IMPACT x NJPW: Multiverse United Results (3/30)

Josh Alexander’s Replacement for Impact x NJPW Multiverse United

IMPACT x NJPW: Multiverse United Results (3/30) – IMPACT Wrestling and NJPW presented its Multiverse United event on March 30. The event took place at Globe Theater in Los Angeles. Here are the results.

Countdown: Yuya Uemura vs. Gabriel Kidd

Kidd starts with a headlock and takes Yuya down to the mat to keep it locked in. Yuya reaches the bottom rope to break it up. They lock up again and Yuya focuses on the arm before taking Kidd down for a brief headlock. Yuya locks Kidd in an arm stretch until they back into the corner. Yuya gets pushed off the top and out of the ring. Yuya rolls back in and gets body slammed, cover. Kidd chops Yuya in the corner. Yuya fires back with chops and they have an exchange.

Kidd open palm strikes Yuya for a cover as commentators note this is their 18th match together. Yuya gets whipped but comes back with a clothesline and then corner splash followed by a bulldog, cover. Kidd gets taken down for a dropkick into an arm scissors. Kidd hits a couple suplexes and covers. Kidd applies a front face lock on the turnbuckle until he’s almost counted out. Yuya comes back with an overhead suplex and then goes up top for a big crossbody. He covers for the three.

Winner: Yuya Uemura

A video package opens the main card.

X-Division Championship Scramble: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Rich Swann vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Rocky Romero vs. Clark Connors vs. Kevin Knight

Trey runs everyone down in the middle of the ring until they all start punching and kicking him. Clark tosses Trey out before the remaining in the ring all apply headlocks on each other. They then take turns hitting shoulder tackles until Knight hits Kaz with a hip toss. They all take turns with arm drags and attempt a dropkick at the same time. Trey yanks Kaz out of the ring and then he targets Rocky. Trey hits a series of arm drags and then gets dropkicked by a few of them.

Connors gets elbowed by Swann and Knight. They take turns hitting splashes. Swann and Knight meet and flip around each other for a beat. Kaz plants Clark with a DDT, cover. Kaz hits a legdrop on Romero and then on Swann. Knight catches Kaz off guard with a dropkick. Trey covers, Swann breaks it. Knight flips Trey into two guys. Knight goes up top with Clark but Kaz intervenes. Rocky joins and then Trey comes up to hit the tower of doom only for Swann to splash on Connors.

Romero runs each corner with clotheslines to Trey, Kaz, Knight, and Swann. Clark spears Romero and then Trey on the apron. Kaz cutters Knight. Clark spears Kaz. Swann kicks Clark but eats a spear. Knight jumps up top but gets shoved down for a spear. Trey covers Knight to retain.

Winner: Trey Miguel (c)

Eddie Edwards, Joe Hendry, JR Kratos & Tom Lawlor vs. Sami Callihan, PCO, Fred Rosser & Alex Coughlin

Eddie and Callihan start off by throwing hands. Lawlor and Rosser come in next and Lawlor knees Rosser until he hops on his back and then fall to the floor. Rosser gets back in first but Lawlor catches him with more punches. Hendry comes in and clotheslines Rosser. Hendry works with Coughlin until tagging Kratos, who comes in with strikes. Kratos splashes in the corner but Coughlin catches him with an overhead. PCO comes in but Kratos catches him with punches in the corner.

PCO puts Kratos on the top and chops him. PCO flips Kratos off the top, but Eddie comes in and attacks. Everyone joins the fray as the action breaks down. Callihan clobbers Lawlor as the legal men. Lawlow PK’s Sami but gets slammed on the apron by Rosser. Coughlin flies out onto Hendry and Lawlor. PCO dumps Eddie over the top rope and then gets pounced by Kratos. Kratos flies over the top rope onto everyone else. PCO then backflips out onto the sea of people.

Kratos suplexes PCO off the top. Rosser comes in and hits a Northern Lights on Eddie. He tries a chicken wing but Lawlor breaks it. Hendry hits a double fallaway slam on Rosser and Coughlin. Callihan grabs Hendry’s crotch and then hits a piledriver. Rosser drops Lawlor with a gut buster before Eddie hits blue thunderbomb. Kratos comes in and suplexes Rosser from the mat. PCO gets the tag and meets Kratos in the middle. They duke it out and PCO manages to hit the PCOsault on Kratos for the win.

Winners: Sami Callihan, PCO, Fred Rosser & Alex Coughlin

Moose vs. Jeff Cobb

They lock up to start. Moose regathers himself and re-enters the ring for another lockup. They trade chops in the corner until Cobb hits a dropkick, cover. Cobb does a standing moonsault and covers again. Moose takes Cobb down and hits a corner dropkick. Moose hits Sky High for a cover. Moose runs into the corner but Cobb dodges. Cobb slams Moose all the way from the apron back into the ring. They meet in the middle and trade more punches. Cobbs gets a big punch in but Moose rolls him up. Cobb tries a backslide.

They double clothesline each other and then nip up for double clotheslines and both men fall out of the ring. They meet back in the middle for another forearm exchange. Moose puts Cobb on the top rope but gets pushed down. Moose runs back up and hits the superplex. After another exchange, Cobb catches Moose with Tour of the Islands slam for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Mickie James joins commentary for the Knockouts bout.

Masha Slamovich vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw vs. Miyu Yamashita

Shaw is the first to roll out of the ring. Masha throws hands at the other two but then she gets double elbowed and rolls out. Deonna and Miyu meet with a handshake and then lockup. Deonna gets out of a wrist lock and tries a headlock. Deonna blocks shoulder tackles and knocks Miyu down with one of her own. Shaw trips Deonna and pulls her out. Shaw and Miyu try kicking each other until Shaw lands one first. Miyu kicks Shaw so hard she rolls out. Miyu PK kicks Shaw. Deonna baseball slides and is followed by a Masha crossbody out onto them. Shaw twirls off the top rope onto the three.

Shaw tries pinning Deonna inside. Masha kicks Shaw to cut off uppercuts on Deonna. Deonna and Masha trade strikes. Purrazzo hits a hurricanrana and pumpkick before landing the moonsault, cover broken by Miyu. Miyu unloads with kicks on Masha. Miyu hits Shaw with a running knee, cover broken by Deonna. All four are in to hit kicks and clotheslines. All four are down and the ref counts. Shaw and Deonna meet, while Miyu and Masha duke it out.

It comes down to Deonna and Masha. Deonna applies the fujiwara armbar. Miyu hits Deonna with a kick off the ropes, but Shaw kicks Miyu and spears Masha. Masha hits Canadian Destroyer on Shaw. Masha picks Deonna up but Purrazzo counters with a German into two more. Masha picks Deonna up for the air raid crash in the corner. Miyu skull kicks Masha, Shaw kicks Miyu. Deonna powerbombs Shaw and hits Queens Gambit for the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Gia Miller interviews Bullet Club backstage.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Ace Austin & Chris Bey (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Aussie Open vs. TMDK

Shelley and Haste start but TMDK jump MCMG instead. MCMG go to dive but get cut off by Aussie Open. MCMG then run into Bullet Club and they get dumped. Guns finally launch out onto the sea of people. MCMG double kick Haste. Haste turns Sabin inside out and Shelley enters with punches. Tito holds Shelley down so Haste can hit a cannonball. Shelley gets trapped in TMDK’s corner for awhile to get picked apart. Tito knocks Sabin off the corner and goes up top. Shelley rolls away so Haste gets the tag. Shelley finally faceplants Haste in the turnbuckle.

Bey gets the tag and he fires away on Haste. Bey hits Code Red for a cover. Fletcher tags in on Haste. Aussie Open double teams Bey and clears the corners to assert themselves, cover. Davis takes over a stalling suplex and then drops Bey, cover. Ace comes in and unloads on Fletcher. Ace kicks Haste and Tito from the apron. Fletcher grabs him but Ace slips out and delivers more kicks. MCMG grab Ace and Sabin sends Bey flying before kicking Fletcher. Guns double team Fletcher and then Davis. Shelley holds the ropes open and Sabin dives out.

Bey flips onto the sea of humanity. Fletcher gets sent back inside. Davis dobule slams Bullet Club. Aussie Open hit the pendulum on Bey for a nearfall. Ace breaks another double team spot. Sabin cutters Ace. Fletcher gets double teamed by the Guns, but Davis double clotheslines them. Ace and Bey get taken down as well. Haste returns to clothesline Davis. Aussie Open double team Haste until Tito interferes. Davis gets beat up and he falls out. Tito plants Bey, Ace breaks. Ace and Bey double team Tito and Ace holds back the others as Bey covers for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club (c)

Lio Rush vs. Kushida

Kushida attempts to grapple at first. Rush picks up the pace by running in circles around him. Kushida grabs holds of the left arm and yanks it around. Rush dodges a right hand and kicks Kushida down. They trade chops until Kushida catches Lio with a heel kick. Outside, Rush springboards into a crossbody on Kushida. Back inside, Kushida kicks the left arm and continues to work it with a knee drop and slam to the mat. Rush reaches the rope to get a moment away but Kushida still yanks the arm back.

Rush is wrapped up in an arm lock and tries twisting around to avoid the cover. Rush gets to his feet and they trade blows. Rush tries a springboard, but Kushida kicks his arm out from under him. Rush heel kicks Kushida off the apron and then dives onto him. Rush gets a two count back inside. Rush goes up top but Kushida follows him up and tries the Hoverboard. Rush headbutts him off and tries the splash but nobody’s home. Pelee kick from Rush and then they double clothesline and hit the mat. Kushida catches Rush with the Hoverboard Lock for a moment.

Rush breaks free but eats a pelee kick. Rush gets a cradle in and then roundhouse kicks him. Kushida drops Rush into a package driver and cover. Rush nails the reverse rana and then the cutter off the ropes. Kushida reaches the bottom rope. Rush splashes but Kushida catches him with the Hoverboard Lock and he taps.

Winner: Kushida

Both men bow to each other and shake hands to show respect.

NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship: Kenta (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki

They attempt to lock up but Kenta pats him on the head before ducking into the ropes. Suzuki takes Kenta out of the ring and delivers a forearm as they circle around. Suzuki drives Kenta into the barricade but Kenta counters by throwing him into the ring post. They trade more blows until Kenta rakes the eyes. Back inside, Kenta continues stomping on Suzuki and then slaps his face a few times. They trade slaps but Kenta rakes the eyes again. Kenta drops Suzuki, cover. Suzuki slaps him a few times, so Kenta grabs the eyes and backs him to the corner until the break.

Kenta applies a headlock after trying a cover. Kenta kicks him in the face to mess with him. Kenta does kicks to the chest as Suzuki rises to his feet. Suzuki elbows the left knee to break it up. He takes Kenta to the corner with several punches and a driving boot to the face. Suzuki kicks the left leg again and applies a lock on it. Kenta goes up top and hits the lariat, cover. Kenta wraps up Suzuki with the figure four, but he reaches the bottom rope. They unload with a series of strikes until Kenta gets knocked down.

They trade several boots to the face and Kenta gets a few in a row to knock him down. Running corner kicks from Kenta connect. Double stomp from the top, Kenta covers for a nearfall. Suzuki applies a sleeper. The ref gets hit, so Kenta low blows Suzuki. Kenta covers Suzuki with his foot on the ropes for the dirty win.

Winner: Kenta (c)

Suzuki tries to get back in the ring with a chair, but officials hold him back. Kenta celebrates.

Mike Bailey vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Bailey offers a handshake, which gets accepted. They circle around and then lockup. Tanahashi gets taken down with an arm lock. Bailey gets him up and backs him to the corner where Tanahashi swaps places and throws a gut punch. Tanahashi does a crossbody out of the corner. Bailey does a a series of kicks to send Tana out of the ring. Bailey goes to dive, but Tana moves. Bailey follows him for chest chop. They trade more shots at ringside until Bailey runs with a single leg dropkick.

Back inside, Tanahashi dropkick Bailey’s knee and then stomps on the left leg. Bailey fires back with forearms but Tana gets a strong shot in. Bailey does a missile dropkick followed by more kicks to take Tanahashi down. Running shooting star, two count. Tanahashi takes Bailey to the corner with body shots and then a body slam. Tana goes up top and hits a senton for a two. Bailey cuts Tana off with a kick in the corner, but Tana fires back with a dragon screw in the ropes. Tana slides out and Bailey moonsaults off the ropes to wipe him out.

Both struggle to their feet but slide in before the 20 count. They crawl to each other in the center and trade blows. Bailey breaks it up with kicks to the right arm. Bailey sits down in a cover, two. Moonsault knees connect, followed by a roundhouse to the head, nearfall. Tana comes back with a sling blade. Bailey follows Tana up top and gets struck down. Tana stomps on the left knee but Bailey manages to hit a hurricanrana off the top.

Bailey delivers more kicks to the head followed by the tornado kick into the corner. Bailey tries Ultimo Weapon but Tana rolls away. Bailey does a backslide for a nearfall. Tana hits swinging neckbreakers and then lands the frog splash from the top for the three count.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi

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