He then looks to chokeslam HOOK through the table, but HOOK prevents him from doing so and sends Bill crashing through the table with a T-Bone suplex. Back in the ring, Jericho locks in the Lion Tamer on Shibata. Shibata escapes and cinches in a Figure Four Leg Lock on Jericho. HOOK slides in the ring and locks in the Redrum on Jericho at the same time, but a masked individual dressed in all black and a purple runs into the ring to break the holds with a garage can. They stick the garbage can on top of Shibata, then deliver a senton. They then take the mask off to reveal themselves to be Bryan Keith. HOOK takes a couple shots at Keith with a kendo stick. Jericho connects with a Judas Effect on HOOK, then pins Shibata for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, security guards run down but HOOK levels them all. HOOK follows him storming to the back.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Eliminator
Jon Moxley (C) vs. Konosuke Takeshita

The bell rings and the two waste no time going after one another. They take shots at one another in the corner before Takeshita levels Moxley and begins targeting his injured fingers and bandaged up arm. Takeshita sends Moxley crashing into the mat, then ascends to the middle rope. Moxley knocks him off and onto the apron with a forearm, then looks to plant him on the apron. Takeshita sends Moxley’s arm crashing into the apron, then rips Moxley’s bandages off his arm and chokes him with them. Moxley whips Takeshita into a chair on the outside, then fires off right hands on him and bites him. Takeshita follows suit and stomps on Moxley’s arm, then sends him crashing into the ring steps arm first and dumps him back in the ring before following him. 

Moxley fires off chops on Takeshita, but Takeshita lands a forearm on Moxley. He then delivers a modified bulldog to Moxley, sending his arm crashing into the mat first and follows it up with a Brainbuster. Takeshita and Moxley then fire off forearms on one another, and Moxley repeatedly headbutts Takeshita. He follows it up with a cutter to him, but Takeshita locks in an arm submission to wear down Moxley’s arm further. Takeshita powerbombs Moxley, then locks in another arm submission.

Moxley delivers a tope suicida to Takeshita to level him on the outside, then dumps him back in the ring. Moxley levels Takeshita with a clothesline, but Takeshita sends Moxley crashing into the mat and follows it up with a Saito suplex. Takeshita sets up for the jumping knee, but Moxley counters with a DDT. The two then exchange strikes once again before Takeshita connects with the jumping knee and goes for a pin. Moxley kicks out.

Takeshita sends Moxley crashing into the ring post shoulder first, then lands a forearm strike on him. He grabs three chairs from under the ring, then tosses them into the ring. Moxley sends Takeshita crashing into one of the chairs with a stomp, then follows it up with Death Rider for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

TNT Championship (Barbed Wire Steel Cage)
Adam Copeland (C) vs. Malakai Black

The bell rings and the two waste no time going after one another. They try hitting one another with chairs before Copeland hits a flapjack on Black and follows it up with a boot. Copeland grabs a piece of barbed wire and jams it into Black’s head in the corner. Black looks to send Copeland into the barbed wire wrapped around one turnbuckle face first, but Copeland blocks him and powerbombs Black into the side of the steel cage. Copeland drives Black into the mat with an elevated flatliner and charges at Black, but Black intercepts him with a kick. He looks to catapult Copeland into the barbed wire wrapped around the one turnbuckle, but Copeland lands on the ropes. He then trips him and sends him crashing into the barbed wire face first.

Black lands a round kick on Copeland’s head, then grabs a bat wrapped with barbed wire. He jams the bat into Copeland’s forehead, then stomps on Copeland’s chest and lays him on top of a chair. He grabs the bat wrapped in barbed wire and looks to hit Copeland with it, but Copeland moves out of the way and grabs the bat. He hits Black with it in the midsection and jams it into his forehead as he presses the rest of his face into the side of the steel cage. Copeland then sets up a table wrapped in barbed wire and lays Black on top of it, then ascends up the side of the steel cage. Black trips him on the top rope, then joins him on the middle rope and jams his head into the side of the steel cage. Black then powerbombs Copeland through the table.

Copeland spears Black and goes for a pin, but Black kicks out. Copeland then drives Black with a stalling piledriver, then lays him on top of a second table. He wraps barbed wire around Black, then ascends to the top of the cage. He then delivers an elbow drop to Black that sends him crashing through the table. Copeland sets up for the spear, but Black counters with The End and goes for a pin. Copeland kicks out. Black grabs a spool of barbed wire and hits Copeland with it, then fires off kicks on his chest.

Black then kicks Copeland through the cage door and follows him outside. Copeland lands a spear on Black as Buddy Matthews and Brody King march down to the ring. King and Matthews stand by Copeland, but King levels him and Matthews fires off right hands on him. They dump Copeland back inside the cage and follow him, and Matthews fires off right hands on Copeland’s head. King wraps barbed wire around Copeland as Black puts Copeland’s wedding band around his neck. They then place a barbed wire crown on Copeland.

The lights all turn red, and King goes over to one side of the ring to investigate. Gangrel emerges from underneath the ring! He spits mist on both King and Matthews, then lands DDT on them both. Black levels Gangrel, but Copeland catches him with a spear. He then locks in a crossface using a piece of barbed wire, and Black fades.

Winner: Adam Copeland

Backstage, Lexy Nair talks to Don Callis for an interview. He says he’s got a scoop for her. He will be presenting a contract for The Don Callis Family on this coming week’s post-Double Or Nothing 2024 episode of AEW Dynamite on TBS.

TBS Women’s Championship
Willow Nightingale (C) vs. Mercedes Mone

The bell rings and Nightingale wastes no time. She charges at Mone in the corner, then sends her crashing out of the ring and chases her back in. Mone fires off strikes on her as soon as she gets back inside, then delivers a double arm drag and goes for a pin. Nightingale kicks out and Mone looks to land a second double arm drag, but Nightingale blocks it and lands a chop on Mone in the corner. She follows it up with a right hand and another chop, then charges at her.

Mone sends Nightingale crashing to the outside through the middle rope, then looks to fly off the apron to level her. Nightingale catches Mone with a boot, and Mone looks to level Nightingale with a dropkick under the bottom rope. Nightingale sees her coming and powerbombs her onto the ring apron.

The pair get back inside the ring, and Nightingale lands a Brainbuster on Mone. Nightingale gets Mone on her shoulders and sends her crashing into the mat. Nightingale ends up draped from the middle rope by her ankles, and Mone stomps on one of them. She then delivers a chop block to the injured ankle before she locks in a Knee Bar.

Nightingale fires off chops on Mone while Mone still has the hld locked in, but Mone responds with kicks. Mone drives Nightingale’s injured ankle into the mat, then follows it up with a Dragon Screw and cinches in an Ankle Lock. Mone then hits a Backstabber and locks in a modified Abdominal Stretch. Nightingale escapes and cinches in an Ankle Lock of her own on Mone. Mone escapes and sends Nightingale crashing into the turnbuckle before Nightingale delivers a standing Hip Attack t Mone in the corner. She fires off clotheslines on her and goes for a pin, but Mone kicks out.

Mone connects with a knee to Nightingale’s head, but Nightingale sends Mone crashing into the mat spine first. She then connects with a suplex and goes for a pin, but Mone kicks out. Nightingale then sits Mone on the top rope and joins her up there, but Mone pulls Nightingale down with a powerbomb and goes for a pin. Nightingale kicks out, and Mone cinches in a Figure Four Leg Lock targeting Nightingale’s injured ankle.

Nightingale makes her way over to the bottom rope to break the hold, and Mone looks to fly off the rope to level Nightingale on the apron. Nightingale moves out of the way, then sends her crashing into the ring apron spine first. Nightingale locks in a Cloverleaf on Mone, but Mone escapes with a head scissors. Nightingale then sends Mone crashing into the bottom turnbuckle before Mone ascends to the middle rope and delivers a meteora. She goes for a pin, but Nightingale kicks out.

The action spills out of the ring, and Mone delivers a meteora to Nightingale off the ring apron. Statlander cheers Nightingale on, but gets into a verbal confrontation with Mone. Nightingale hits the Doctor Bomb and pins Mone, but the referee doesn’t see the fall to being the count early enough as she’s arguing with Statlander and Mone kicks out. Mne locks in a crossface, but Nightingale makes her way over to the bottom rope to break the hold. She ascends to the top, but Nightingale joins her up there. Mone pushes Nightingale off, then gets her up on her back and delivers the Mone Maker for the win.

Winner (and new): Mercedes Mone

After the match, Statlander checks on Nightingale in the ring as Hathaway stands by and Mone heads to the back. Statlander helps Nightingale up, and Hathaway gets in Nightingale’s face for losing. Statlander shoves Hathaway and helps Nightingale to the back. At the bottom of the ramp, she sends Nightingale crashing into the floor and tosses her friendship bracelet from Nightingale on top of her as Hathaway smiles on. Statlander then lands a clothesline to Nightingale and stands tall, showing off her bicep as Hathaway joins her.

AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Swerve Strickland (c) vs. Christian Cage

The bell rings and the two lock up. Strickland and Christian take turns firing off right hands on one another before Strickland hits a shoulder tackle and steps over Christian. Christian sends Strickland crashing into the mat, then fires off right hands on his head.

Strickland then delivers a kick to Christian off the apron, then ascends to the top rope and looks to fly. Christian moves out of the way, and Strickland is sent crashing into the barricade. Christian then sends Strickland crashing into another barricade shoulder first, then sends his face bouncing off the apron and connects with a series of chops. He gets Strickland back in the ring and jams his boot into the back of Strickland’s neck, then wears him with a submission hold.

Cage spikes Strickland with a DDT out of the corner, then ascends to the top rope and delivers a Frog Splash. He goes for a pin, but Strickland kicks out. Christian fires off right hands on Strickland, but Strickland whips him into the corner, sending him crashing face first. Christian ascends to the top rope, but Strickland joins him up there. Christian pulls Strickland down with a Sunset Flip, but Strickland responds with a powerslam and goes for a pin. Christian kicks out.

Strickland delivers a back elbow to Christian off the middle rope, then follows it up with a pair of twisting neckbreakers and dumps Christian onto the apron. He then delivers a third twisting neckbreaker to Christian through the middle rope and flies over the top to level him on the outside. Strickland gets Christian back in the ring and ascends to the top. He lands a splash, but Christian responds by locking in a Sharpshooter.

Strickland escapes and pins Christian, but Christian kicks out. Mother Wayne looks to land Christian the AEW World Championship, but Nana grabs it away from her. Nick Wayne points out to the referee that Nana is holding the title, and the referee ejects him from ringside.

Killswitch and Nick beat down Strickland on the outside as Christian distracts the referee. They get Strickland back in the ring and Christian pins him, but Strickland kicks out. Christian whispers something to Mother Wayne, and the referee interrogates her. Killswitch looks to clock Strickland as Christian holds him in place, but Strickland ducks out of the way and Killswitch accidentally hits Christian. Strickland then delivers a stomp to Killswitch and a back body drop to Nick on the outside. He ascends to the top and looks to land the Swerve Stomp, but Christian avoids the maneuver and hits a spear.

Nick distracts the referee, and Christian holds Strickland in place as Killswitch looks to clock him. The referee catches him, and ejects Nick, Mother Wayne, and Killswitch from ringside. Strickland drives Christian into the mat, then delivers a vertical suplex to him on the outside and moves the ring steps away from their normal position.

Christian looks to send Strickland crashing into the ring steps, but Strickland prevents him from doing so. The pair get back in the ring, and Christian delivers an enzuigiri to Strickland’s face. Strickland lands a chop on Christian, then flies to send him crashing to the outside. Christian moves out of the way, and Strickland on the floor. The referee catches Christian exposing the top turnbuckle, opening the door for Nick to return and hit Wayne’s World on Strickland. He gets Strickland back in the ring, and Christian hits the Killswitch. He goes for a pin, but Strickland kicks out. Nana then chases Nick away from ringside and to the back with a steel pipe in hand.

Christian clears the Spanish announce desk and gets Strickland on top of it. He looks to hit the Killswitch, but Strickland avoids the maneuver and lands the Swerve Stomp on Christian on top of the announce desk. The pair get back inside the ring, and Chrsitian sets up for the Killswitch. Strickland escapes and Christian rolls him up. Strickland kicks out and looks for House Call, but Christian evades maneuver. Strickland ascends to the top and hits the Swerve Stomp, then delivers House Call for the win.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

Anarchy In The Arena
The Elite vs. Team AEW

Bryan Danielson and FTR blindside The Elite on the ramp. Darby Allin’s music hits and he runs down to the ring. The bell rings and Jack Perry jams his knee into Allin’s face whilst Allin wears a mask covered in thumb tacks. Allin jams his knee into Perry’s face as Matthew Jackson grabs a mic and tells the production to cut Allin’s music. He calls for The Elite’s new theme music to be played instead as everyone continues brawling, and Danielson grabs the mic. He calls for the greatest theme song in wrestling history to be played, and The Final Countdown begins playing.

Danielson dumps Kazuchika Okada into the crowd, and Dax Harwood brawls with Matthew up the stairs. He sends Matthew’s head bouncing off a Culture Steak table as Okada and Danielson brawl through the crowd. Harwood takes a drink break, then tosses a trash can on top of Matthew. Allin delivers a Coffin Drop off one of the entrance tunnels to everyone except Harwood and Matthew.

Danielson fires off right hands on Okada as they ascend up the stairs. Allin brawls with Perry as Matthew rains down right hands on Harwood in the middle of the crowd. Cash Wheeler and Nicholas Jackson brawl in the ringside area as Wheeler hits Nicholas with a trash can. Matthew then grabs a mic and calls for production to cut off The Final Countdown due to the money it’s costing them to play the song.

Allin and Perry brawl backstage as Nicholas and Wheeler brawl near the commentary desk. Okada delivers an uppercut to Danielson, and grabs a Rainmaker Drive street sign. He then flies over the barricade to level Danielson.

Perry and Allin brawl outside the arena near the production trucks. Allin dunks Perry in an ice bath, but Perry grabs a steel pipe from a pile of trash and hits Allin with it in his midsection. He chokes Allin with the pipe as The Young Bucks dump Wheeler out of the ring near four chairs set up on the outside and land the Shatter Machine on Harwood. Danielson is sent crashing into the corner, and The Bucks look to triple team on him with Okada. Danielson moves out of the way, and The Elite are sent crashing into one another.

Danielson looks to fly out of the ring to level Okada, but Okada grabs a chair and Danielson is sent crashing into it. Nicholas then throws the chair at Danielson as a bus with Scapegoat written on the top of it runs into the pile of trash that Allin is supposedly trapped in. Perry is knocked out, as Matthew beats down Harwood with a chair back inside the ring. FTR delivers an assisted piledriver to Nicholas on the apron, and Harwood ascends to the top to join Matthew. He delivers a superplex, and Wheeler follows it up with a Frog Splash off the top. Wheeler pins Matthew, but Okada breaks the fall.

Okada then lands a dropkick on Harwood, then connects with a shoulder breaker and an elbow drop off the top rope. Okada flips off the crowd, but Wheeler bites his middle finger and snaps it. Okada lands a dropkick on Wheeler, then hits a Tombstone. Allin reemerges at ringside, and begins going after Okada. He delivers a headbutt and a Code Red, then goes for a pin. Okada kicks out.

Allin runs the ropes, but The Young Bucks trip him and deliver a double powerbomb to him on top of the four chairs on the outside. They then drag Allin up the ramp as they call for their entrance platform to be raised. They place Allin on top of it and call for it to be lowered. Production obeys, but Danielson joins The Bucks on the ramp and fires off right hands on them. Nicholas throws Danielson off the stage near a pile of giant poker chips, and Matthew sends Danielson crashing face first into them. The Bucks then deliver a TK Driver to Danielson on top of the poker chip pile before Nicholas sends Wheeler crashing into the pile and Harwood delivers a DDT to Matthew on top of them.

FTR and The Bucks brawl on the ramp, and Matthew levels Harwood with a superkick. Wheeler then lands a superkick on Matthew. Wheeler grabs a table from the back and sets it up on the ramp. Okada lands a DDT to Wheeler on the top of the ramp, then lays him on top of the table as Nicholas ascends up the entrance tunnel. Okada delivers an elbow drop to Wheeler off a stage piece, and Nicholas follows it up with a senton atomico.

Perry finds Tony Khan backstage and drags him away from his position. Allin reemerges with a flame thrower as Perry appears on the ramp with Khan. Allin sets Perry on fire, but The Young Bucks extinguish it and medical officials immediately appear to check on Perry. The Bucks dump Allin back in the ring and Nicholas grabs a garbage can from under the ring as Matthew takes off Allin’s mask. Nicholas ascends to the top, and Matthew sticks Allins head on top of the trash can. He holds it in place, but Allin moves out of the way at the last second and Nicholas collides with the trash can. Okada sets up for the Rainmaker on Allin, but Allin low blows him and lands the Coffin Drop off the top. He goes for a pin, but The Young Bucks break the fall.

The Bucks send Allin colliding with the trash can as a winch lowers down from the ceiling. The Bucks and Okada tie the winch around Allin’s legs, and Harwood levels Okada with a Brainbuster. He clotheslines Matthew out of the ring before he and Wheeler connect with Shatter Machine on Nicholas.

Matthew hits Harwood with an exploding chair, and Nicholas levels Wheeler with a superkick. Okada grabs an arm sleeve covered in thumb tacks and puts it on his arm, then delivers the Rainmaker to Wheeler.

Okada grabs a box of The Elite’s new shoes from under the ring covered in thumb tacks on the bottom and The Young Bucks each put one on. Allin is then lifted up by the winch on the orders of The Bucks, but Allin bites Nicholas. Okada intervenes, and The Bucks land a double superkick on Allin with the shoes covered in thumb tacks. Danielson slides into the ring, but The Elite intercepts him. Danielson then lands the Busaiku Knee on Okada, then grabs Matthew’s thumb tack covered show off his foot. He hits him and Nichlas with it, then fires off The Yes Kicks on The Bucks. Danielson stomps on Matthew’s face, then grabs a chair and delivers the Busaiku Knee to Nicholas using the chair. He goes for a pin, but Okada breaks the fall.

As Allin still hangs from the winch, Okada lands the Rainmaker on Danielson and The Bucks follow it up with the EVP Trigger. Danielson looks to lower Allin from the winch, but Perry lands a running knee on Danielson and pins him for the win.

Winners: The Elite

All of the bloody members of The Elite celebrate as Excalibur and Tony Schiavone talk about what an eventful night it has been, and a historic past five years for AEW. That’s how the show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

–– Here is what’s in store for tonight’s show ––

  • Buy-In: “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) vs. Brian Cage & Gates of Agony (Kaun & Toa Linoa).
  • Buy-In: Thunder Rosa vs. Deonna Purrazzo.
  • FTW Championship Match: Chris Jericho (c) vs. HOOK vs. Katsuyori Shibata.
  • AEW Undisputed World Trios Championship Match: Bang Bang Gang (Jay White, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) (c) vs. Death Triangle (PAC, Rey Fenix, & Penta El Zero Miedo) (w/ Alex Abrahantes).
  • Trent Beretta vs. Orange Cassidy (w/ Don Callis).
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship – Eliminator Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Konosuke Takeshita.
  • Anarchy In The Arena Match: The Elite (Kazuchika Okada, Jack Perry, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. Team AEW (Darby Allin, Bryan Danielson, Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler).
  • AEW Women’s Championship Match: Toni Storm (c) (w/ Luther & Mariah May) vs. Serena Deeb.
  • AEW International Championship Match: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Will Ospreay.
  • AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Swerve Strickland (c) vs. Christian Cage (w/ Nick Wayne, Killswitch & Mother Wayne).
  • TBS Championship Match: Willow Nightingale (c) (w/ Kris Statlander & Stokely Hathaway) vs. Mercedes Moné.

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