Impact Wrestling Results (9/22)

Impact Wrestling Results (9/22)

Impact Wrestling Results (9/22) – Tonight’s show opens up with a Ladder Match for the Digital Media Title. The announcers note that it’s Bhupinder Gujjar’s first ladder match. 

Brian Myers (c) vs. Bhupinder Gujjar in a Ladder match for the Digital Media Title: 

Gujjar goes right after Myers. Gujjar bodyslams him after striking him. Samoan drop to Myers. The gargoyle spear and a knee to Gujjar. Myers grabs a ladder, but Gujjar dropkicks Myers. Gujjar grabs the ladder, but a spine first on the apron.

Myers now has the ladder and sets it up. He starts to climb it but is stopped by a cutter. Myers gets speared spine first on the ladder. Gujjar starts to climb the ladder, but Myers pushes the ladder over and Gujjar hits the top rope. Gujjar’s nose is bleeding. Myers throws Gujjar into the ladder and it falls on him. An uppercut to Gujjar. Myers grabs another ladder. There are two ladders in the ring now. Gujjar grabs the original ladder and tries to set it up. Two ladders are set up below the Digital Media Championship now.

They both start climbing and both are duking it out. Myers hits a belly-to-back suplex from the ladders to Gujjar. Myers is outside of the ring and grabs a third ladder. He puts the ladder on the steps. Powerbomb into the ladder. The crowd is chanting, ‘Myers sucks’ after the move. Both men are trying to climb back into the ring. Myers is the first one to roll back in. He’s climbing on the ladder and is near the title. Gujjar pulls him off the ladder and hits a superkick to Myers. Low-blow to Gujjar while he was climbing on the ladder. Myers tapes him to the ladder, so he can’t climb. Myers grabs the title and retains it!

Winner: Brian Myers retains the Digital Media Championship

Backstage with Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, and Heath Slater. Slater says they have to get on the same page for their Victory Road Match. Slater comments on his open match later against any members of Honor No More.

Back from commercial break. Announcers speak about Saturday’s Victory Road matches.

Footage from last Saturday’s Wrestling Revolver, where Steve Maclin attacked Sami Calihan. 

Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Zicky Dice

Very quick match. Grace suplexes Dice and ripped his shirt off. She uses the Grace Driver and wins the match.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Five-Way Match: Black Taurus, Laredo Kid, Alex Zayne, Trey Miguel, and Mia Yim

Trey Miguel and Alex Zayne go back and forth in the ring, everyone else is outside of the ring. Mia Yim comes back in the ring and knocks them down. Black Taurus comes in the ring, and Yim hits Taurus, but he headbutts Yim. Hurricanrana from Laredo Kid to Black Taurus.

Commercial break.

Back from break, Laredo Kid, Miguel, and Zayne are in the ring. Miguel goes for the cover twice. Miguel and Laredo are on the top road, and Zayne hits a double hurricanrana.

Yim is back in the ring, powerbombs Zayne. Yim tries to cover Zayne but gets kicked by both Laredo and Miguel. Black Taurus hits the Destination hell hole to Zayne and wins!

Winner: Black Taurus.

Eric Young segment with Deaner. Outside. Young tells the yellow sweatshirt people from last week, that they ‘are in this now.’ He keeps asking them who they are and they say, “I am violence.” After a bit, Young and Deaner attack them all. The camera zooms out with Young and Deaner standing tall. Violent By Design echoes in the back.

Commercial break. 

Back from commercial break. Another weird, but entertaining Joe Hendry segment. It’s a joke about Soap Operas. 

Street Fight Match: Heath vs. PCO

Heath is in the ring. Heath is waiting for any member of Honor No More to come out. The member who comes out is PCO! Vincent and everyone are out. They don’t want him to go and fight Slater. Eddie Edwards says, “This match isn’t going to happen.” The crowd chants, “Fight, Fight, Fight.”

Edwards berates PCO and tells him that he belongs to “Honor No More” and him. Heath coaxes him to accept the challenge.

Match starts. Heath gets the first hit. Both men are outside of the ring. PCO hits a neck breaker on the ramp.

PCO is just throwing chairs around. Heath climbs on the stage. DDT on the stage. Slater throws PCO off the stage and into a “bed” of chairs.

Honor No More comes back out. Rich Swann and Josh Alexander run out with chairs. Alexander hits Edwards. Heath is in the ring. PCO is still down by the chairs. Vincent hits Heath with a chair. But Heath hits the Wake-Up Call!

PCO comes back and is throwing chairs into the ring. Heath is dodging the chairs. PCO comes back into the ring. Chokeslam to Heath. PCO puts a black glove on and The Mandible Claw. Heath hits the Wakeup Call PCO in the chairs and wins the match.

Winner: Heath 

Commercial time! 

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Aussie Open

Back from the commercial break and Aussie Open is already down the ramp and to the ring. The announcers note that whoever wins the match gets a match at Bound For Glory against the Impact Tag Team Champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.

Shelley and Fletcher lock up. They go back and forth. Tag made, Sabin is in. Sabin kicks Fletcher, while in the corner. Fletcher tags in Mark Davis. Davis throws Sabin to the mat.

Sabin and Shelley team together against Fletcher and toss him out of the ring and then kick him. Aussie Open is down. Shelley tosses Davis in the ring and tries to do a frog splash but misses. Aussie Open now team together and Motor City Machine Guns are down on the match.

Commercial break.

Back from the break. Fletcher tries to prevent Shelley from tagging, but Sabin gets tagged in. Sabin dropkicks Fletcher. Sabin hits a crossbody and tries to pin Fletcher, but is not successful. Another kick out from Fletcher.

Piledriver in the middle of the ring. Fletcher tags Mark Davis. The cutter by Fletcher, Davis is legal. Shelley makes the save. Davis and Fletcher are still teaming together on Sabin. Shelley comes into the ring. Helps Sabin. The speed of the match is turned up!

The Guns hit The Skulls and Bones and Sabin gets the pin!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Backstage with Tasha Steelz. She talks about facing Killer Kelly at Victory Road. Savannah Evans has a chair in her hands. They are looking for Kelly. Savannah disappearances and then Kelly appears sitting in a chair and says, “I heard you want to play.” Steelz says they will play tomorrow.

The camera goes to Gisele Shaw. Shaw talks about her match with Mickie James. She basically says that she will retire James.

After that Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan talk about Victory road and announce that next is the contract signing after the commercial break.

Hold Harmless Contract Signing: Steve Maclin, Moose, and Sami Callihan.

We are back. Impact Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore is out. He talks about the signing and why it needs to happen. They will be in a Barbed Wire Massacre match tomorrow at Victory Road.

Moose comes out first. Steve Maclin is next. And last but not least Sami Callihan is announced next. His music hits and he never comes out.

Moose then tells Maclin that he still wants the match and will put him “through hell.” Maclin then calls him a “coddled prizefighter.” They have a war of words.

The lights go out and Callihan’s music hits again and he comes out with a chair. Callihan yells, “The Deathmachine has arrived” and apologizes for being late. He calls Moose and Maclin dumbasses and calls himself the “master of puppets.” Maclin tells him to shut up and tells him to sign the “damn contract.” Sami has his own pen and it’s wrapped in barbed wire. Maclin jabbed Callihan with the pen and he and Moose team together to attack him. Things change quickly after Moose spears Maclin. Moose gets the table ready and tries to spear Maclin in the table, but he moves. Callihan hits the Cactus Driver 97! He finally gets to sign the contract and uses his own blood! Wild!

We go to credits.

Impact Wrestling Results (9/22)

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