NXT Results (1/3)

NXT Results (1/3)

NXT Results (1/3) – Tonight’s NXT episode opens up with a video package looking back at 2022. We’re now live on the USA Network as Vic Joseph welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. He’s joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. They hype the show and we go right to the ring for the opener.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Apollo Crews

They lock up and Crews with a side head lock and shoulder tackles.  Crews with a drop kick.  Crews with a side head lock and Hayes with a springboard clothesline.  Hayes runs into boots but Hayes puts Crews in the ropes and hits a kick to the back and a springboard leg drop for a near fall.  Hayes with a chop.  Hayes with a punch in the corner and a chop.  Crews with chops to Hayes.  Crews with a delayed vertical suplex.  Crews with a double jump slingshot senton and a splash into the corner.  Crews with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall.  Crews with a chop and Hayes with a forearm in the corner.  Hayes with a forearm to the back of the head and a belly-to-back suplex attempt but Crews lands on his feet and hits a German suplex.  Crews holds on for a second one but Hayes blocks a third one.  Hayes with a snap mare and Crews with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Crews clotheslines Hayes over the top rope to the floor and Crews follows with a moonsault off the apron.

Crews goes to the floor and he sends Hayes into the apron and follows with a chop.  Hayes with a forearm and chop.  They return to the ring.  Crews with forearms and a snap mare.  Crews with a springboard elbow drop for a near fall.  Crews with a reverse chin lock.  Crews with a take down.  Hayes with a head scissors.  Crews with a forearm to the back and a bear hug.  Crews with punches to the back.  Hayes with a front face lock and Crews backs Hayes into the corner.  Hayes pie faces Crews and then sends Crews to the apron.  Trick tries to trip Crews but Crews avoids him.  Hayes blocks a kick and connects with a kick to the leg to send Crews to the floor.   Hayes sends Crews knee first into the ring steps.  Hayes gets a near fall.  Hayes puts Crews’ leg in the ropes and Hayes kicks the knee.  Crews with an Irish whip but Hayes drop kicks Crews in the knee as Crews charges into the corner and Hayes hits the turnbuckles.  Hayes with a power bomb and he gets a near fall.  Hayes with a single leg crab.  Crews tries to roll through but Hayes holds on.  Crews kicks Hayes away.  Crews with an enzuigiri and both men are down.

Hayes and Crews exchange punches and Crews with a clothesline.  Hayes misses a kick and Crews with a lungblower.  Crews with a jumping clothesline.  Crews blocks a kick and hits an enzuigiri.  Hayes goes to the apron and Crews goes to the turnbuckles.  Crews with a superplex for a near fall.  Hayes with a bicycle kick and Crews with one of his own.  Hayes with a cutter and he goes up top but misses when Crews moves.  Crews with a boot in the corner followed by a Blockbuster for a near fall.  Trick gets on the apron and he pulls Hayes out of the way.  Crews with a clothesline to Williams.  Crews with a jumping knee but he misses a moonsault.  Hayes with a Codebreaker and he goes up top for the leg drop and connects for the three count.

Winner:  Carmelo Hayes

After the match, Axiom with a cross body to Hayes and Williams.  Axiom with a moonsault onto both men. 

We go to commercial.

Trick Williams vs. Axiom

The match is joined in progress and Trick with an arm bar and chin bar.  We see Trick hitting a pop up punch during the break.  Trick with a punch in the corner.  Axiom with a chop but Trick backs into the ropes to avoid a chop.  Trick kicks Axiom away and hits a flying clothesline.  Axiom with chops and a drop kick.  Axiom with a running kick into the corner and then he goes up top.  Axiom with a cross body for a near fall.  Axiom with a cross arm breaker but Trick locks his hands.  Trick gets to the ropes when Axiom is able to lock in the hold.  Trick with a round kick and a running snap neck breaker for a near fall.  Axiom with a punch followed by Golden Ratio for the three count.

Winner:  Axiom

After the match, Williams holds Axiom and Hayes attacks Axiom from behind.  They kick Axiom in the corner and Apollo Crews comes out to the ring and Trick and Hayes leave the ring.

— Xavier and Kofi are with Pretty Deadly and they have more tasks to do. Rip Fowler wants to know why The New Day are ducking them and they know that The New Day are their biggest rivals. Woods says they don’t talk to them because they look like extras from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Kofi says they felt they needed Daddy’s permission.

Gacy says they are four roots and one tree. Kofi says they lean on each other. Gacy says they are a true family, unlike the New Day. Kofi says their problem isn’t with Rip and Jagger, it is with Joe.  How about if we do it tonight. Joe says beating Kofi will only make the Schism grow stronger.

— We take a look back at Dijak kidnapping Channing Lorenzo during the North American Title match.

We go to footage from the morning after NXT where Lorenzo is beaten up and handcuffed to a chair.

Dijak plays a tape for Channing.  He says Channing will regret coming into his locker room.  Lorenzo says he does what the Don tells him.  Dijak says Channing and Tony have their way of doing business and he has his way.  Dijak says he is the face of fear in NXT.  Dijak punches Lorenzo in the midsection.  Lorenzo tells Dijak to uncuff him so they can settle it in the ring.  Dijak says this is just the beginning.  He puts the key on the table.

Back to commercial.

— We are back with Drew Gulak doing some training with members of Chase U. Andre Chase wants to know what the f*** is going on. Drew says he is willing to train Andre. Andre says he knows that Charlie Dempsey is hurt. Drew says Dempsey said that the Chase U students were soft. Andre says no one who wears red is soft.

Dijak vs. Channing Lorenzo

Channing with punches and Dijak punches back.  Channing blocks a kick and connects with a knee.  Dijak grabs Lorenzo by the throat but Lorenzo with a kick.  Dijak with a thrust kick.  Dijak with a kick for a near fall.  Dijak with punches.  Dijak gets a near fall.  Dijak with a boot to the midsection.  Dijak with a knee to the ribs and he tosses Channing away for a near fall.  Dijak misses a shoulder in the corner and hits the ring post.  Channing with an uppercut into the corner followed by two more.  Dijak with a cyclone kick for a near fall.  Dijak with a knee to the ribs and he tries to toss Channing away but Lorenzo with a rollup for a near fall. 

Dijak with a thrust kick and a slingshot into Feast Your Eyes for the three count.

Winner:  Dijak

After the match, Dijak gets Channing up again but Tony pulls Channing off Dijak and Tony punches Dijak.  Dijak goes to the floor. Tony gets on the mic and he says Dijak wishes he had half the heart that Channing has.  Next week, how about you find out about street justice the Tony D way. Dijak accepts the challenge.

— McKenzie is with Oro Mensah in the back. Oro says he got his feet wet in 2022.  In 2023, he is diving in head first.

Javier Bernal shows up and says this will be the year of Big Body Javy.  He says he has a Big Bodi Christmas album. McKenzie points out that it is a little late to release an album like that. Javier mentions the songs. Oro says he will take care of him tonight.

— Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

— We are back and Gigi says that Toxic Attraction is, was, and will be the greatest group in wrestling.  It is time to put 2022 in the past and it is all about her and Jacy.  They will push the envelope more than they have in the last 18 months.

Jacy says they will be the ones calling all the shots.  They don’t do stupid New Year’s Resolutions, we do revenge.  While the world watches every single move of theirs, they only care about one woman.  Roxanne Perez.  You want to take down our Toxic Empire, we will rebuild it brick by brick.

Indi Hartwell makes her way to the ring.

She says she is so sick of hearing about Toxic Attraction.  When Roxanne won the title, she thought it would be the end of Toxic Attraction.  She is will to end it because it is time for some new blood at the top of the division.

Cora Jade shows up in the crowd and she says it is Tuesday so Indi is complaining.  No wonder everyone in your life left you.  No one cares about you.  Cora says she deserves to be champion.

Nikkita Lyons shows up in the crowd and she says she is shocked that Cora’s ego fit into the building.  All you deserve is a kick to the face.  It is time for new blood in the division.

Zoey Stark shows up in the crowd and she says she smelled bad Tik Tok and regrets.  Don’t you have something else to do like show off your assets for Instagram.

Wendy Choo shows up in the crowd and says Zoey is angry.  No one wants to see an angry champion.  You don’t have to insult Nikkita because you don’t like her.  I don’t like Cora so I don’t call her egotistical.

Thea Hail shows up and screams for a Girl Fight.

Alba Fyre attacks Isla Dawn from behind.

Every woman in Orlando comes into the ring and they brawl.

Alba punches Isla on the floor and they fight to the back.  Isla sends Alba into the wall and they fight into the most dangerous parking lot in Sports Entertainment.

Roxanne Perez appears on the HbalKony.  She says you don’t have to fight.  She says next week there will be a twenty woman battle royal and the winner will face her at Vengeance Day.  She wishes everyone luck.

They continue to fight in the ring.

We cut to Alba and Isla fighting outside and Alba sends Isla against a dumpster and the truck gate.  Isla with a kick and she sends Alba into the dumpster.

We go to commercial.

Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn in an Extreme Resolutions Match

We are back and Fyre kicks Isla and goes for the Gory Bomb but Isla gets free.  Isla sends Fyre against the wall.  Isla punches Alba.  She sends Alba into one of the Styrofoam Xs that Bron Breakker chainsawed.  Alba slams Isla onto the X.  Alba with punches and and she sends Isla into a case.  Isla throws random things at Alba but Alba sends Isla into a storage case.  Alba misses Isla with a pipe but Isla does not miss with a trash can.  Isla grabs the pipe and Alba sends it into Isla’s midsection.  Alba with a punch.

Alba tries to drop a few ladders onto Isla but she misses.  Isla tries to get away and they fight onto the next level of storage items.  They exchange forearms and punches.  Isla rakes the eyes and Alba with foerarms.  Alba holds Isla up but then lets her go and Isla drops into chairs.

Alba grabs Isla and picks her up.  Alba puts Isla in a chair and then pushes her and spins her around to give Isla a few forearms.  Alba hits Isla in the back with a trash can lid. 

Alba pushes Isla in a wheelbarrow into the arena.  Alba sends Isla into the announce table.

Alba pushes Isla into the ring and the match officially starts. 

Alba has a chair and pushes Isla into the turnbuckles.  Isla blocks a suplex.  Isla with a suplex and she gets a near fall.  Isla slams Alba’s hand into the mat.  Isla stands on the hand and stomps on it.  Isla hits Alba in the midsection with the chair.  Alba kicks the chair away and chops Isla.  Alba gets Isla up but Isla gets to her feet.  Alba with a Gory Bomb for a near fall.  Alba gets a chair and hits Isla in the back with it.  Alba puts the chair on top of Isla and Alba goes up top.  Isla throws the chair at Alba and Alba falls to the floor.

Isla with Meteora to Alba on the floor.  Isla grabs a tool box and uses a wrench on Alba.  Alba with a punch.  Isla with a knee to the back and then she uses the wrench on Alba’s hand.  Alba with a snap mare and she punches Isla.  Isla with a punch and Alba with a forearm.  They go back and forth.  Alba with a kick and Isla gets a near fall with a rollup.  Alba sends Isla to the floor and she follows with a suicide dive.  Alba pulls out a table and sets it up.  Isla avoids a Gory Bomb and Isla sends Alba into the ring steps.  Isla closes the tool box on Alba’s hand.  Alba avoids Isla hitting the tool box with a hammer and Alba pushes the tool box into Isla.  Isla with a dragon sleeper but Fyre escapes and hits a head butt.  Alba puts Isla on the table and she goes to the apron.

Alba goes up top and hits a swanton onto Isla on the table.  Alba with a Gory Bomb through the table and she gets the three count.

Winner:  Alba Fyre

McKenzie is with Grayson Waller. Waller says he was in Australia to prepare for next week when he becomes NXT Champion. McKenzie asks Waller how he is so confident to be in the ring with a man who wants to destroy him. Waller says he will finish the job tonight and next week will be a cake walk. 

Back to commercial.

— We are back with Indus Sher and The Creeds.

Veer says they are treated like celebrities in India.   They get millions of views in India but nobody cares about them in the US.  They say they have respect for the Creeds. Julius says that Sanga says it is about respect but that is bulls***.  They are not stepping stones for anyone.  They were the best tag team in NXT in 2022.  They chose the wrong team because no one will make their name off them. Veer says they should have listened to Ivy.  Sanga says they have waited for the perfect moment.  Veer says they want the Creeds at 100% because they don’t want any excuses. Brutus says respect is earned, not given.

Oro Mensah vs. Javier Bernal

Bernal attacks Oro in the aisle and Oro sends Javier into the ring.

The match starts and Bernal punches Oro.   Bernal with a forearm to the back.  Oro with punches and Bernal with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  Bernal with an Irish whip and bulldog followed by a clothesline for a near fall.  Bernal with a kick to the head and a punch.  Oro with a punch and Bernal with an elbow.  Bernal with a back elbow.  Bernal gets a near fall.  Oro with chops and an uppercut.  Oro with a leg sweep.  Bernal with elbows to the head and a short arm clothesline.  Bernal with a DDT for a near fall.  Bernal gets Oro on his shoulders but Oro with elbows.  Oro with a back body drop.

Oro with clotheslines and a flying forearm.  Oro with a quebrada and a bicycle kick is blocked.  Oro with a flipping kick and he is sent to the apron.  Oro with a rear chin lock and body scissors in the ropes.  Oro with an exploder and a spinning heel kick into the corner for the three count.

Winner:  Oro Mensah

— Brooks, Josh, and Fallon are in the kitchenette and they talk about how 2023 will be their year. Kiana James shows up and she congratulates Fallon on her win last week and she wishes Fallon luck next week and then she tells Brooks to text her.

— We are back with video of Katana Chance and Kayden Carter in the medical room and they aren’t in a good mood that was sent from a mystery person. We see Charlie Dempsey watching in BACK on MONITOR.

Andre Chase vs. Drew Gulak

They lock up and Chase with a wrist lock and arm wringer.  Chase with a double wrist lock and Drew gets to the ropes.  They shake hands.  They lock up and Drew with a side head lock take down and he works on the knee.  Chase gets back to his feet and Drew with a hammer lock.  Chase blocks a crossface chicken wing and Chase gets to the ropes to force a break.  They shake hands again.  Drew with a wrist lock take down.  Chase gets to his feet and Drew sends him back to the mat.  Chase with a side head lock and Chase floats over and Chase with an arm drag.  Chase with a wrist lock but Drew with a reversal and belly-to-back suplex.  Drew with an arm bar and a chin bar. 

Charlie removes SLING in BACK and walks out of ROOM.

Drew with a suplex and a bridge for a near fall.  Drew tells Hank to watch.  Drew with a cravate and Chase with a side head lock.  Chase with a drop kick to the knee.  Chase with a side Russian leg sweep and it is followed by the C-H-A-S-E-U stomp.  Chase goes for a figure four leg lock and Drew blocks it for a moment but Chase locks it in.  Drew gets to the ropes to force a break.  Chase offers his hand and Drew slaps Chase.  Drew with knees and punches.  Drew with a clothesline.  Drew with a slam that sends Chase’s legs into the ropes.  Drew with a dragon sleeper and body scissors.  Chase taps out.

Winner:  Drew Gulak

After the match, Drew takes his time releasing the hold.

— McKenzie is with Wes Lee and she asks about Tony and Dijak. Wes says Tony is blaming Dijak for not being champion.  Dijak is making a good case for being champion.  They talk about wanting to fight each other and it might be fun to watch that match.  The winner of the match can face him for the title.

We go to commercial.

Kofi Kingston vs. Joe Gacy

Gacy with shoulder tackles and Kofi with a jumping back elbow for a near fall.  Kofi with a cross body for a near fall.  Gacy with an Irish whip and Kofi with a Pendulum Kick.  Ava crotches Kofi on the turnbuckles while Fowler distracts the referee.  Gacy with a superplex for a near fall.  Gacy with forearms to Kofi.  Gacy with an Irish whip and Kofi with a missile drop kick.  Kofi runs into a back breaker from Gacy.  Gacy with a back breaker and forearms to the back of the head.  Kofi with an arm drag and thrust kick.  Kofi with chops and a drop kick. 

Kofi misses a clothesline.  Kofi with a boot to Gacy.  Kofi with Shadows over Hell for a near fall.  Kofi with a kick to the chest and a Boom Drop.  Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Gacy moves.  Gacy with a head butt and DDT for a near fall.  Gacy gets Kofi on his shoulders but Kofi gets to his feet and hits a thrust kick and gets a near fall.  Kofi goes to the turnbuckles and Jagger gets on the apron and Woods gets up and he holds off the other three members while Kofi avoids Gacy and hits a flip dive onto Reid and Fowler.  Gacy goes for a uranage but Kofi with a snap mare.  Kofi with Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

Winner:  Kofi Kingston

— Drew Gulak is not happy in the back and Hank asks about him holding on to the hold too much. Charlie Dempsey shows up and he says regardless of his injury, it is on next week. Drew says that Hank will rip the arm out of the socket.

— Grayson Waller and Bron Breakker walk in the back.

We go to commercial.

— The New Day enter the room and Kit says they cannot do the last thing on the list.  Elton says they are done jumping through hoops. Kofi says they are the best because they are the champs. Kit says they will take on three top teams to prove that they can earn it. Woods says no one likes a gauntlet more than them. They say if they win, they can have a title match.

— Next week, Dijak faces Tony D’Angelo.  Charlie Dempsey faces Hank Walker.  There will be the Number One Contender Battle Royal to face Roxanne Perez at Vengeance Day.  The Creeds face Indus Sher. 

— We go to Grayson Waller in the ring.  Waller says it will be the last public appearance of Bron Breakker as champion.  Waller says he has been living the championship life and he will win the biggest prize in NXT.

Waller brings out his guest, NXT Men’s Champion Bron Breakker.

Waller complains about Bron interrupting his big introduction.  He tells Bron not to break a TV this time. 

Bron says we will see if he wants to rip off Waller’s head.

Waller asks Bron about the spear from two weeks ago.  Bron says Waller got him while Waller wonders why would anyone dress the way he did in Florida.  Waller says he could watch that over and over and over.  Bron says that is a point for Waller.

Waller asks where is the Bron that wants to rip his head off?  Waller says next week will be a coronation for the new NXT Champion. 

Bron says Waller is good, smart, and crafty. 

Waller wants the people to be quiet while Bron says good things about him.

Bron says Waller gets under everyone’s skin better than anyone else.  The best compliment he can give Waller is that he is outsmarting everybody else.  You are better than everyone.  Bron wants to talk about Waller’s viral moments.  Bron mentions War Games, hitting Johnny Gargano with a chair, jumping off the ladder at Stand and Deliver, and blinding Apollo Crews.  Bron says those are distractions.  Some may leave next week talking about Grayson Waller, but Bron says he will still be the champion.

Grayson calls Bron an overrated champion who is only known for stealiing his dad’s gimmick.

Bron turns around and gets in Waller’s face.  Bron tells Waller he doesn’t give a damn about what Waller says because he loves his father.

Bron punches Waller and then presses him off his head for a power slam.  Bron with a flip dive onto Waller. 

We go to credits.

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NXT Results (1/3)

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