Who Has The Best Spear In Professional Wrestling?

Who Has The Best Spear In Professional Wrestling?

Who Has The Best Spear In Professional Wrestling? – In the rich tapestry of professional wrestling, the spear has emerged as a quintessential maneuver, often serving as both a signature and match-ending move. This iconic move has played a pivotal role in countless historic wrestling matches.

Recently, Stevie Richards delved into the world of wrestling spears in one of his YouTube videos. In this analysis, he scrutinized and dissected the execution of spears by renowned wrestlers who have utilized this maneuver to seal their victories.

Roman Reigns:

“As we break this down frame by frame, this is the standard set up for his spear out of the corner. He does the big scream and then he goes for the spear, much like Goldberg, Rhyno, and Edge. This is the standard setup for anybody doing the spear, they go to the corner, wait for their opponent to turn around, and then hit them with the spear. Here’s Roman Reigns going for that spear on Sami Zayn, as you can see he jumps up in the air. As we stop here, Roman Reigns is all the way in the air, Sami has his right leg right here, but it’s going to go away as he takes the bump, safe. Roman is right in line with the second rope here, that’s pretty amazing. It’s like a real spear where his body is pretty much parallel to the ropes. As he lands, Roman’s hand comes down to brace his impact. His right knee comes down as well and his arm is around Sami Zayn’s waist, almost like a clothesline to the stomach, much like Rhyno and even Edge do it. His left hand is down here to protect himself, his left knee comes down along with the foot, and the right arm is cupping around Sami Zayn’s stomach. Very safe back bump for the opponent and a standard clothesline bump.”


“Next in the versus series is Goldberg. Like I said, I’m an expert at taking this spear [laughs]. Here we have Goldberg in the standard spear position right here. Goldberg’s in the corner, Rocky is about to turn around and Goldberg is going to give him a spear. As Goldberg runs, we should have a camera switch on impact. Goldberg does it more like a football tackle, he plants that left foot down there, the right foot is up, and the arch is coming straight down in a driving fashion. Rocky being a former football player in college for the Miami Hurricanes, knows what it’s like to get tackled. Nice camera cut right on the impact. As Rocky comes down, and this is a theme of Goldberg. Look at Goldberg’s body position and the space right here between him and Rocky. This is not sour grapes by the way, Goldberg treats Hogan, Rocky, and other people different than a Stevie Richards or Dolph Ziggler. That’s fine. As a worker, I plan on hitting everybody with the Stevie Kick the same exact way. I don’t plan on taking advantage of someone that’s lower on the card and then taking care of people that are higher on the card. That’s normal in pro wrestling, and I just don’t like it. It’s chicken shit.”


“Here it is, the standard spear setup in the corner. You have Edge right here, and you have Shelton about to turn around right here. As he goes for the spear, you can see Shelton is turning around, and Shelton does a great thing where he runs into it so he can give himself enough space to take a really impactful back bump. Here comes Edge running, Edge puts the hand out. The left arm is going to hug around like a clothesline. It’s almost like a clothesline to the stomach where he wraps around and drives down. Edge kind of pats the side to know he’s about to do the spear, and then this right hand is going to come down and protect him and Shelton so he’s not gripping all the way around here, [preventing] Shelton from bumping on that wrist. This arm should drop right down there and protect both guys. At the last second, Edge is bringing that hand down to land on the right arm and the right knee. Shelton’s going to take a nice back bump right there and Edge’s arm is wrapped around him, guiding him down for a flat back bump.”


“Last but not least, we have Rhyno. I’m going to point this out right now, the thing I like about Rhyno’s spear, it’s not a spear. He calls it a gore. So right away, Rhyno, Gore, it already stands out, it matches his character and I think it puts him a couple points ahead just on the name being different. Rhyno’s running, and he looks like a Rhyno right there. Rhyno and Edge actually came up on the independents together. They trained together, they traveled together, they wrestled together and you’re going to see a lot of Edge’s spear in Rhyno’s gore, they’re essentially the exact same thing. Wrapping the arm around the sides and then driving the guy down. Also, Rhyno is more like Roman Reigns where his body is completely flat. He’s diving at Tajuri, not just trying to clothesline him and come down. The arm positioning is the same as Edge. Want to point out right here that Rhyno is flat, he takes basically a stomach, chest, and face bump when he lands. Rhyno almost hits you with the clothesline and then he bounces off and you both take a flat bump. You take a flat back bump, Rhyno takes a stomach, chest, and face bump and then goes for the cover.”

Who Has The Best Spear In Professional Wrestling?

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