WWE SmackDown Results (3/25) Brooklyn, NYC

WWE SmackDown Results (2/25) Hershey, PA

WWE SmackDown Results (3/25) Brooklyn, NYC – We begin with a look back at what happened between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar last week.


Brock Lesnar stands outside Roman’s locker room and Kayla stops to ask about the consequences of his actions from last week. Brock says he paid a fine, bought some vehicles and he got one that Roman will like, in blood red.  Brock says that he was told not to do anything unless he is provoked so he will go into Roman’s locker room so he can get provoked.  Brock enters the room and he likes what Roman has, but not as good as his.  Brock takes some food and then sits down on the couch in front of monitor, smashing a table with his boots.

— We are live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NYC, as Rick Boogs introduces Shinsuke Nakamura and Pat McAfee stats his usual dance on the announce table. We get some highlights for The Usos before their entrance.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jimmy Uso

All four men brawl before the match starts.  Nakamura kicks Jimmy while Boogs presses Jey over his head and tosses Jey onto Jimmy as we go to commercial.

They lock up and go to a stalemate.  They lock up again and Jimmy with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Nakamura with a waist lock and Jimmy with a wrist lock.  Nakamura with a reversal into a hammer lock and side head lock.  Jimmy with a reversal and a shoulder tackle.  Nakamura with a rollup and Nakamura misses a round kick.  Nakamura mocks Jimmy and he tells Jimmy to COME ON.  Nakamura with a knee to the midsection and a knee drop.  Nakamura sends Jimmy into the turnbuckles a few times.  Nakamura chokes Jimmy in the corner.  Jimmy goes to the floor and Nakamura follows.  Nakamura with a knee lift to Jimmy hanging over the apron.  Jimmy with a clothesline.

Jimmy with a belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall.  Jimmy with a reverse chin lock.  Jimmy turns it into a rear chin lock and he sends Nakamura to the mat.  Jimmy gets Nakamura on his shoulders but Nakamuar gets to the apron.  Jimmy with a round kick to knock Nakamura off the apron.  Jimmy goes for a suicide dive but Nakamura with a round kick and Jimmy goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Nakamura escapes a slam and hits a drop kick.  Nakamura iwth strikes and a forearm and kicks.  Nakamura with an enzuigiri.  Jimmy with an Irish whip and Nakamura with a knee and he puts Jimmy on the turnbuckles and hits a running knee to the midsection and gets a near fall.  Nakamura with knees to the head.  Jimmy blocks a reverse exploder and connects with elbows.  Nakamura with a kick from the corner and Nakamura with a side kick off the turnbuckles.  Nakamura sets for Kinshasa and Jey attacks Boogs on the floor.  Nakamura forgets that he is in a match with Jimmy and turns around into a super kick and Jimmy gets a near fall.

Jey gets Boogs’ guitar but Boogs stops him and sends Jey into the ring post.  Jimmy turns into a spinning heel kick.  Nakamura with a running thrust kick for the three count.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura

— We take a look at what Kevin Owens did on Raw, with his Steve Austin impersonation.

— We go to Brock in Roman’s locker room and he is not going to get the deposit back with the damage he has done to the room.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and we are reminded that Undertaker will be added to the Hall of Fame next week. Michael Cole mentions that Shad Gaspard will be given the Warrior Award.


Kayla Braxton is in the back with Drew McIntyre.  She asks Drew about his match against Baron Corbin. Drew says he cannot compare his match with Corbin against his other opponents because this is personal.  Drew says he has returned every second of making Corbin’s life hell since he came back from injury.  Drew says that makes him happy.  He says he could take out Corbin tonight, but he wants to wait until Wrestlemania.  He will knock that smug, pathetic grin off Corbin’s face.

— We have a video package showing Baron Corbin at his lowest.  He says 2021 was the roughest year for him.  He talks about his hardships.  He says he was at rock bottom.  He mentions he was able to turn nothing into millions and things changed for him.  They say money doesn’t buy you happiness, but that is said by poor people because I am happy.  Corbin mentions his best friend Riddick Moss.  He says he was so happy about Day 1 and what happened to Drew McIntyre.  I will end Drew’s career at Wrestlemania.


Riddick and Baron are standing next to MONITOR and they are laughing.  Baron says they could do a movie about him and even do a trilogy about him.   Moss has a suggestion for the movie title and Corbin does not like it and he walks away.

— Ridge Holland, with Butch and Sheamus, will face Kofi Kingston next… After another commercial.

Ridge Holland vs. Xavier Woods

Kofi Kiingston says when they said you were going to have a match against the New Day, he wasn’t talking about him.  If it isn’t him, then WHO?  Xavier Woods comes out.

Woods with a thrust kick and punches.  Holland with a forearm.  Woods with a thrust kick to the knee and Holland with a POUNCE.  Woods with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner:  Xavier Woods


Paul Heyman is in the Romanmobile and he introduces Roman Reigns.  Roman says that you are dying to acknowledge me, but we have been all over the city dealing with some business.  They went to Del Frisco for steak.  He says they had five grand worth of sides.  Then they stopped by Madison Square Garden, the place he busted Brock Lesnar open.  Roman tells Brock he is going to warn him once.  Get out of my locker room by the time I get to Barclay’s or I will bust you open.

— Ronda Rousey makes her wy to the ring as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Romda tells Charlotte, just for that, I am not going to take your title.  When you tap out, you are going to give it to me and you can call me the Smackdown Women’s champion.  You can call me the Smackdown Champion.  Get out here.

Charlotte is on the TitanTron and she says she loved the speech.  Did you think I would be in Brooklyn tonight?  Did you think I would set foot in that low rent city before Wrestlemania.  I don’t answer when you call.  I am the champion, you are the contender.  

Ronda tells Charlotte she knows who she is.  She says she is Ronda Rousey.  When she was 14, she broke her first arm and she liked it.  Ronda says she started keeping count until she lost count. Charlotte says she is shaking in her boots.  Charlotte says she would have to throw Ronda off the Brooklyn Bridge to get any satisfaction.

Ronda says IF you beat me, it will be the biggest victory of your career.  When I beat you, you will be one of the lost count.


Brock Lesnar is in Roman’s locker room and Kayla enters and Brock welcomes her and offers her some fruit and champagne. Kayla asks Brock if he should leave and Brock says he is having so much fun.  Brock suggests that Kayla should tell Roman to get here quick because he is running out of things to smash.

— Ricochet versus Angel Garza is next, after another commercial.

Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Match: Ricochet vs. Angel

Back from the break and the bell rings as Angel charges Ricochet with his pants ripping away. Ricochet avoids it and they go at it. Angel unloads on Ricochet in the corner now. Angel drops Ricochet on the back of his head, then works him over on the mat with quick punches as Humberto cheers him on from ringside. Angel with a big uppercut in the corner for a nonchalant pin attempt.

Angel grounds Ricochet again but he fights u[ and out. Ricochet with a running dropkick into the corner, then a kip-up and more running offense into the corner. Ricochet with a high knee. Ricochet flies off the top with an elbow to take Angel down. Ricochet goes back up but has to change plans as Humberto distracts him from the apron. This leads to Angel rolling Ricochet up for the non-title win to earn a future title shot.

Winner: Angel Garza

After the match, Los Lotharios celebrate together as the music hits. They head up the ramp but Ricochet takes the mic and says we’re not going to do it like that tonight. He likes to see cousins sticking together but this family reunion won’t happen at his expense. Ricochet calls Humberto to the ring to come take the L like his cousin was going to get. Los Lotharios head back to the ring and Humberto enters. The bell rings.

Ricochet vs. Humberto Carrillo

Ricochet charges with a kick but it’s blocked. Humberto works Ricochet over with strikes now. Ricochet with a scissors takedown and a dropkick to send Humberto to the floor for a breather. Fans boo Humberto as Angel looks on from ringside. Humberto returns to the ring but Ricochet unloads.

Humberto looks to mount offense but Ricochet dropkicks him out of the ring. Ricochet runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Humberto down on the floor. Fans pop big for Ricochet as he stands tall and we go back to a break.

We are back and Ricochet with an elbow but Humberto with an Irish whip.  Ricochet sends Humberto to the ropes and RIcochet hits a springboard head scissors.   Ricochet with European uppercuts in the corner followed by a quebrada.  Garza distracts Ricochet and Humberto with a rollup for a near fall.  Ricochet wit a suplex and he rolls through for another one for a near fall.  Ricochet goes up top and Humberto is pulled to the floor by Garza.  Ricochet with a cross body onto Garza on the floor.  Garza goes under the ring and Ricochet with a tornado DDT off the announce table.

Humberto gets back into the ring and Garza grabs Ricochet’s leg and he cannot get back into the ring.

Winner:  Humberto Carrillo


Megan Morant is in the back with Sami Zayn.  Sami says there is only one thing that has been blowing his mind.  People think that Johnny Knoxville has a chance against him.  He has no chance in a regular match and now it is Anything Goes.  I can do whatever I want in the match.  Johnny might have his pranks and surprises and they may work on his braindead friends.  I am too smart for Johnny.  I have been dreaming of ways to hurt this man.  At Wrestlemania, you are going to experience punishment that has never been seen in a WWE ring before.

— Austin Theory shows up and slaps McAfee in the head and McAfee chases Theory to the back.  Theory runs into Vince’s office and Pat smacks the door.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole mentions Triple H’s announcement about his in ring retirement.

Sasha Banks vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Zelina Vega vs. Shayna Baszler

Rhea goes after Zelina and Zelina goes to the floor.  Rhea and Sasha go after Shayna and Natalya pulls her to the floor.  Sasha and Rhea decide to start things off.  Sasha with a waist lock and Sasha with a chop.  Sasha with a wrist lock and she goes to teh ropes for a springboard wrist lock take down.  Sasha sends Shayna into Rhea and connects with a knee to Shayna.  Sasha with a wheelbarrow into a bulldog for a near fall on Rhea.  Zelina trips Sasha and pulls her to the floor.  Sasha is sent into the apron.  All eight women get in the ring and exchange punches.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rhea with an elevated Cloverleaf to Sasha.  Shayna with a kick and Zelina with a head scissors to Rhea.  Zelina covers Rhea and gets a near fall.  She gets one on Baszler and then Banks.  Zelina with knees to Baszler but she misses when Banks moves.  Banks with Banks Statement and Shayna adds a Kimura to Vega and Sasha with a double Banks Statment but Rhea with a drop kick to Sasha to break up the hold.  Rhea tries for RipTide on Shayna but Shayna escapes and goes for a Kirifuda Clutch.  Sasha with a lungblower to Shayna.  Zelina with Code Red on Sasha for a near fall.  Shayna pulls Zelina to the floor.  

Sasha is alone in the ring and Zelina with a forearm to Shayna and Shayna firesa back.  Rhea with a cannonball off the apron to Shayna.  Vega with a head scissors off the apron.  Zelina waves to her loyal subjects but Sasha surprises her with a Banks Statement out of nowhere. Zelina taps out.

Winner:  Sasha Banks

— A vehicle arrives at the building and Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns emerge. We go to commercial.

— We are back and the Andre The Giant Battle Royal will take place next week on Smackdown.  Ricochet will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. They run through the card for both nights at Wrestlemania.

In the Arena:

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring and he is joined by Paul Heyman. They stop on the stage and Heyman hands Reigns the title. H e raises it in the air to cheers and boos as the pyro goes off. Reigns hands the strap back to Heyman and they march to the ring with Heyman raising the title high in the air. McAfee and Cole finish going over the WrestleMania 38 line-ups as Reigns stands tall in the middle of the ring. He raises the title in the air again as more pyro goes off.

The music stops and the boos get louder now as Reigns and Heyman look around the Barclays Center. Reigns calls on Brooklyn to acknowledge him and he receives a mixed reaction. Reigns asks Heyman if WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is still in his locker room. Heyman doesn’t know where he is, but he knows Lesnar is here in Brooklyn, like Reigns is. Heyman says he’s afraid. Reigns tells Heyman don’t be afraid because it’s a bad thing for Lesnar, not them. Reigns says if Brock is still in his locker room, he’s going to come back there and put Brock’s head in the wall.

We see Reigns’ locker room suite on the big screen now. Lesnar is not there but the room has been destroyed. Fans chant “Suplex City!” now. Reigns lashes out at the crowd – this isn’t Suplex City, this is The Island of Relevancy. Reigns says it doesn’t look like Lesnar is in the locker room now, so where is he? Lesnar appears on the big screen and he’s got a big axe pick. He starts smashing the windows of Reigns’ SUV. Lesnar laughs but Reigns says that’s nothing, he’s got like 4 Suburbans. Reigns says this proves Lesnar is scared of him. Reigns calls Lesnar a dummy and says weapons won’t be allowed at WrestleMania. Lesnar says that’s right, then he smashes the hood of the SUV a few more times with the axe. Lesnar is all business now as he drops the axe and marches through the backstage area.

Reigns looks a bit worried now. Lesnar’s music hits in the arena as fans go wild. Lesnar is all smiles as he comes walking through the crowd. Reigns is still watching the entrance-way. Lesnar stands on top of the announce table and Reigns turns around to see him now. Security rushes over but Lesnar grabs a steel chair and stands back on top of the table. Lesnar raises the chair while Reigns talks trash from the ring. Lesnar leaps off the table with a kick into the group of security guards, then starts beating them all with chair shots. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos join Reigns in the ring now, but The Bloodline quickly retreats up the ramp as fans boo and Lesnar looks on from the ring. Lesnar exits the ring and delivers chair shots to one security guard.

The Bloodline has disappeared to the back now. Lesnar goes to the timekeeper’s area and grabs another chair, then delivers another chair shot to another security guard that is down. Lesnar stands back on the announce table and raises the WWE Title in the air with a chair as fans cheer him on. Reigns suddenly appears on the big screen and declares that Lesnar will acknowledge him as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at WrestleMania. Reigns’ music starts back up as we get a graphic for the Winner Takes All match at WrestleMania 38. They show another shot of Lesnar laughing while raising the WWE Title in the air as SmackDown goes off the air.

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