The Most Spectacular Fights In Wrestling

The Most Spectacular Fights In Wrestling

Wrestlemania has always been the main event of wrestling, and even though any exceptional quality does not regularly cement it, the atmosphere of the big show smoothes out all the rough edges. And while the prominent display of the year is pure commerce and, more often than not, a money sucker for a high-profile event, sound and sometimes legendary matches are not uncommon. 

This time we will look at the matches that were not awarded the title of the main event but can safely claim the proud title of the best games in history. Note that even an Indian online casino has slots on the theme of wrestling fights. These games are characterized by colorful design and a stunning soundtrack.

The leading newsmakers of wrestling are usually such characters:

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – Wrestlemania XXVIII

The resumption of the feud between these two came suddenly and unexpectedly. After a lengthy absence from the screens caused by a recent match against Kevin Nash, The Game is back. He came back to put John Laurinaitis in his place, analyze his performance, and end his long-running tyranny by bringing an end to it with a resounding resignation announcement. But the final verdict was not forthcoming, as the stirring sound of bells rang out, and the Undertaker himself appeared to his trademark musical theme. The fighter demanded another match, as he deemed the win at Wrestlemania 27 too lame for his legendary streamer, who has been gaining in value year after year. Triple H responded to all of this with a convincing denial. Still, Calloway used a rather clever provocation, claiming that the rejection of his request was due to The Game’s understanding that he was inferior on all fronts to Shawn Michaels, whom Undertaker had beaten twice at the main show of the year. Levek couldn’t take the disrespect, so he snapped and agreed to the fight, but on one condition – it would take place in a Hellcage, which is symbolic since both wrestlers had their best matches inside this very structure. The name of the upcoming game is a resounding but fair one: “The End of an Era,” as both wrestlers are the last of their kind and the only reminder of the illustrious times of the company. 

The match was a brutal brawl and was the best version of their bout on RM 27. The Game was hurt to the core by his opponent’s words and beating up Undertaker with everything he had, and he proved to him, Shawn, and himself that he was as good as either of them. It was so severe that Triple was ready to kill Phenom, in the most literal sense, but Michaels stopped his best friend from making that terrible mistake. Mark was beaten and exhausted, but he begged the ref not to stop the match. From the middle to the final seconds, the game is on an excellent line and could end at any second. The refs fly from corner to corner, trying to make their mark on the match’s outcome; both wrestlers find the strength to continue the fight and defend their dignity with honor. Finally, after surviving multiple attacks from the cerebral killer, the Undertaker wins, not by any means out of last resort, but with complete control of the situation. 

Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels – Wrestlemania X

That famous match between wrestlers became the first five-star bout in WWE history. Everyone has heard of it, but not everyone knows the story itself. Let’s fix that. 

In 1993, on Monday Night Raw #35, Razor Ramon defeated Rick Martel in a match for the vacant Intercontinental Championship. It was taken off Shawn Michaels due to his long absence from the show, and there was nothing to stop the company from crowning a new champion. Shawn himself didn’t return until later in the year and pompously hit on the reigning champion. He did not acknowledge such a controversial, in his opinion, change of title and continued to consider himself the rightful winner. The feud reached its control point when Michaels appeared at the show with the old-style title. The company did not respond to Shawn’s claims and did not return his championship status. Still, eventually, a title match for the undisputed Intercontinental Championship was scheduled for the Tenth Anniversary Wrestlemania, the first ever match of its kind. The game ultimately met all expectations, remembered for the intense confrontation between opponents and spectacular (by the standards of the time) spots, which even now may surprise not the most demanding viewers. 

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Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart – Wrestlemania X

The first steps to the two brothers’ fusion were taken at Survivor Series 1993, wherein the Hart Family team match against Michaels & Co; Owen was the only wrestler on his team to be eliminated. And this happened when the younger Hart was launched at Bret standing on the other side of the ring and made a successful hold. Owen was infuriated by such an outcome, and he demanded a match against his brother to prove that he was good enough and could no longer sit in his shadow. Bret, who didn’t want to bring discord into his family more than anything, tried to appease Owen and succeeded. They became a team again and tried to win the titles at the Battle Royale against the Quaybackers. Unfortunately, during the match, Bret injured his knee, causing the team to lose. Completely freaked out, Owen attacked his brother and went backstage. That same night, Bret and Lex Luger teamed up to win the Royal Rumble match due to both wrestlers dropping out at the same time. The win was extraordinary, but it was a massive kick in the ass for Owen, as his brother, who was injured, achieved more in one night than he did in his entire career. Hart and Luger drew lots for Lex to fight Yokozuna first, and then it would be Bret’s turn. But before that event, Hart does have a match against his brother at Wrestlemania Opener. 

The match was a gift for the Marbles at the time, who wanted to see wrestling as wrestling and not a lot of overbooking mixed in with the interwebs, most of the time of questionable quality. Wrestlers try to take each other by surprise with every technique, every reversal. But both brothers are very, very good as wrestlers and don’t make concessions that easily. They move on equal footing, and it’s hard to see who’s the stronger one unequivocally. But Owen does take advantage of his brother’s temporary weakness and attacks his sore knee, which makes the match even more personal. Despite many mean moves and endless pain, including a sharpshooter, he doesn’t give up, even though he’ll face one of the most formidable opponents in history later in the show’s main event. But as much as Bret wants to, he loses the match. Owen catches him in error, reverses, and takes the win.

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