NXT 2.0 Results (2/01)

NXT 2.0 Results (2/01)

NXT 2.0 Results (2/01) – We are live from the WWE Performance Center in Tampa, FL, as Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show.

Imperium vs. The Diamond Mine

All six men brawl before the bell rings when Imperium attacks Diamond Mine when they enter the ring.  The referee has to separate them.

Aichner with a shoulder tackle but it cannot move Brutus.  Brutus with a waist lock take down and a gutwrench suplex.  Julius tags in and kicks AIchner.  Brutus tags in and Aichner with punches and kicks.  Aichner catches Brutus and hits a Finlay Slam.  Barthel tags in and gives Brutus an arm drag into an arm bar.  Brutus with an arm drag but Barthel holds on to the arm bar.  Brutus with punches to Barthel.  Julius tags in and Brutus and Julius with knees to Barthel to pass him around the ring.  Julius with a cross face to Barthel.  Julius gets Barthel up but Barthel escapes and gives Julius a snap mare and kick.  Barthel with an enzuigiri in the corner followed by a snap mare and European uppercut off the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Gunther tags in and he kicks Julius and connects with a European uppercut.  Gunther with a chop and forearm.  Gunther with a slam.  Barthel tags in and he gets a near fall.  Barthel wtih a cobra clutch.  Barthel charges at Julius but Julius with a front face lock suplex.  Aichner and Strong tag in and Strong with chops and a back breaker.  Strong with a forearm to Gunther on the apron.  Strong with running forearms to Aichner.  Gunther tags in and hits a clothesline.  Gunther stands on Strong and then he kicks Strong in the back and Roderick goes to the floor.

Gunther sends Strong into the ring and Aichner gets a near fall.  Aichner with a reverse chin lock.  Strong with an elbow and kick.  Aichner blocks a kick and hits a clothesline.  The referee checks on Strong as he holds his arm.  Aichner and Barthel kick Strong.  Barthel tags in and hits a suplex for a near fall.  Barthel with a reverse chin lock and Gunther tags in.  Gunther with a chop and kicks to Strong.  Gunther kicks Strong in the corner and Aichner tags in and kicks Strong.  Aichner with a slam and elbow drop for a near fall.  Aichner with a front face lock.  Strong tags in Julius and Julius with forearms and then he goes for Barthel’s knee.  Julius with a side slam for a near fall.

Brutus tags in and Julius gives Brutus a gutwrench slam onto Barthel for a near fall.  Barthel with a jaw breaker and Aichner tags in.  Brutus with elbows and Julius tags in.  They hit a double slam and Gunther breaks up the cover with a chop.  Gunther tags in and so does Strong.  Strong with chops and forearms.  Gunther with a knee and he tries for a power bomb but Strong lands on his feet.  Gunther blocks a jumping knee but Strong with a flying boot.  Brutus tags in and chops Gunther.  Strong is sent into the ring steps by Aichner and Barthel.  Brutus knocks Aichner down.  Gunther with a sleeper on Brutus.  Brutus escapes and he clotheslines Gunther but Gunther stays on his feet.

Gunther with a chop that sends Brutus to the mat.  Gunther with a power bomb for the three count.

Winners: Imperium

— LA Knight is in the back and he says Grayson Waller is trying to avoid the inevitable.  He gets an injunction and a body guard.  Waller has hell to pay. Joe Gacy and Harland show up behind Knight.  Gacy says that Knight has some anger issues.  Harland had to deal with an injunction and he can help Gacy. Knight says that they can all move on together.  If we play our cards right, I will have two more injunctions.

Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne walk in the back as we go to commercial.

— Toxic Attraction make their way to the ring.

Gigi tell Indi and Persia that the most unworthy people fall into luck some time.  Some call it a fluke, but I call it a death sentence.  Jacy says in two weeks, they are going to put these tag titles on the line.  Jacy says Indi and Persia get their title match while they get their vengeance. Before Mandy can speak, Kay Lee Ray comes out.

Kay Lee Ray says it is Mandy’s turn to give her the title match she wants. Mandy says no. Kay Lee Ray says she thought that was what she would say, so let’s have some fun.  She says she will take care of those two. Mandy tells Kay Lee to put the bat down and then GIgi and Jacy will leave.  Kay Lee says she is the longest reigning women’s champion of the modern era and if anyone deserves a title shot it is her.

Mandy says she wants to talk about herself.  She asks Kay Lee if she knows any of her accomplishments.  She has been the face of campaigns, on seven magazine covers, bikini world champion.  I am what every woman aspires to be and what every man wishes they could be with.

Kay Lee says all of that does not compare to any in ring skill.  I was champion for 642 days dominating a continent while you were falling on your ass at Wrestlemania and sucking face with Otis. Mandy says that she is the hottest thing in WWE now.  She is what this company wants and needs in a champion. All of the talent in the world will never replace this.

Kay Lee says by the end of tonight, she will have her title match. Mandy says that is doubtful and Kay Lee slaps Mandy and then goes to get her baseball bat.

— McKenzie Mitchell is with Cora Jade.  She asks Cora why does she want this match.  Cora wants to show that she is tough enough.  They can win the Dusty Classic but she needs to prove herself.  She says she might get her ass kicked but she will show that she is tough. Raquel tells Cora that she can still back out of the match but Cora refuses to do so.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Toxic Attraction is in the most dangerous parking lot and Mandy repeats that Kay Lee Ray does not deserve a title match.  She does not belong in the ring with her. Mandy tries to get in the SUV but the door is locked and Kay Lee Ray is in the driver’s seat and drives away.

Cora Jade vs. Raquel Gonzalez

Jade runs into Gonzalez and bounces off.  Jade has a kick blocked and Gonzalez with a clothesline.  Gonzalez with a waist lock and she swings Jade around.  Jade escapes and kicks Gonzalez and hits a drop kick.  Jade with a running forearm in the corner.  Jade goes for a monkey flip but Gonzalez blocks it and gives Jade a back body drop for a near fall.  Gonzalez sends Jade into the turnbuckles and follows with kicks and a forearm.  Jade with punches and a cross body but Gonzalez catches Jade and hits a uranage for a near fall.  Gonzalez gets a near fall and then applies a nerve hold.  Gonzalez with a forearm to the back.

Gonzalez gets Jade up on her shoulder for a back breaker and then runs Jade into the turnbuckles.  Jade slaps Gonzalez and kicks her.  Jade with a cross body and Gonzalez catches her.  Jade counters a uranage slam attempt and applies a crucifix but Gonzalez drops Jade to the mat.  Gonzalez gets Jade up for snake eyes but Jade gets to her feet and Gonzalez runs into the turnbuckles.  Jade with a rollup for a near fall.  Jade with a head scissors take down.  Gonzalez blocks a kick and Jade with an enzuigiri.  Gonzalez catches Jade and hits the Chingano Bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Raquel Gonzalez

After the match, Gonzalez is about to leave the ring but she returns and offers her hand to Jade and she picks Cora up and shakes her hand.  She tells Cora they can go and win this.

— We go to the Sarray video package.

We go to commercial

— We are back with a look at what happened between Pete Dunne and Tony D’Angelo last week. Pete asks Tony how his hand is.  I only needed one way to hurt you with a cricket bat.  I took the advice from your uncle.  You can say I handled my business.  Don’t get it twisted.  I can do it with just about anything I can get my hands on.  How do you want to do this?  Let’s settle this where it started.  In a steel cage.

Sarray vs. Kayla Inlay

Sarray offers her hand and Inlay slaps it away.  They lock up and Inlay with a wrist lock and Sarray with a reversal.  Inlay with a reversal.  Sarray with a side head lock.  Sarray with a take down.  Sarray with a back elbow into the corner and she sends Inlay to the mat with a double wrist lock take down.  Sarray misses an elbow in the corner.  Inlay with a kick and she sends Sarray into the turnbuckles.  Inlay with a shoulder into the corner and sends Sarray to the mat.  Inlay gets a near fall.  

While Inlay has Sarray in a waist lock on the mat we get an update from McKenzie that Kay Lee Ray has returned to the building.

Sarray with a take down and forearms.  Sarray with a rollup and double stomp.  Sarray with a drop kick against the ropes and a Saito suplex for the three count.

Winner:  Sarray

— Duke Hudson says the only way to get ahead is to strike first.  It doesn’t matter if it was Dante Chen.  I was the one who suffered when I was addicted to the felt.  Now I am only addicted to inflicting pain.  When you take matters into your own hands, you take luck out of the picture.

— Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are in the back as we go to commercial.

— We are back and we see Bron Breakker in the locker room and Tommaso Ciampa shows up.  Breakker thanks Ciampa for the help.  Ciampa says you don’t understand it until you have been there.  You are now in a small circle who understands that.  Ciampa mentions respect and he wants to make sure that Bron remains NXT Champions.  Breakker says they are going to rip Legado in half.

— North American Champion Carrmelo Hayes and Trick Williams make their way to the ring.

Trick says Cameron Grimes thinks he is ready for the A Champion.  Don’t waste time in the back playing poker because you are going to lose. Hayes says the old him would come out and verbally put Cameron Grimes in the grave.  He says that he sees Grimes as a threat, even if you don’t.  That is why I am going harder in the gym.  I am putting more work in the ring.  He says he is spending time with OllieJayy.  He says he is the standard and he sets the bar on this show.  I am looking down on you Cameron Grimes.

Cameron Grimes makes his way to the ring.

Cameron says he heard that you said the people don’t care about Cameron Grimes.  I could be wrong but I don’t think they are chanting A Champ.  If I am right, I think they are chanting something else. Williams says there are two things that are true. Grimes say he is not slimy, he is grimy.  If we want to poke fun, let’s talk about Melo’s hairdo.  He says Hayes looks like Spongebob’s house.  Grimes says that he found them on OllieJayy’s instagram and they were enjoying her bikini bottoms.

Grimes says he is not sure what Trick said, but he wants to know if he is fighting Williams or Hayes.   Hayes says this is all it is going to be.  In two weeks, you are going to find out that I am just like that.   Hayes and Williams leave the ring. Grimes says it is funny you are talking about the stars because at Vengeance Day it is going ot be a one star match and that star is going TO THE MOON.

— Malik Blade and Edris Enofe talk about a team name.  They say they are bold, brave, and confident.    Enofe says they should ask Mandy Rose.   Blade closes his eyes and starts to ‘talk to Mandy’ when Mandy comes into the room and trips onto Blade. Mandy asks for help from Kay Lee and they leave. Enofe says they should go and help Mandy but Malik says he needs a minute.

Back to commercial.

— Diamond Mine is in the back with McKenzie and she mentions their struggles against Imperium.  Malcolm says they will show they are the best when they win the Dusty Classic.  Brutus says they will face Imperium again and it will be for the titles. Gibson and Drake show up and tells Bivens they need to focus on their opponents next week in the Dusty Classic.

LA Knight vs. Joe Gacy

Knight with punches and a swinging neck breaker.  Knight with kicks in the corner.  Knight with a running hip in the corner.  Gacy with a clothesline in the corner followed by a uranage.  Gacy kicks Knight.  Gacy with a snap mare and a seated abdominal stretch.  Gacy with a forearm to Knight followed by a belly-to-back suplex.  Gacy with an elbow to the head.  Gacy with punches to Knight and he follows with knees and punches.  Knight with punches.  Gacy kicks Knight in the back of the leg.  Gacy kicks Knight’s leg in the ropes.  Gacy with a European uppercut and Irish whip but he misses a splash.  Knight with a neck breaker and power slam.

Knight with an elbow drop.  They bump heads and Knight falls to the floor.  Sanga shows up and distracts Knight while Waller hits a rolling cutter.  The referee makes his count and Knight gets back into the ring at nine.  Gacy with a handspring clothesline for the three count.

Winner:  Joe Gacy

After the match, Waller and Sanga enter the ring and Waller tells Knight he does not belong in his ring and there is nothing you can do about it. Knight with a punch to Waller but Sanga with a choke slam.  Waller tells Knight if you can beat Sanga next week, maybe I will think about getting rid of that restraining order.

— Wendy Choo walks in the back and she yawns before making her way to the ring.  We see Tiffany Stratton in the background as we go to commercial.

— We are back and Robert Stone says he was focused on the entertainment side to get him to the top, but then he saw a six foot five monster destroying people.  That is why I paid Von Wagner’s feuds and will continue to do so.  He is the future.  He is a future WWE Champion.  Stone says this is Von Wagner’s world and Von says you are just living in it.

.. We see Tiffany Stratton talking to Amari Miller about how Wendy Choo is a freak and that if she can beat Wendy tonight, she will take her out shopping at her expense.

Wendy Choo vs. Amari Miller

Wendy rolls away from Miller and is very tranquilo.  Wendy kicks Miller away and then Choo with a single leg and she naps while holding the leg.  Choo tells Miller to be quiet.  Miller goes for a back slide for a near fall.  Choo with a drop kick and a running thrust kick intot he corner.  Choo with a sleeping elbow drop for a near fall.  Miller with a leg sweep and a back senton.  Miller gets a near fall.  Miller applies a Million Dollar Dream.  Choo with a clothesline and an overhead belly-to-belly throw.  Choo with a cartwheel forearm into the corner followed by an exploder.  Choo with a rear naked choke and Miller with a snap mare.  Miller with a Codebreaker for a near fall.

Tiffany Stratton comes out and gives Miller her credit car.  Choo with a rollup for a near fall.  Choo with a double sledge for the three count.

Winner:  Wendy Choo

After the match, Stratton wants her card back and Miller does not have it, but Wendy has it.

— Persia Pirotta is in the back and Indi and Dexter show up.  They talk about becoming future tag team champions.  Indi tells Persia to be careful with Duke Hudson. Brooks Jensen asks Dexter for advice with Kayden Carter. Indi says when a guy talks too much it is a turn off.  Non verbal communication is a turn on.  Dexter looks at Indi and Indi says it is time to go to the hot tub.

— We see Draco Anthony showing up at the Performance Center late at night.  He says his drill instructor told him he would never make it but he was there for four years.  Tonight is his debut and his actions speak louder than your words.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with a Nikkita Lyons coming soon promo. Lyons says she came from the world of entertainment.  Her father was in a band and her mother was a groupie.  She lived on a tour bus.  She says people were telling her that she was learning from shady promoters.  That has led her to the lyrics she has written.  She is part of the most competitive women’s division in the world.

— Sarray is with McKenzie Mitchell. Sarray says she wanted to dedicate her victory to her grandmother.  McKenzie asks about the necklace.  Sarray says when she wears that necklace she can do anything. Dakota Kai shows up and she says that she knows that necklace is important to her but as the Warrior of the Sun, you know that the sun always sets on it.

Draco Anthony vs. Andre Chase

They lock up and Chase with an arm drag take down.  They lock up and Anthony with a side head lock.  Anthony holds on while Chase tries to escape.  Chase with a reversal.  Anthony with a shoulder tackle.  Chase with a reverse atomic drop followed by a neck breaker for a near fall.  Anthony with a power slam and kick.  Anthony with knees and a running knee into the corner.  Anthony with a shoulder in the corner and an Irish whip.  Anthony with an exploder for a near fall.  

Chase stomps on the foot and connects with an elbow.  Chase with a clothesline and double sledge.  Chase with a side Russian leg sweep and it is time for the C-H-A-S-E-U stomp.  Anthony gets his feet up and takes the flag.  Anthony stomps on the flag but Bodhi makes the save.  Chase with punches in the corner and kicks.  The referee warns Chase.  Chase sends Anthony into the turnbuckles and then hits a hammer lock flatliner for the three count.

Winner:  Andre Chase

After the match, Chase makes a challenge to Von Wagner.

— Mandy Rose is in the back and she is trying to figure out where Jacy and Gigi are.  Mandy drinks some water but Kay Lee Ray shows up behind her and pours spaghetti in the general area of Mandy.  Kay Lee gets a cake and throws it in Mandy’s face. Mandy wants to know why Kay Lee is doing this to her. Kay Lee says that Mandy knows what she wants.

Back to commercial.

Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker

Ciampa and Wilde start things off and Ciampa with a waist lock take down. Wilde does a Bella dance. Ciampa with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Ciampa with a chop and he does the Macarena. Ciampa with a side head lock. Mendoza tags in and Ciampa with a side head lock. Mendoza with a reversal and a back heel kick. Mendoza floats over and hits a drop kick. Ciampa with chops in the corner. Mendoza goes to the floor to avoid a kick. Mendoza returns to the ring and tags Wilde in. Breakker asks to tag in and Ciampa obliges.

Breakker with a side head lock and a Gator roll and delayed vertical suplex as he waits for Ciampa to get Mendoza up for a double suplex. They both pat each other on the back Breakker has some words for Esobar while he waits for Wilde to return to the ring. Wilde with an elbow and kick in the corner. Breakker punches Wilde in the corner. Breakker with shoulders. Breakker with a back breaker. Ciampa tags in and kicks Wilde in the back. Ciampa with a snap mare and elbow drop. Wilde with a kick and then he sends Ciampa into the turnbuckles. Mendoza tags in and he kicks Ciampa and follows with an elbow. Mendoza misses a cross body when Ciampa drops down. Ciampa with a knee to the midsection.

Breakker tags in and punches Mendoza.  Wilde tags in and Breakker with punches and a snap mare.  Breakker with a reverse chin lock.  Wilde with a knee to the midsection but Breakker with a clothesline and Wilde rolls to the floor.  Breakker sends Wilde back into the ring.  Escobar sends Breakker into the ring steps when the referee was out of position to deal with Wilde.  Wilde sends Breakker back into the ring.  Wilde with kicks.  Wilde slams Breakker’s arm into the mat.  Wilde with a splash into the corner.  Mendoza tags in and hits a clothesline.  Mendoza and Wilde continue to alternate clotheslines.  Mendoza wtih a kick and Wilde tags in for a double suplex.

Wilde gets a near fall.  Wilde kicks Breakker and connects with a back elbow for a near fall.  Wilde with a front face lock.  Breakker tries to get to the corner but WIlde keeps Breakker from making the tag.  Breakker with a back body drop and both men are down.  Ciampa tags in and clotheslines Wilde and Mendoza.  Ciampa with a flying double clothesline to Wilde and Mendoza.  Breakker tags in and Ciampa sends Wilde into Breakker for a spinebuster.  Exocbar gets on the apron and Mendoza tags in and hits a springboard drop kick while Breakker is distracted.  Mendoza with a Phoenix Splash for a near fall.  Breakker with an Irish whip and Mendoza goes to the apron and kicks Breakker.  Mendoza leaps over Breakker but Breakker with a spear.

Wilde breaks up the cover and Ciampa sends him to the floor.  Ciampa with a running knee to send Mendoza off the apron.  Breakker picks up Mendoza while Wilde goes up top.  Ciampa pushes Wilde off the turnbuckles onto the announce table.  Breakker with a power slam for the three count.

Winners:  Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker

After the match, Escobar gets on the apron and he puts the title belt on the mat and invites Escobar to come into the ring.   Escobar says he will do it on his time.

As Breakker and Ciampa celebrate, we see Kay Lee Ray chasing Mandy into the ring with the baseball bat. Mandy tries to crawl to the other side.  Kay Lee tells Mandy she doesn’t want to wait to Vengeance Day.  She wants the title match next week.Mandy tells Kay Lee to put down the bat.  Kay Lee puts down the bat and then hits a super kick and KLR Bomb.

Lee takes Mandy’s belt and poses over her body as we go to credits.

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