8/28 WWE RAW Results – Memphis, TN

8/28 WWE RAW Preview

8/28 WWE RAW Results – We are live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee, as Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring. Out next is Mr. Money In The Bank Damian Priest for our first match of the night.

Sami Zayn vs. Damian Priest

The match began with Damian Priest and Sami Zayn locking up in the center of the ring. Priest used a side headlock and followed up with a forearm strike. He delivered kicks and punches to Sami. Sami countered with an arm drag takedown and applied an arm bar submission hold.

After breaking free from the arm bar, Priest backed Sami into the corner. Sami dodged Priest’s punch and responded with chops to Priest’s chest. Priest fought back with punches and attempted to whip Sami into the ropes. Sami countered with an elbow strike and then executed an elbow drop from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Sami performed a dropkick through the ropes, knocking Priest to the floor outside the ring. He followed up with a move from the ring apron. Back inside the ring, Sami delivered a back heel kick and continued his attack.

However, Priest turned the momentum in his favor by countering Sami’s offense and sending him into the center of the ring. Sami’s attempt to use the ropes for a move was thwarted by Priest. Priest then gained control with a clothesline and followed up with powerful kicks to Sami, asserting his dominance in the match.

Priest landed a forearm that forced Sami into the turnbuckles. He followed up with another forearm and a choke. Priest then delivered an elbow in the corner, followed by a move called Broken Arrow, but only managed a near fall. Priest stretched Sami, who countered with kicks. Sami sent Priest over the top rope to the outside, looking to execute a suicide dive, but Priest caught him. However, Sami turned the situation to his advantage, and attempted a move called pescado, but Priest countered and hit a flatliner on the announce table.

The action then went to a commercial break.

As we return from the break, Sami delivers forearms to Priest’s back while positioning himself for a potential superplex. Sami counters with a sunset flip powerbomb, which earns him a near fall. He follows up with punches to Priest, leaping over him and clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside. Sami then executes a flip dive onto Priest. As Sami climbs the turnbuckle, Priest catches him upon landing. Sami manages to escape Priest’s South of Heaven maneuver, causing Priest to hit the ring post with a splash as Sami moves aside. Sami responds with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close near fall.

Priest drops Sami onto the top rope and delivers a kick to his head. Priest proceeds with a back heel kick and prepares for a Razor’s Edge, but Sami stands up and counters with an exploder into the turnbuckles. During the match’s closing moments, JD intervenes by trying to pull Sami out of the ring. However, Priest executes his finishing move, South of Heaven, on Sami and secures the victory.

Winner:  Damian Priest

Following the match, JD attempts to raise Priest’s hand, but Priest shoves him away and leaves the ring. As JD turns around, both Kevin Owns and Sami work together to pinball JD between them. Kevin delivers a stunner to JD, and Priest remains motionless in the aisle. Sami then lands a Helluva Kick on JD, adding to the aftermath of the match.

– We take a look at the development of the tensions between Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura.

– The New Day get ready for their upcoming match against The Viking Raiders. The Viking Raiders and Valhalla also make preparations for the match.

A commercial break follows.


When we return, we see Drew McIntyre backstage looking at a picture of himself in green tights. Akira Tozawa says it looks good. Matt Riddle joins the conversation, inquiring about how they look. Drew shows them a photo of them in matching gear. Drew expresses his interest in letting their partnership develop before considering matching attire. Riddle playfully suggests the idea of matching kilts, which brings a smile. Riddle then proposes that they grab ringside seats for the upcoming match between Viking Raiders and The New Day. Drew questions the reason behind this suggestion, and Riddle elaborates that they can observe their opponents closely while enjoying some hot dogs or haggis. Drew finds the idea appealing and agrees, saying he’ll catch up with Riddle out there.

– We turn our attention to Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley.

– In a pre-recorded video, Raquel shares her viewpoint, stating that Rhea seems to think she’s in charge on Raw. Raquel acknowledges Rhea as a powerful force in WWE, but she makes an exception for herself. She emphasizes that if Rhea wants her to stop interfering in her business, Rhea should stop using her size advantage. Raquel is determined to prevent Rhea from steamrolling through the division, especially considering what Rhea did to her and Liv. Raquel looks forward to demonstrating what it’s like to face someone physically bigger. She believes that everyone has vulnerabilities, and she doesn’t think Rhea can measure up to her. Raquel concludes by saying she’s going to take Rhea’s title and bring her down a notch.

Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

LA Knight’s music plays and the crowd goes crazy, but it is Miz dressed like LA Knight.  

Miz wants to talk to ya.  He says he means business because he is talking in his deep voice.  He says he is so dangerous that he flubs his lines when he gets in the ring with Miz and he throws out many YEAHs and WHATs.  He says it takes more than a catchphrase to collect your support.  He says that the fans need to earn their cheers.  Miz has a bag with him and it is a bag of free LA Knight T-Shirts.  Miz throws the shirt down onto the floor and then he takes off the vest.

Miz says the people are so pathetic.  You will cheer for anything so your support means absolutely nothing.  Anyone can be LA Knight.  Anyone can pander and find a fake name on Cinemax in 1997.  Miz says he does not say he is awesome because he wants people to applause (sic) him, it is because it is the truth.  When he beats LA Knight, it will be over.  You cheer catchphrases and t-shirts, but you don’t cheer losers and that is what LA Knight will be.

– We see Shinsuke Nakamura’s comments from last week

– Seth Rollins sits in the back staring at Ricochet. and Ricochet walks away.

We go to commercial.

The New Day vs. The Viking Raiders

Before the match, Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre make their way to ringside to take their seats at the announce table.

The match kicks off with Erik and Woods in the ring. Woods takes control with punches and follows up with chops and a side headlock. He lands a shoulder tackle and more chops, along with punches. Utilizing a wrist lock, Woods continues to control the pace. Erik tries to counter with a forearm, but Woods responds with one of his own.

After an Irish whip from Erik, Woods manages to float over. Erik answers back with a powerful side slam. Ivar tags in, and the Viking Raiders execute their signature double-team moves. Woods fights back with punches, but Ivar retaliates with strong strikes that send Woods to the mat. Erik tags back in, and he and Ivar continue their punishing tandem offense.

Ivar follows up with a knee strike and sends Woods towards Erik for another knee to the head. Erik goes for the pinfall, but it’s only a near fall. Ivar tags in again and maintains the pressure on Woods with punches. Woods attempts to fight back with forearms, as he desperately tries to reach his corner.

Ivar targets Woods with a knee strike to the midsection. Despite the attack, Woods manages to fight back with punches and an elbow to Erik. He continues with more forearms, but Ivar prevents Woods from making the much-needed tag to his partner.

Woods counters Ivar’s offense with some agile movement, eventually tagging in Kofi. Kofi enters the match with a springboard chop to Ivar, followed by a series of chops. Although Ivar avoids a splash attempt, Kofi responds with a pendulum kick and a crossbody for a near fall.

Kofi gains momentum with a kick and his signature Boom Drop move. He then sets up for his finishing move, Trouble in Paradise. However, Ivar rolls out of the ring to avoid the impact. Woods enters the action with a dropkick through the ropes to Erik, while Kofi executes a plancha onto Ivar on the outside.

The action continues as we head into a commercial break.

As we return from the break, the Viking Raiders nearly secure a pinfall on Kofi. Ivar applies a nerve hold on Kofi, followed by a series of punches. He then whips Kofi into the corner, where Kofi counters with a dropkick off the turnbuckles.

During the match, Valhalla makes her presence felt by getting on the apron and approaching Woods. Ivar knocks Woods off the apron with a forearm. Erik tags in and delivers a back elbow to Kofi, almost securing a pinfall. Erik then applies a rear chin lock on Kofi.

Ivar tags back in, using a forearm strike and running his forearm across Kofi’s nose. He follows up with a crossface, and Erik quickly tags in to deliver kicks and punches to both Kofi and Woods. However, the referee intervenes, and Erik redirects his focus.

Erik and Ivar target Riddle and Drew at ringside, leading to a chaotic moment. Kofi manages to fight back with chops, but Ivar delivers a forearm strike to him. After an Irish whip and corner clothesline from Ivar, Kofi attempts a sunset flip that Ivar counters by staying on his feet.

Woods tags in and delivers a rolling elbow to Ivar, followed by a back heel kick to Erik and a side Russian leg sweep. He continues with a forearm to Ivar and a boot before executing an Honor Roll for a near fall. Despite Erik’s belly-to-back suplex attempt, Woods manages to land on his feet.

Kofi tags back in and kicks Ivar. Woods hits a sliding flatliner on Ivar, setting up Kofi for a move called Shadows over Hell, but it only leads to a near fall. Woods sends Erik to the floor and then executes a pescado to intensify the action.

Kofi attempts Trouble in Paradise, but Ivar lifts him and both competitors fall over the top rope to the floor. Ivar sends Kofi into the ring steps, but Kofi manages to leap over them. Ivar catches Kofi off the steps and slams him onto them. He then runs Kofi into Riddle and Drew at ringside.

Drew takes advantage of the chaos, throwing a chair at Ivar, but it accidentally hits Woods instead. The referee doesn’t notice these actions. Ivar follows up with a cannonball onto Drew at ringside. Kofi is rolled back into the ring, and Erik tags in. Despite Kofi’s chops, Ivar kicks him, and they combine to hit Ragnarok on Kofi for the three-count.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

After the match, Drew checks on Woods and apologizes for unintentionally hitting him with the chair.


Finn addresses Priest, emphasizing the need to align for their upcoming tag title match. Priest agrees, but he’s more focused on the ongoing issue involving JD. Finn points out that Priest’s victory was influenced by JD, and he left JD defeated in the ring. Priest asserts that his priority is the well-being of their group, the family.

Rhea interrupts, telling them to stop arguing. She points out their claims of being the most dominant faction while constantly bickering. Rhea stresses that she and Dom are the ones truly focused on the “Judgment Day” matter. She informs Finn and Priest that they must rectify the situation at Payback and remind everyone of their formidable force. Rhea warns that if they don’t acquire more championships after Payback, there will be consequences. Rhea and Dom exit, leaving the others to consider her words.

We head into a commercial break.

– We are back with a tribute video for Bray Wyatt.

– We see the rocking chair on the stage as we go to commercial.

– We are back with a look at what happened during the New Day/Viking Raiders match with Drew and Riddle.


In the Trainer’s Room, Kofi exits and encounters Riddle. Concerned, Riddle inquires about Woods’ condition, to which Kofi reveals that Woods is not faring well. Turning to Drew McIntyre, Kofi reassures him that he understands Drew wouldn’t resort to underhanded tactics. Drew takes charge of addressing the Viking Raiders issue, mentioning his intention to discuss with Pearce the possibility of not needing to tag in during matches. Confusion follows as Kofi and Riddle exchange thoughts, with Riddle suggesting that Drew’s use of ‘we’ implies they are still a cohesive team.

In the Arena:

Gunther gets on the announce table to address his people.  

Gunther says last week, Chad Gable made history.  Last week, Chad Gable became the first man to beat him in more than 500 days… by count out in a championship match.  Technically, Chad gained a victory, but in reality, he has not won anything.  Gunther says he is still your Intercontinental Champion.  Gunther says Chad has achieved one thing and that is… PISSING HIM OFF.  Gunther speaks in German.  Now, Chad has his attention.  NOW, Chad has his focus.  If Chad is the last thing between him and his rightful legacy. Next week, Chad will face him for the Intercontinental Championship on Raw. Just like Chad is not going to beat him next week, he will not be beating…

Chad’s music interrupts.

Chad says he was sitting in the back but he is not going to SHOOOOOSH him because Gunther was making some good points.  No one has defeated you in your time on the main roster … until last week when he beat Gunther in only ten seconds.  Next week, it won’t take him ten seconds to take your title.  He will do it in 1, 2, 3.  That is next week.  As for tonight, Captain Kaiser, Lieutenant Ludwig, Chad says he will cook him up, Memphis Style.

Ludwig Kaiser vs. Chad Gable

Chad starts with a takedown on Kaiser, securing a near fall. He follows up with a rollup for another close count. Chad applies a front face lock, while Kaiser responds with a wrist lock. The two wrestlers counter each other’s attempts at hip tosses, leading to Chad ultimately tossing Kaiser over the top rope and performing a cannonball dive onto him from the apron.

We to to commercial.

We return to the action, and Gable starts with a waist lock before sending Kaiser to the outside. Gable follows up with arm drags and applies an arm bar. He transitions into a wrist lock, but Kaiser counters and backs Gable into the corner. After a waist lock exchange, Kaiser lands a back elbow and applies an arm bar. Kaiser maintains control with a wrist lock, but Gable reverses it and executes a drop toe hold, transitioning into another arm bar.

Gable continues to work on the arm with a focused arm bar, and Kaiser tries to escape but Gable keeps his hold. Kaiser manages to fight back with kicks, forearms, and punches. He uses a side headlock and follows it up with a shoulder tackle. Gable seizes the opportunity, grabbing Kaiser’s ankle and delivering a chop. Gable transitions into an ankle lock, but Kaiser reaches the ropes for a break. Kaiser counters with a knee strike and clothesline to regain momentum.

Kaiser sends Gable into the ropes with an Irish whip, but Gable manages to float over and responds with a monkey flip. Gable then positions himself in the corner, but Kaiser takes advantage by putting him on the turnbuckles and delivering a kick. Gable finds himself in an arm bar position using the ropes, and Kaiser follows up with an uppercut that sends Gable tumbling to the outside. Kaiser gains momentum and charges with a running European uppercut.

Back to commercial break…

Back from the commercial break, Gable tries to turn the tide with a quick rollup attempt. He then executes a powerful belly-to-belly suplex on Kaiser and follows it up with another one. Gable goes for a third belly-to-belly suplex, but Kaiser counters with a headbutt and a series of punches. Kaiser targets Gable’s shoulder, sending him into the ring post and delivering a dropkick to his injured shoulder, causing Gable to fall to the outside. Kaiser returns Gable to the ring and continues to dominate with chops and kicks in the corner.

Chad Gable manages to fight back with a flurry of chops, but Kaiser counters with a reverse gutwrench suplex for a near fall. Kaiser maintains his offense with punches and kicks, but Gable refuses to back down and exchanges strikes with him. Gable then surprises Kaiser with a rolling elbow and follows it up with a dragon screw. Gable attempts a deadlift German suplex, but Kaiser blocks it and counters with a rolling Death Valley Driver and a kick for a near fall. Gable eventually sends Kaiser to the floor to create some separation.

Chad Gable takes control of the match with a series of forearms and knee strikes to Kaiser. He follows up with a back heel kick and a twisting neck breaker. Gable ascends to the top turnbuckle, aiming for a moonsault, but Kaiser manages to evade the move, causing Gable to land on his feet. Undeterred, Gable executes a backbreaker into a Dominator for a near fall. Gable attempts an O’Connor Roll, but Kaiser holds onto the ropes to avoid the pin. Gable responds with an exploder suplex, sending both competitors over the top rope to the outside. Gable then ascends to the top rope again and lands a moonsault onto both Kaiser and Vinci at ringside.

As Gable attempts another aerial maneuver off the turnbuckles, Kaiser raises his feet to block the attack. Gable adapts, landing on his feet and immediately applying an ankle lock submission. Kaiser attempts to counter, but Gable maintains the hold. Kaiser manages to break free with an uppercut.

Kaiser gains momentum with a series of uppercuts in the corner and lifts Gable onto his shoulders. Despite Kaiser’s efforts, Gable escapes and hits Chaos Theory, but Vinci interferes to break up the pin attempt, causing a disqualification.

Winner by DQ:  Chad Gable

Following the match, Otis rushes in to help Gable, but he falls victim to an attack from Vinci and Kaiser. The situation escalates when Gunther enters the scene, pushing aside Vinci and Kaiser. Gunther signals for a powerbomb, making his intentions clear as he asserts his dominance. Chad Gable manages to skillfully escape and transition into an ankle lock submission. However, Kaiser and Vinci seize the opportunity to strike, attacking Gable from behind and delivering kicks to weaken him. Gunther pushes Ludwig and Vinci again and delivers Chad a power bomb.

– Seth Rollins makes movements in the back as we go to commercial.

– We are back with a look back at Bob Barker’s involvement with WWE.

In the Arena:

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and it’s time to hear from the visionary. “Memphis, TN… YOWIE WOWIE! Welcome to Monday Night Rollins!” he says to start off his promo. He reminds us that he’s a revolutionary and a visionary, and that he is Seth “Freakin'” Rollins. He bows.

Shinsuke Nakamura, this Saturday at Payback, I give you what you want, a shot at my championship.  How about you give him what he wants.  If you have more mind games or mean things to say, why don’t you Shinsuke your way down the aisle and say them to his face. Seth says the people want to hear you music so they can sing your song.  Wait, they don’t sing your song any more.  Seth says if Shinsuke isn’t going to show up, there is only one thing to do, and is singing his song all night long.

We see Nakamura on the screen and with a video package.  He says he simply does not want to defeat Seth, he wants to dismantle the man.  He says he wants Seth’s wife to know the reason she has to help him out of bed is because of Nakamura.  He wants Seth to be unable to walk his daughter down the aisle.  He says Seth’s body has betrayed him and Nakamura says he will destroy Seth’s back and put him out of his misery.  Seth has no future.

Seth asks if that is it from the legend Shinsuke Nakamura?  We get a video package?  Seth says he wants to know what happened to the Shinsuke Nakamura who headlined the Tokyo Dome.  What happened to the Shinsuke Nakamura who lit the world on fire when he came to NXT?  A month ago, Shinsuke, he would have given him the shirt off his back.  The same back that is broken in two place.  Seth says his broken back did not stand in the way of him becoming World Champion.  It won’t stop him from beating Nakamura’s ass on Saturday.

Seth says he will pummel and maul Nakamura until someone pulls him off Nakamura.  Then, you will know that you will never take anything from him.  Not his title, not his future, and not his family.

Nakamura with a knee to the back and then he applies a reverse chin lock.  Nakamura with a kick to the head.


Sami and Kevin are in the locker room. Sami says they are sick of doing this week after week.  They beat them but they always find a way to come back.  Look at what happened last week.  They got a DQ win and now they get a title match?  You want to do this one more time?  Fine.  Sami asks Kevin to explain how it will happen.

Kevin says rules won’t be in your favor.  Kevin asks Sami what do they call Pittsburgh.  Sami says it is the Steel City.  Kevin says it will be a Steel City streetfight.  Kevin says crazy things have happened in Pittsburgh before but that is nothing compared to what they are going to do.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bronson Reed

Reed attacks Ciampa from behind as Ciampa goes to the ring.  CIampa punches Reed and they get into the ring.   Ciampa sends Reed to the floor and connects with a knee that sends Reed to the floor followed by one off the apron.

We go to commercial.

Returning to the match in progress, Tommaso Ciampa takes control with a Thesz Press off the turnbuckles, but Bronson Reed quickly counters with a powerful splash. Reed attempts a delayed vertical suplex, but Ciampa manages to reverse it into a knee strike and transitions into a sleeper hold. Reed powers out by backing Ciampa into the turnbuckles with a crushing splash. Ciampa responds with a dropkick, causing Reed to collapse into the corner. Attempting to capitalize, Ciampa lifts Reed onto his shoulders for an Air Raid Crash, but Reed kicks out at the last moment. Reed fights back with a body block after Ciampa charges, and he sets up for a Liger Bomb, narrowly missing the victory. As the battle continues, Reed hoists Ciampa into position for a potential move, but Ciampa counters and finds his way to the apron. In response, Reed delivers chops and eventually tosses Ciampa off the apron, sending him crashing into the ring steps.

Reed responds with a forceful shoulder tackle from the apron. Ciampa manages to escape a power bomb attempt and re-enters the ring. Ciampa executes Willow’s Bell followed by a running knee to the head, earning him a near fall. Reed catches Ciampa during another running knee attempt, leading to an exchange of forearm strikes between the two competitors. Ciampa delivers a boot to Reed’s head and follows up with a forearm. Despite Ciampa’s efforts, Reed remains on his feet after a clothesline. Ciampa then executes a crucifix bomb, securing the victory as the referee counts to three.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa


Jackie Redmond is in the back with Becky Lynch.  Becky is asked about her match against Trish and if she has any second thoughts about tonight’s match. Becky says she has been thinking about whooping Zoey around this arena.  Is this the easy way out?  Does she want the easy way out?  No.  She says she is going to bring a lot of chaos.

– Mami and Dirty Dom make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

– We are back and Tiffany Stratton is in the front row in Memphis.

In the Arena:

Rhea says Raquel claims she is going to cut her down to size.  But she had to play an injury to get one over her.  Rhea says she does not blame Raquel.  She is not going to talk about her accomplishments because it will take too damn long.  This title around her waist proves everything.  Raquel thinks she is going to take her championship on Saturday.  That is another reason why she is an idiot.  Raquel has her own accomplishments.

She’s big.  She’s tough.  She is big and strong, but she is not Rhea Ripley.  She can talk all she likes, but when it comes to Payback, Mami is walking out as champion.

Raquel interrupts and makes her way to the ring.

Raquel and Rhea exchange punches.  Raquel with punches and kicks.  Raquel with an Irish whip and a splash into the corner.  Raquel with a fallaway slam that sends Rhea to the floor.

Dom gets in the ring behind Raquel and then he gets on his knees to propose that he not die. Rhea hits Raquel from behind and Raquel blocks RipTide into a hip toss and follows with a clothesline.  Rhea goes to the floor again.


Trish Stratus is in the back and she tells Becky she is the idiot who asked for this match.  You are giving Zoey Stark free reign to do anything she wants.  Trish mentions their match on Saturday. Zoey says when she is done with Becky, she will leave enough for Trish to have in the steel cage match.

We go to commercial.

– We are back with a look at the card for Payback.

– We take a look back at Terry Funk with a video package.

– Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

– Next week, Gunther defends the IC title against Chad Gable.  The tag match with Drew and Riddle against The VIking Raiders will be a Tornado Tag Match.

– Tiffany Stratton is still standing in the front row.

Falls Count Anywhere
Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark

As the match begins, Becky retrieves a kendo stick from under the ring. She uses the kendo stick to strike Zoey a few times. Becky follows up with a White Russian Leg Sweep, leading to a near fall. Zoey rolls out of the ring, and Becky kicks her and delivers a forearm. Trish also employs the kendo stick, hitting Becky several times. Zoey attempts a powerbomb, but Becky manages to get to the apron and kick Zoey. Becky then punches Trish off the apron and performs a cross body onto both Zoey and Trish for a near fall. Becky proceeds to send Zoey into the ringside barrier. However, Zoey responds by hitting Becky with the kendo stick while Becky searches under the ring. Zoey then throws Becky into the ring steps, resulting in another near fall.

Back in the ring, Becky kicks Zoey while she’s caught in the ropes and connects with uppercuts. Zoey counters with a springboard dropkick for a near fall. Zoey instructs Trish to retrieve a chair from under the ring, but Trish accidentally hits Zoey with the chair. Becky rolls Zoey up for a near fall. Trish throws chairs into the ring without causing harm this time. Zoey delivers a kick to Becky and places her on the turnbuckles, attempting a superplex. However, Becky manages to knock Zoey off the turnbuckles. Afterward, Becky executes a leg drop on Zoey, nearly securing a pinfall.

Becky then tries to apply DisArmHer, but Zoey escapes and sends Becky into the chairs. Becky prevents Zoey from executing Z360 and responds with a uranage for a near fall. Becky chases Trish around the ring, while Trish eventually grabs a kendo stick. Becky blocks Trish’s attempt and kicks her, hitting her with the kendo stick multiple times. Trish retreats to the back as Becky continues her attack. Meanwhile, Zoey hits Becky with a chair a few times, earning a near fall as the match heads into a commercial break.

As the action continues, Becky sends Zoey over the ringside barrier and into the ringside area. Becky follows up with a forearm strike off the ringside barrier. She then executes an exploder suplex into the ringside barrier, resulting in a near fall. Becky directs her attention to the area under the ring, signaling to the crowd that she’s planning to retrieve a table. Despite her intentions, Zoey kicks Becky, causing the table to be pushed aside. Zoey sends Becky back into the ring and drops her onto the top rope. Zoey uses a chair to strike Becky in the back before proceeding with her offense.

Zoey places a chair on top of Becky and climbs to the apron for a springboard twisting senton onto Becky and the chair. This move nearly results in a pinfall for Zoey. Subsequently, Zoey pulls Becky into a pile of chairs and adds one on top of her as well.

Zoey climbs the turnbuckles, but Becky strikes her with a kendo stick. Becky then positions herself for a superplex onto the chairs and executes it, leading to a near fall. Zoey rolls to the outside of the ring. Becky proceeds to remove the hood of the announce table and reorganizes the setup. She attempts a uranage on the table, but Zoey counters with elbows and Trish interferes by tripping Becky. Zoey seizes the opportunity to deliver a sliding kick to Becky on the announce table, earning a near fall.

As the action continues, Zoey kicks Becky and heads to the ringside barrier. However, Becky retaliates by pushing Zoey off the barrier. Becky sends Trish over the announce table and starts setting up for a uranage on the storage cases. Trish intervenes once again, executing a bulldog off the table. Trish calls on Zoey to make the cover, and while Trish pulls Zoey over to Becky, the pinfall attempt only results in a near fall.

Trish and Zoey engage in a forearm exchange and make their way towards the storage cases, continuing their brawl. Meanwhile, Becky shoves Zoey to the outside of the ring. Becky delivers a kick to Zoey, who manages to counter Becky’s uranage attempt. However, Zoey inadvertently knocks Trish off, causing Trish to crash through a table. Capitalizing on the situation, Becky successfully executes a uranage through a table to secure the three-count victory.

Winner: Becky Lynch

We go to credits.

–– WWE has announced the following ––

  • The red brand go-home build for WWE Payback
  • Chad Gable vs. Ludwig Kaiser
  • Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark in a Falls Count Anywhere match
  • The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day
  • Bronson Reed vs. Tommaso Ciampa

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8/28 WWE RAW Results

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