IMPACT 1000 Results – Night 2 (9/21)

IMPACT 1000 Results – Night 2 (9/21)

IMPACT 1000 Results – Night 2 (9/21) – We kick things off with an exclusive championship match Before the IMPACT!

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly) vs Death Dollz (Jessicka & Courtney Rush) – Knockouts World Tag Team Championship

Jessicka hits Slamovich with a pair of snap suplexes to gain control. The Death Dollz deliver a series of strikes to their opponents, culminating with double Bionic Elbows. Moments later, Slamovich launches herself off the apron, taking out Jessicka on the floor. Rush hits Slamovich with an Exploder suplex but it sends her into the corner, allowing Kelly to tag into the match. Kelly goes on the attack with a series of clotheslines to Rush. Jessica hits a running crossbody on Kelly, followed by a splash in the corner. Rush locks in a Sharpshooter but Kelly makes it to the bottom rope. Jessicka almost puts Kelly away with a running leg drop. Kelly spikes the Death Dollz, then makes the much-needed tag to Slamovich. The pace quickens as Slamovich hits Rush with a Saito suplex for two. Jessicka hits an assisted sit-down powerbomb on Slamovich but Kelly breaks the pin. Slamovich connects with the Snow Plow on Jessicka to win.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly) def Death Dollz (Jessicka & Courtney Rush) – Knockouts World Tag Team Championship

The celebration of IMPACT Wrestling’s 1000th episode continues, an all-new IMPACT! is on the air.

Ace Austin vs Zachary Wentz vs Rich Swann vs Alan Angels vs Mike Bailey vs Samuray Del Sol – #1 Contenders Ultimate X Match

The winner of the high-risk, high-wire spectacle known as Ultimate X will become the #1 Contender for the X-Division Title! Wentz takes out Angels with a dive over the top. Del Sol hits a springboard senton to the outside, colliding with three of his opponents. Swann crashes into everyone with a step-up corkscrew. Austin is the next to fly with his signature Soar to Glory. Del Sol, Angels and Bailey hit triple Moonsaults off the steel truss to the floor. Wentz hits Swann with a top rope cutter. Angels and Bailey exchange strikes on the top of the truss with Bailey gaining the upper-hand. Bailey and Del Sol race across the cables. Angels and Wentz start shaking the cables, causing Del Sol to lose his grip. Swann spikes Wentz with a Poison Rana. Angels sends Swann crashing down to the mat. Wentz blinds Swann, Del Sol, and Austin with his spray paint. Angels goes low on Bailey, allowing him to retrieve the X and win.

Alan Angels def Ace Austin, Zachary Wentz, Rich Swann, Mike Bailey & Samuray Del Sol – #1 Contenders Ultimate X Match

Backstage, Alan Angels reveals that he is going to challenge Chris Sabin for the X-Division Title next week!

Dirty Dango w/ Alpha Bravo vs Jake Something – Fox Box Rules

This match will be contested under Fox Box rules: there will be a 10-minute time limit with an on-screen display reminiscent of the first episodes of IMPACT that aired on FSN, and Chase Stevens will serve as the judge in the event of a time-limit draw! The bell rings and Dango narrowly avoids an early attempt at Into the Void. Dango uses Bravo as a shield but Something perseveres and hits a powerslam on the floor. Back in the ring, Something hits a big clothesline for two. Something charges into the corner but Dango sidesteps, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. Something bounces back with a series of clotheslines, followed by a spear in the corner. Something knocks Dango off the apron. Bravo inadvertently hits Dango with the flashlight. Something capitalizes with Into the Void to win.

Jake Something def Dirty Dango w/ Alpha Bravo – Fox Box Rules

Rhino Gores Steve Maclin backstage after Maclin nearly ended his career earlier this year. Rhino tells Director of Authority Santino Marella that whatever happens next is on Maclin!

Kenny King w/ Sheldon Jean vs Eric Young w/ Scott D’Amore

Eric Young steps up to Kenny King in this singles showdown! IMPACT President and former Coach of Team Canada, Scott D’Amore, accompanies King to ringside. Jean attacks Young from behind to cause the quick disqualification.

Eric Young w/ Scott D’Amore def Kenny King w/ Sheldon Jean by Disqualification

D’Amore comes to Young’s aid as he cracks Jean in the back with a hockey stick. Deputy Director of Authority Shark Boy makes an impromptu tag team match.

Kenny King & Sheldon Jean vs Eric Young & Scott D’Amore

The bell rings but this time, Deaner and Kon of The Design blindside Team Canada to cause another disqualification!

Eric Young & Scott D’Amore def Kenny King & Sheldon Jean by Disqualification

Shark Boy restarts the match as an eight-man tag as the legendary America’s Most Wanted join forces with Eric Young and Scott D’Amore!

Kenny King, Sheldon Jean & The Design (Deaner & Kon) vs Eric Young, Scott D’Amore & America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)

Jean rakes the eyes of Storm. Storm comes back with a Slingblade to King. Harris hits King with a Bulldog for two. D’Amore jumps off the second rope and drops a closed fist on Deaner’s head. Deaner distracts the referee, allowing Kon to clothesline Young from the apron. Young picks Kon up on the shoulders and spikes with with a Death Valley Driver. Young makes the tag to Storm as he brings the fight to Jean. James gets two for one on King and Jean. Jean shuts down Storm’s momentum with a leg lariat for two. Young soars with a top rope elbow drop on Jean but it’s not enough. King catches Young with a Blockbuster. Kon knocks D’Amore off the apron. Kon squares off with Harris as the two men exchange strikes. Storm takes out Deaner with the Last Call. D’Amore hits Sky High on Jean, followed by a Piledriver from Young to win.

Eric Young, Scott D’Amore & America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) def Kenny King, Sheldon Jean & The Design (Deaner & Kon)

Feast or Fired Results

Busted Open Radio’s Dave LaGreca hosts the Feast or Fired briefcase reveal. Crazzy Steve’s briefcase holds a Digital Media Title opportunity. Moose’s briefcase holds an IMPACT World Title opportunity. Chris Bey’s briefcase holds an IMPACT World Tag Team Title opportunity. And Yuya Uemura’s briefcase holds the pink slip, meaning that he is fired from IMPACT Wrestling.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Trey Miguel w/ Zachary Wentz vs Josh Alexander

After being blindsided by the Rascalz last week, Josh Alexander is out for revenge on one half of the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, Trey Miguel! Alexander catches him in mid-air and hits a high German suplex on the neck. Wentz confronts Alexander at ringside, allowing Miguel to capitalize with a dive over the top rope. Wentz gets involved once again as he trips up Alexander from the outside. Miguel hits a double stomp for two. Alexander turns Miguel inside out with another explosive German suplex. Miguel counters the C4 Spike into a handspring kick for two. Miguel picks him off the top with a pair of head scissors. Miguel soars with the Meteora but Alexander transitions into an Ankle Lock. Miguel sends him tumbling to the outside where Wentz delivers a knee strike behind the referee’s back. IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley neutralizes Wentz at ringside. Alexander hits Miguel with the C4 Spike to win.

Josh Alexander def IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Trey Miguel w/ Zachary Wentz

After the match, Alexander sarcastically thanks Shelley for his help but says that he could’ve used it last week when he was jumped by both of the Rascalz. Shelley says that he didn’t want to help him tonight, he just wanted to hurt the Rascalz. Alexander tells Shelley that at Bound For Glory, he’s reclaiming the title that he never lost.

Breaking news! Will Ospreay will go one-on-one with Mike Bailey at the biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory, LIVE October 21st on pay-per-view from Chicago’s Cicero Stadium.

Jonathan Gresham wants to work his way back to the top. His longtime frenemy, Mike Bailey, suggests a singles match between them.

John Skyler demands a title opportunity from the Rascalz after he and Jason Hotch helped them become IMPACT World Tag Team Champions. The Rascalz dodge his challenge when ABC interrupt, who earned an IMPACT World Tag Team Title shot via Chris Bey’s Feast or Fired briefcase.

It has been made official! Josh Alexander will look to reclaim the title he never lost when he challenges Alex Shelley for the IMPACT World Championship at Bound For Glory.

Don’t miss an all-new IMPACT! next Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV and 8:30pm ET on YouTube for IMPACT Insiders. Chris Sabin defends the X-Division Title against Alan Angels. Digital Media Champion Tommy Dreamer teams with Heath to battle Kenny King and Sheldon Jean in a Memphis Street Fight. Mike Bailey goes one-on-one with Jonathan Gresham. After being fired from IMPACT Wrestling, Yuya Uemura will hold a Goodbye Ceremony.

Knockouts World Champion Trinity, Jordynne Grace, Mickie James, Gail Kim & Awesome Kong w/ Raisha Saeed vs Deonna Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Angelina Love w/ Jai Vidal & Velvet Sky

The battle lines have been drawn for the greatest fight in Knockouts history! Stars from the past and present collide in tonight’s huge main event. Trinity hits Love with the running splits. Angelina fights out of the corner but Trinity takes her down with a clothesline. Grace hits Shaw with back to back powerslams, followed by the Juggernaut Jackhammer. Shaw inadvertently takes out Evans with a wind-up kick. James launches herself off the top, connecting with a seated senton on Shaw. James slaps Steelz across the face. James is headed to the top but Steelz pushes her down. Evans is grounding and pounding James but it’s only a momentary advantage as James bounces back with a neckbreaker. Kim squares off with Purrazzo as she connects with a springboard crossbody. Kim gets two for one as she takes out both Purrazzo and Shaw with innovative offense. Sky gets involved on the outside, blindsiding Kim out of nowhere. Back in the ring, Kim locks in a modified Octopus submission on Shaw. Both Purrazzo and Kim are down in the middle of the ring following in-sync crossbody attempts. Kong enters the match and immediately goes on the attack. Kong is about to to Chokeslam Evans when she’s jumped by Purrazzo and Love. Trinity and James work together to neutralize them. Grace uses Kim’s body as a weapon as she spins her around and collides with Evans. Kim launches herself off the top rope, taking out everyone with a crossbody on the floor. In the ring, Kong Chokeslams Shaw, then puts her away with the Implant Buster to win.

After the match, Angelina Love gives Jai Vidal a Botox Injection as Velvet Sky places a bag over his head.

Trinity, Grace, James, Kim, Kong and Saeed stand tall and celebrate their victory as IMPACT 1000 goes off the air.

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IMPACT 1000 Results – Night 2 (9/21)

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