2024 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Recap

LIVE 2024 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Recap

2024 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Recap – We start off with a video package that talks about what it means to be a Hall of Famer while showing previously inducted wrestling legends and some of their greatest moments. The video then shifts to those who will be inducted tonight.

Jackie Redmond and Corey Graves are at the podium and excited to kick things off. They talk about some of the big names in the house. They show Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who is sitting next to Stephanie McMahon (wearing an ECW hat). They show CM Punk, the Usos, Trish Stratus, Kurt Angle, and Rey Mysterio. But now… it’s time for tonight’s 2024 Hall of Fame legends. When mentioning Paul Heyman, an ECW chant broke out.

Paul Heyman will be the first person to be inducted tonight. They go to a video package for him.

Paul Heyman, inducted by Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns said he “loves his wise man” so there was no way he could turn down the chance to induct him. Reigns was casual and out of character here. He talked about Heyman’s ability to motivate and how he knows what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. Reigns kept this short and light-hearted.

Paul came out to the ECW theme, deservedly so.  Stephanie is even wearing that friggin’ ECW beret.

MASSIVE ECW CHANTS, followed by “Paul E” and “You deserve it” chants.

Heyman said, “You’re damn f**king right I do.”  That got an ECW chant.

Heyman said he didn’t prepare anything tonight as he wanted to feel the room.  He pointed out Rob Van Dam, who was sitting with his wife Katie Forbes and Tommy Dreamer.  He said he asked RVD how he could truly reveal himself.  He asked his son and his daughter, who were sitting next to CM Punk, asking how he could predict himself as “me” and like Rob Van Dan, he took a hit off a joint. 

The Dudley Boyz are also in attendance.

Heyman said he got to do with his life what he wanted to do with his life.  He gets to work with men and women in the art of sports…entertainment, no, professional wrestling.  He’s the first inductee in a class picked by Paul Levesque.  The crowd chanted for Triple H.  He praised HHH for taking on a leadership role that was sorely needed for the men and women in the locker room.    He praised HHH’s allowing talents to have freedom to become the superstars they have become.  Heyman said for the rest of his life, he wants to be a Paul Levesque Guy and shook HHH’s hands.  The crowd chanted for Paul Levesque.

Heyman pointed out that Stephanie McMahon here and that she was wearing a ECW hat.  It was time for her to admit after all these years that she married the wrong Paul.  That got a ECW chant.   He said they’d get to ECW, but first he wanted to address his children.  He said this is what he wants them to do with their lives.  He said if anyone messes with them, they are two seats down from Haku.  He said it’s not about money but about being worthy of people’s respect and about pursuing your dreams again and again and failing 101 times and succeeding on the 103rd time.  It’s about waking up and can’t waiting to get into it.  He told them to pursue their dreams and they’ll stand in front of their peers and friends and fans and their children because of the body of work.  He told them how much he loved them and how much he missed his mother and his father were here tonight.

He asked where Cody Rhodes was.  He said that he wishes Dusty Rhodes was here to see this.  Philly chanted for Dusty.    He said that covers all the mushy shit.

He said it was time to talk about ECW.  Heyman pulled out his old leather jacket, a cell phone and an ECW hat.    I won’t even pretend this didn’t make me misty eyed and happy all at once.  He said there comes a time for every man that you have to accept reality.  He said the reality in 1993, the industry sucked.  He had a vision that created the Tribe of Extreme.  It couldn’t have happened any other place than Philadelphia.  He praised the ECW Arena.  He said Eric Bischoff got the idea of the Cruiserweights from the ECW Arena.   He praised the Dudleys and RVD.  He said they were Napster, they were out to change the industry.    He said that ECW is alive today in the passion of those in the industry and those who love professional wrestling.  

If you think the spirit of ECW died in a bankruptcy court in 2001, “You can suck my f***ing d**k.”

Heyman joked that he’s gotten himself canceled again.  He said they aren’t going to cancel him, because if they do, he’s going to come back bigger and badder.  He ran down everything he went through in WCW and then WWE, even mentioning Brock Lesnar.    He said when he was canceled as Raw Exec Director, Roman Reigns brought him back to the Island of Relevancy.  He said he’s been canceled 100 times and will come back 101, stronger, smarter and wiser.  He spoke about how proud he was to work with today’s talents.

Heyman ran through all his catch phrases through the guise of “My Name is Paul Heyman” and closed it out by saying he has to pee but this isn’t a lifetime achievement award as he’s just getting started.  He said he’s going to be disruptive all over again and that’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler.

Bull Nakano, inducted by Madusa

A video aired featuring highlights of Bull Nakano’s career. It featured comments from Kofi Kingston, Jinder Mahal, Asuka, and CM Punk.

Graves introduced Madusa as Alundra Blayze to induct Nakano. 

Blayze said congratulations to her CEO from the Dangerous Alliance, referring to Heyman. She talked about Nakano getting started with All Japan, developing her iconic look, and her cutting-edge in-ring style. 

Blayze said she and Nakano set a new standard that continues to shape women’s wrestling today. She said Nakano is a pioneer, a trailblazer, and her friend. 

Nakano walked to the ring with her signature facepaint on. She started by saying she has been waiting a long time for this award. Nakano said she had a great experience with WWE in 1994. She talked about the tough WWE schedule and arranging transportation to the venue being difficult because she didn’t speak English. Her favorite moments in WWE were the matches because wrestling is a universal language. 

Nakano thanked Madusa. A “Thank you, Bull” chant rang out. She looked up and thanked Luna Vachon. Nakano said if she were to be reborn, she would want to be Bull Nakano again and be back in WWE. She finished her speech by calling the award a treasure. 

Muhammad Ali, inducted by The Undertaker and accepted by his widow, Lonnie Ali

A video aired featuring highlights of Ali’s career, including his wrestling appearances. It featured comments by Baron Corbin, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, and Hulk Hogan.

The Undertaker was surprisingly brought out to help induct Ali.

Taker recited some of Ali’s famous quotes. He said only one man can truly claim to be the greatest professional boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. he said Ali was and always will be the legend amongst legends. 

Taker brought out Lonnie Ali to accept on her husband’s behalf. She said Ali was a role model, and inspiration to us all. He continues to inspire new generations of fans. Lonnie said Ali loved people, all people, and they loved him right back. 

Lonnie talked about Ali punching Roddy Piper in the main event of the first WrestleMania. She talked about Ali’s humanitarian work and said he is deserving of every honor he’s ever received and she knows Ali would be thrilled to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Lonnie talked about The Rock asking for permission to use the name “The People’s Champion” and said it was her honor to present The Rock with The People’s Championship. 

The Rock came out and got booed by the Philly crowd. Lonnie and The Rock unveiled a nice-looking championship belt, which the crowd cheered for. 

The Rock then approached the podium and more booes rang out from the crowd. He thanked Lonnie for the title and said Ali was one of his heroes. Rock said when he was a kid his father was Ali’s sparring partner and he spent time with Ali’s family and spoke about the honor of receiving the People’s Championship.

The U.S. Express of Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham, Inducted by Taylor Rotunda and Mika Rotunda

A video aired of Levesque calling Rotunda and Windham to tell them they are being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Highlights of their career were shown. It featured comments by The Miz, Bruce Prichard, and Cody Rhodes. 

Taylor (Bo Dallas) and Mika Rotunda came out to the ring. Taylor took a moment to recognize Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt, which got a big “Thank you, Bray” chant as people waved their phone lights. He said that while Wyatt isn’t on this stage, we know “he’s here.” Mika joked that there would have literally been no Windham Rotunda without Windham & Rotundo. 

Windham and Rotunda came out. Windham hugged his old New Blackjacks teammate, JBL on his way to the ring.

Rotunda talked about how Windham grew up in the wrestling business but he wouldn’t have gotten into it had it not been for wrestling at Syracuse University and meeting “The Destroyer” Dick Beyer. He also talked about meeting Windham’s sister and marrying her six months later. Rotunda also said they deserved hazard pay for wrestling Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff so often. 

He closed by saying he wished his son was there and that Wyatt would have liked to see his old man get inducted. The fans chanted “He’s got the Whole World In HIs Hands” and everyone held up their phones as Wyatt’s music played. 

Thunderbolt Patterson, inducted by radio personality Scott Spears and The New Day

The New Day’s Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston came out. They paused on the stage before bringing out Big E. Woods said it had been a long time since the three of them had been together in a ring. They spoke about how it was Patterson’s charisma that made him stand out and how important Patterson was for Black athletes. They said without the hardwork of Thunderbolt Patterson, they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do all the things they’ve done in their careers. Big E then gave his “don’t you dare be sour” introduction for Patterson. 

Patterson hugged Jerry Brisco and JBL on his way to the ring.

A video aired featuring highlights of Patterson’s career. It featured comments by Cody Rhodes, Bruce Prichard, Booker T and Kingston. 

A unidentified speaker called Patterson the Jackie Robinson of professional wrestling as Patterson stood beside him at the podium. He said baseball was a better game because Jackie Robinson got to play and professional wrestling is better because Thunderbolt Patterson is and was in it. 

Patterson got on the mic and said he wanted to pray and thanked Jesus. He said he was taught that what you do and say comes back to you. He asked the crowd for an Amen and they gave him one. Patterson said that since the beginning of time it’s been spiratual warfare. He talked about how everyone has seen the same thing, lying, hating and killing and it’s time to treat people the way you want to be treated. 

Patterson thanked Gerald Brisco, Bruce Prichard, Brian Blair, and Mike Mooneyham. 

He told everyone to come together and love one another, shook hands with New Day and the show cut away.

The late Lia Maivia, inducted by The Rock

A video aired featuring The Rock seated next to his grandmother’s grave singing to her. It then cut to highlights of Lia Maivia that was narrated by Ana Tuisila, who plays her on Young Rock. The Rock is then brought out to induct Maivia. 

The Rock came out and seemed to get a better response from the crowd than he got earlier in the night. 

Rock said that before he gets into his speech, he wants to congratulate the entire class. 

He talked about his grandmother being a trailblazer in a male-dominated industry. Rock said she changed the game and opened doors for many wrestlers including for women in wrestling. He talked about how in the early 1980s promotions would send their biggest stars to wrestle for her and one of those stars was Dusty Rhodes. 

Rock then brought out a WWE-branded mic, pushed away the mic at the podium, and turned his attention to Cody Rhodes. He said that what happens between them at WrestleMania is not business, it’s personal. A “Cody” chant rang out through the arena. 

Rock acknowledged his mother Ata Maivia Johnson at ringside, and called her the real Final Boss. He said that his mother would like to lay the smack down on Cody’s candy ass. Rock thanked everyone, thanked his grandmother and told everyone to get ready for WrestleMania. 

–– Inducted tonight ––

  • Paul Heyman, inducted by Roman Reigns.
  • Bull Nakano, inducted by Madusa.
  • The U.S. Express of Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham.
  • The late Muhammad Ali, inducted by The Undertaker and accepted by his widow, Lonnie Ali.
  • Thunderbolt Patterson, inducted by radio personality Scott Spears.
  • The late Lia Maivia, inducted by The Rock.

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2024 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Recap

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